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  • *StatusofJNNURM Projects

  • *JNNURM PROJECTS AT A GLANCERs. in CroresMission launched by Government of India in December 2005 with duration of 7 years to ensure planned growth with reforms.

    Mission has two sub-missions :

    (i) UI & G Urban Infrastructure and Governance.(ii) BSUP Basic Services for Urban Poor.

    PROJECT STATUSU.I.G.B.S.U.P.TOTALNo.Est. CostNo.Est. CostNo.Est. CostSanctioned by GoI141589.447531.67212121.11Status of Sanctioned Projectsa) In progress61296.052303.4581599.50b) Completed8293.395228.2213521.61Total212121.11

    Amount so far released from GoI GoAP Total Amount spent so far by ULBRs. 853.36 CrRs. 353.11 CrRs. 1206.47 CrRs. 526.23 CrExpenditure Incurred So far Rs. 1732.69 CrValue of Work done So farRs. 1759.70 Cr



    Description of Project Project CostExpd. incurred so farValue of work doneRemarksUI&GWater Supply1. Replacement of existing Thatipudi Pipeline 62.2859.7961.17Completed .2. Providing pipeline from TSR to Yendada and to Kommadi Junction 23.4023.3523.40Completed .3. Augmentation of Water Supply to Gajuwaka39.7636.3539.50Completed. 4. Refurbishment of Water Supply Distribution in Gajuwaka46.0036.2836.57Completed.5. Augmentation of Drinking Water Supply to 32 peripheral areas of GVMC (Rev.Cost : Rs.256.45 Cr.) 240.74211.93217.8983.50% work completed. Balance work under progress.6. Refuribishment of Distribution of Comprehensive Water Supply System in North Eastern Zone in Central Area of GVMC.190.18120.02129.1775% completed.Balance work under progress.7. Comprehensive Water Supply System in Old City of GVMC.47.9338.4638.7686.5% completed.Balance work under progress. 8. Improvement of 24x7 Water Supply in leftout areas of South West sector of GVMC83.488.69-New work sanctioned.Agreement entered and Survey work completed.Mobilization Advance paid.Sub-Total733.77(749.48)534.87546.46

  • *Rs. in CroresContdContd


    Description of Project Project CostExpnd. incurred Value of work doneRemarksUI&G

    Storm Water9. Regularization of S.L. Canal3.393.353.35Completed.10. Regularization of Yerrigedda 9.2110.8410.84Completed.11. Imp. of Storm Water Drains for Zone - VIII of GVMC .(Gangulagedda & Yerrigedda Branch Canal).72.2764.1865.25Completed.

    Sewe-rage12. Providing Sewerage System in old City 37.0837.0837.08Completed.13. Sewerage System in the Central Part of Visakhapatnam. (Rev. Cost : Rs.264.01 Cr.)244.44229.50234. 2890.50% Work completed.Balance work under progress.UrbanTrans-port14.Providing BRTS in Visakhapatnam in Two Corridors including Flyover (Rev. Cost : Rs.454.73 Cr.)452.93383.07388.40Overall 80.50% Completed. STC-87.10%, PTC-80%, Flyover-92.5% completed. A total of 43 KM of road work taken up. Balance work under progress.

    UIG (14 Projects)1553.09(1589.44)1262.891285.66

  • *Rs. in CroresContd

    Sector Description of Project Project CostExpnd. incurred Value of work doneRemarks


    Infrastr-ucture 1. Infrastructure to Sri Nagar Poor Settlement2.402.132.13Completed.2. Infrastructure to Yathapalem Poor Settlement5.505.225.22Completed.3. Infrastructure to Vadlapudi Poor Settlement28.0025.3826.00Completed.4. Infrastructure to 5 Poor Settlements (Sy.No.179 & Sy.No.27 of Madhurawada, Vambay Colony of Madhurawada, Duvvada & Aganampudi.97.2084.1585.20Completed.5. Infrastructure to 11 Poor Settlements (Pedagantyada, Gangavaram, Bhanojithota, Aganampudi, TGR Nagar, Sebastian Colony, Chakirevukonda, Sivashaktinagar, Rasalamma Colon, etc.95.1285.8787.00Completed.Housing6. 7352 Houses in 22 Poor Settlements (Package-I)90.99 (143.79)144.25145.69Beneficiaries occupied at Madhurawada, Kommadi, Bakkannapalem, Sebastian Colony, etc. locations. Balance Housing and Infrastructure works are in brisk progress. 7. 7968 Houses in 6 Poor Settlements (Package-II)96.86 (159.66)122.80122.80Sub-total BSUP (7 Projects)416.07(531.67)469.80474.04JNNURMTotal (21 Projects)1969.16(2121.11)1732.691759.70

  • *1. Water Supply to 32 Peripheral areas

    Objective: To provide drinking water to newly merged villages/ areas

    Project Cost: Rs. 240.74 Cr

    Present Status: 83.50% of work is Completed.

    Ongoing Components:42 mld Water treatment plant at Narava (in trial run)85mld Water treatment plant at Aganampudi in progress

    Expected date of Completion: June, 2014

    Benefits:54000 households will get water supply connection30000 connections already provided.17 wards will get potable water supply coverage.2.5 lakh people will be benefited.

