03-21-2013 - Valley View Galleria Area CPC Briefing

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A sneak peek at the plans for 430 acres of North Dallas

Transcript of 03-21-2013 - Valley View Galleria Area CPC Briefing




March 21, 2013

Valley View Galleria Area Goal and Planning Background

Goal: Develop an area-wide vision through a publicprivate partnership to guide future redevelopment2012: Dallas City Council authorized a Chapter 380 Economic Development Grant to the North Dallas Chamber of Commerce (NDCC) to lead this effort December, 2012: NDCC hired Omniplan to provide professional expertise and leadership January 24, 2013: Zoning authorization to allow City Staff to concurrently develop a zoning plan October,

Planning Process

Future Development Vision

Pedestrian friendly, mixed use neighborhood

Future Development Vision

Vibrant shopping and entertainment district

Future Development Vision

High density supported by a network of enhanced streets and open spaces

Existing Zoning Map

Area-wide RezoningProposed Planned Development District

Existing zoning will be replaced with new customized zoning using the Form Districts ordinance as a template District will be divided into sub-areas to distinguish development standards Existing development rights will be respected and creation of nonconforming uses will be minimized

Area-wide RezoningKey Features

Establishes formbased, pedestrian friendly standards Allows mixed use in the majority of the study area Establishes open space requirements and design standards Allows transfer of development rights Establishes block size standards and street design standards

Thoroughfare Plan AmendmentThoroughfare Plan

Focus on providing a comprehensive circulation system to meet the multimodal needs of the new development vision Thoroughfare Plan will be amended concurrently with the zoning New thoroughfares will be established Existing thoroughfare lane configurations or right-of-way requirements may be amended

Key Target Dates

April 4th, 2013 April 4th, 2013 April 18th, 2013

- Urban Design Committeeand CPC briefings

- Public meeting

- Urban Design Committee andThoroughfare Committee briefings - CPC public hearing

May 2nd, 2013 May 22nd, 2013

- CPC public hearing onThoroughfare Plan amendment

- Council public hearing

QUESTIONS?March 21, 2013