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Transcript of  Phase I - Identify “Fully Qualified”  Phase II - Revalidate Deferees  Phase...

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Slide 2 Phase I - Identify Fully Qualified Phase II - Revalidate Deferees Phase III - Identify Best Qualified Phase IV - Show Cause Phase V - Board Products CONCEPT OF OPERATIONS Slide 3 Vote Files (1 thru 6 +/-) for EACH CATEGORY that the officer is competing in. ID Possible Show Cause Cases Establish OML Establish Fully Qualified Line PHASE I - Identify Fully Qualified Slide 4 FULLY QUALIFIED 6 +/- 5 +/- 4 +/- 3 +/- 2 +/- 1 NOT FULLY QUALIFIED EXAMPLE WORD PICTURE Verbiage of word picture and location of FQ line are board decisions Slide 5 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 FULLY QUALIFIED IAZ Population Hard Vote 13 14 15 Determine FQ line (Board decision based on word picture) NOT FULLY QUALIFIED PHASE I - Identify Fully Qualified MAX XX+X MIN X Slide 6 Establish Order of Merit Lists XXX PHASE I - Identify Fully Qualified IN FQ NFQ XX Total Command Categories for MFE AV AR EN MP CM FA AD SF CA PO Slide 7 Review Files of officers previously selected, but deferred from command Vote files Yes / No / SC Do not compare the deferred files against the files presently under consideration Limit review to material changes since the original selection PHASE II - Revalidate Deferees Slide 8 YES: RETAIN on the CSL. NO: REMOVE from the CSL. SHOW CAUSE: Substandard Performance, Misconduct, Actions inconsistent w/National Security, Moral/Professional dereliction EXAMPLE DEFEREE WORD PICTURE Slide 9 Majority Decision determines if an officer is revalidated. Revalidated Deferees become PRINCIPALS in their respective categories. X YES NO YES Votes X REVALIDATE NOT REVALIDATED PHASE II - Revalidate Deferees 0 Slide 10 Integrate Deferees MOI / Skill Review Break Ties Deconflict OMLs Establish Best Qualified Line PHASE III - Identify Best Qualified Slide 11 OMLDEFERRED OFFICERSOML RANK 1 XX DEFERRED OFFICER(S) WILL BE ADMINISTRATIVELY PLACED AT THE TOP OF THE ORDER OF MERIT LIST NFQ FQ PHASE III - Integrate Deferees Slide 12 An officer may only be a Principal on ONE (1) OML. A Principal may not be an Alternate on any OML. An officer may be an Alternate on MULTIPLE OMLs. PHASE III - OML Deconfliction ROE Slide 13 COA 1: HIGH SCORE An officer will remain on the OML in which he / she received their highest score COA 2: OPEN DELIBERATION Board members openly deliberate the best category for each officer to be placed in. COA 3: COMBINATION Using the High Score as a start point If the officer is within a certain score (such as one point) on multiple OMLs then the board openly deliberates PHASE III - Deconfliction COAs** ** It is a board decision which Deconfliction COA is used. Slide 14 P1 A2 A A A5 3 4 5A5B5C5D5E SMITH DAVIS JONES MILLS BLACK KENT STEEL JAMES SIMMS GRAY BROWN GLENN JONES GRAY SMITH GLENN MILLS DAVIS KENT STEEL SIMMS JAMES BLACK BROWN MILLS SMITH BLACK DAVIS JAMES STEEL KENT JONES SIMMS GRAY BROWN GLENN JONES SMITH DAVIS MILLS STEEL JAMES KENT SIMMS GRAY BLACK BROWN GLENN DAVIS BROWN KENT JAMES SMITH SIMMS MILLS STEEL JONES GRAY BLACK GLENN 60+10 58+8 58-7 57+0 56-3 55+4 53+2 52-1 51+7 50-4 49+3 48-2 60+10 58+8 58-7 57+0 56-3 55+4 53+2 52-1 51+7 50-4 49+3 48-2 60+10 59+2 59+0 55+4 53+2 52-1 51+7 50-4 49+3 48-2 59+9 59+3 58-7 57+0 56-3 55+4 53+2 51+7 50-4 49+3 48-2 60+10 58+8 58-7 57+0 56-3 55+4 53+2 52-1 51+7 50-4 49+3 48-2 0/41/42/61/5 P1 A1 A2 A3 A4 A2 A3 A4 A2 A3 A4 A5 X XX P1 P2 A3 A4 A5 A6 XX OML DECONFLICTION EXAMPLE SMITH has scored high enough on multiple OMLs and could assume a Principal position on either of the two different OMLs (5C & 5D). The board must deconflict before moving on. Board decides that SMITH will best serve the needs of the Army in 5D. KENT & SIMMS are tied. ALL OMLs must be CLEAN meaning no ties whatsoever (principals & alternates). The board decides that SIMMS wins the tie and will be Alternate #3 BLACK & JAMES are tied for the last principal position on OML 5C. This tie MUST be broken before moving on. The board determines that JAMES will receive the principal position. Slide 15 Board Deliberations & Voting Sponsor Completes SC Memorandum Sponsor Presents Case Summary Substandard performance of duty Misconduct Moral/Professional dereliction Actions inconsistent with national security PHASE IV - SHOW CAUSE Slide 16 Complete AAR Print Statistics Verify / Sign Attest Rosters (XX in OML Order) Show Cause Attest Roster and Written Summary Sign Signature Pages Board Report May / May Not Discuss Briefing DMPM Outbrief Recess PHASE V - Board Products Slide 17