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1 Area Company name Sales & Marketing Collaboration Zoe Hominick Head of SMB Marketing @zoehominick
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Collaboration, not conflict - sales and marketing in the digital age

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  • 1.Sales & Marketing Collaboration Zoe Hominick Head of SMB Marketing @zoehominick

2. 2 SMB Marketing Telefonica UK The stereo types. Sales Person The Marketer 3. 3 SMB Marketing Telefonica UK Historically the funnel has been weighted towards sales Awareness Leads Opportunities Proposal New customer Pull Marketing in control Sales in control Push 4. 4 SMB Marketing Telefonica UK The marketing mix we used reflected this 5. 5 SMB Marketing Telefonica UK Our customers world has changed Customer more powerful = Access to Information Influence Insight Comparison TRUST 6. 6 SMB Marketing Telefonica UK This has changed the buying cycle and we are responding to this 62% of B2B decision occurs before first contact 32 daysis the time taken make to purchase 65% of SMEs show consumer- like behaviour and buy consumer mobile First interaction shifted from Voice to Online but customers still like channel choice. 7. 7 SMB Marketing Telefonica UK 3D Autoshape Influencer impact Social Content Customer Control Engagement with Sales We need to rethink the role of both sales and marketing in the digital world. 8. 8 SMB Marketing Telefonica UK Key to collaboration not fundamentally changed but are more important than ever Do you know each other Relationships are key Common goals and shared success Accountability Clear process and agreed handoffs Communication , Communication, Communication Digital Marketing & Search Social & Content o2.co.uk Omni Channel Shop & Fulfill Support Self Serve Attract Engage Convert Serve To : Joined up journey with consistent messaging across all digital touch points and compelling hooks from attract to convert online and offline, supported by informed measures Defined user journeys that are informative engaging, and measured with compelling conversion points 9. Business Directorate Telefnica UK Conclusion 9 Collaboration is as important as ever and the principles remain the same The rules of new digital world have not yet been written This is a great opportunity for marketing to create more demand and demonstrate greater value