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Centralized GIS repository implementation plan

Transcript of 2008 Geodatabase Re Design V2

  • 1. H-GACs 2008 Geodatabase Re-Design and Implementation Data Services Department Robert LaBarbera and Thomas (TJ) Schultz
  • 2. Data Services - GIS Mission Data Services internal GIS mission: Maintain geographic databases, layers, historical & present-day raster imagery Support H-GACs internal GIS users Assist with the publication of on-line maps Facilitate GIS training
  • 3. Data Centralization GIS data should be centrally located within Data Services GIS data should reside within ArcSDE and not permanently on PCs Data Services ArcSDE SQL Server (Data Stored) D at a C lient uests R eq ry elive aD D at
  • 4. GIS ArcSDE Database Benefits Centralization Benefits: Backup and restoration is simpler to manage Easier data management privileged users edit layers that you version them to edit Easier data organization no need to constantly maintain multiple file formats for GIS data (personal geodatabases, shape files, or file geodatabases) Distribution of data is easier via ArcSDE
  • 5. GIS Data Naming Conventions GIS data should be named such that any user can easily identify what the data set contains Data Services has adopted the following naming convention for regional GIS data: [entity]_[description]_[year] Proposal - Transportation and C&E should also come up with a naming convention for their data
  • 6. GIS Data Sharing Proposal - GIS data created by departments should be shared with Data Services for the Global Geodatabase. For backup purposes For internal organizational sharing and viewing of non-private data For ease of public data transfer and sharing to external entities
  • 7. GIS Data Update Proposal - GIS data created by departments should be updated in a periodic manner in ArcSDE Risks of not saving GIS data in ArcSDE: can be destroyed or corrupted can become inadvertently outdated is not easily shared within the organization
  • 8. Database Migration from Oracle to Microsoft SQL Server Data Services will be migrating from Oracle to SQL Server in 2008 SQL Server is: less expensive easier to manage and maintain licensing is more flexible Microsoft Oracle SQL Server
  • 9. Database Migration from Oracle to SQL Server (contd) The SQL implementation will occur in parallel with the existing Oracle database Users will have the flexibility to: utilize the Oracle database in conjunction with building the SQL database(s) share their regional GIS data with Data Services for loading into global geodatabase C&E and Transportation can have their own SQL databases to house private or work in progress project data
  • 10. Tentative SQL Server Completion Date Data Services proposes to have the SQL database in production by June of 2008 The tentative implementation time line is below: Load raster imagery into production database or utilize ArcGIS Image Server Implement the July production database Create SQL instances May and test database Build consensus on data loading design, March organization, and workflow January
  • 11. Database Administration Data Services proposes that there be two or three ArcSDE databases: A global / regional database Private / project databases ArcSDE databases will reside on a separate server than the ArcGIS Server (ArcIMS) Global CE/Transportation
  • 12. Database Administration (contd) The Global Geodatabase Administered and managed by the Data Services GIS Analyst Holds all regional data sets Parks Rivers City Limits Digital Elevation Models Aerial Imagery Holds publicly accessible data Can be distributed to external agencies
  • 13. Database Administration (contd) The Private Geodatabase Administered by the Data Services GIS Analyst Managed by Transportation and C&E staff Holds private data sets Transportation projects Transportation model Networks C&E projects Any private or sensitive GIS data Not distributed to external agencies
  • 14. Database Administration (contd) Global database snapshot:
  • 15. GIS Data Repository Folder The GIS_Data_Repository on Q:DATASRV will be reorganized to hold the following & have a logical naming convention: Historical GIS Data GIS related data such as: Training Personnel items 911 Contacts and Information
  • 16. Existing GIS Data Repository Folder
  • 17. GIS Database Repository File Ages
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