    Issues:- Delay due to land acquisition at Aganampudi site which is resolved now.

  • *2 Refurbishment of W.S. System in North Eastern Zone of Central CityIssues:- Delay in obtaining permissions from VUDA, which is resolved now. Objective: To refurbish the old water supply distribution lines and to extend lines to the uncovered areas.

    Project Cost: Rs. 190.18Cr

    Present Status: 75% of work is Completed.

    Ongoing Components:10 ELSRs / GLSRs (4 completed & 6 in progress)22 km of Feeder main (11.50 km completed & 10.50 km in progress) 363 km Distribution lines (267 km completed & 96 km in progress)Expected date of Completion : June, 2014

    Benefits:18 wards of East & North Constituencies will be covered.2.5 lakh population will get safe drinking water.37000 new connections can be provided.Improvement in Service Level

  • *3) Comprehensive Water Supply System in Old City :Issues:- Delay in land acquition from various GoI and KGH, which is resolved nowObjective: To refurbish the Old distribution lines & main lines to improve service levels and to arrest leakages.

    Project Cost: Rs. 47.93Cr

    Present Status: 86.5% of work is Completed.

    Ongoing Components:3 ELSRs (in progress) 11.5 km of pipeline (9.90 km completed & 1.60 km in progress)60 km distribution lines (56 km completed & 4 km in progress)

    Expected date of Completion: March, 2014

    Benefits:6 wards of South Constituency will have new pipelines.Serve 1.25 lakh population.12000 new connections can be provided

  • *

    Newly sanctioned work . Project Cost: Rs.83.38 Cr. (IBM Value) Agreement Cost Rs.86.90 Cr. GLSRs 6 Nos / 3200KL (EW for 4 Nos in progress) MBRs - 2 Nos / 500KL (EW for 1 No in progress) Sumps 3 Nos / 1300KL (EW for 3 Nos in progress) Pump Houses 3 Nos (EW for 3 Nos in progress) Distribution Lines 95920M (DI-K7 150mm to 350mm) Feeder / Gravity Main (DI K7) 17078M Pumping Mains 8015M (DI-K9 150mm to 700mm)House Service Connections - 12000 Nos

    4) Improvement of 24x7 Water Supply in South West sector of GVMC

  • *Objective: To provide Under Ground drainage to the uncovered areas.

    Project Cost: Rs. 244.44Cr

    Present Status: 90.50% of work is Completed.

    Ongoing Components:108 mld STP 30% Completed.320.9 Km of sewerage network (318.60 km completed & 2.3 km in progress)

    Expected date of Completion : June, 2014

    Benefits:The network Coverage will be increased from 25 % to 65%.5) Sewerage System in the Central City :Issues:- Permission for 2 Nos of Railway Crossings to be received.

  • *Urban Transport ProjectsTotal Length of Corridors-43.36 Km

    Simhachalam Tranist Corridor (STC)-20.12 Km(87.10% of Work Completed) (Including Underpass)Pendurthi Transit Corridor (PTC )-23.24 Km (80% of Work Completed) (Including Flyover )Total Sanctioned - Rs 452.93 Cr (PTC, STC, Flyover with Underpass)Expected date of Completion : March, 20146. Providing BRTS with Flyover in Two Corridors :

  • *Flyover & Underpass at Asilmetta BRTS A. Flyover - 1.70km Length

    No. of spans - 32 Nos

    No. of spans completed - 32 Nos No. of spans in progress - Nil Carriage way width - 17.20mts (4 Lane) Vertical clearance - 5.50mts

    B. Underpass Completed & CommissionedLength - 0.456 Km C. Service roads (either side): Service roads -1.46kms. length Carriageway-7.50mts width Foot path-1.50mts width Storm water drain-1 x 1 mtr. size BRTS Contd


  • BRTS Project 2 Corridors (PTC, STC & Flyover)32 Kms. completed out of 43 Kms. Planned Rest in progress.In operation in 22 Kms. together in 2 Corridors started on 11th Feb2013.Claimed good results by APSRTC in terms of Travel time & Occupancy ratio etc.

    Pendurthi Transit Corridor (PTC)i) Issue with Railways (E.Co.Railways)Land acquisition for Road widening (PT Corridor & Flyover).Affected length 5.00 Kms. and area of 28,000 Sq.mts. linearly.

    Status : Issue settled in Feb2013. Settled for 1:2 exchange of equitable land transfer (1-Railways, 2-GVMC) & paid Structural Compensation. Work in progress in Railway portion with shifting of Compound walls, utilities, affected structures etc.Issues related to completion of the projects*

  • Issues. Contd..ii) Issue with Defence (Indian Navy) Land acquisition for Road widening for PTC.Affected length 2.00 Kms. and 6,700 Sq.mts. linearly. Status :

    Issue settled in Jan2013.Formal approval from Defence H.Q., New Delhi received in 3rdweek of Jan2013.Issue settled with 1:2 equitable land transfer.Work in progress with Shifting of Compound walls & Utilities.Expected Completion is 6 to 8 months.Simhachalam Transit Corridor (STC) i) Issue with