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  • 1. YJA Conference July 2008 Parth Shah Intern Kiva.orgDirect and straightforward lending to individuals in developing countries is here... You don't have to be a Bill Gates to drastically change people's lives anymore.

2. What is the Field of Micronance? Most of global poor run small businesses In order for these small businesses to succeed owners need a small amount (micro-) of capital (-nance) Micronance loans have a 95%+ repayment rate and is a proven method of enabling the poor to lift themselves out of poverty I know how to what I do: I just need capital to lift myself out of poverty 3. A Look At Micronance Estimated Number of Borrowers In Need Estimated Number of Borrowers Reached In Millions 4. A Look At Micronance 80% of Global Demand Not Met Estimated Number of Borrowers In Need Estimated Number of Borrowers Reached In Millions 5. Kiva Story 6. Kiva Story How? 7. What is Kiva? Kivas Mission: To alleviate poverty by allowing people to LEND to entrepreneurs in the developing world Kiva executes through an online platform which allows everyday users to make LOANS to entrepreneurs in the developing world 8. Kiva Model EntrepreneurLender I can loan to entrepreneurs in the developing world! Micronance Institution (MFI) Online Platform Low interest loans Transparency 9. map our led partners Text 10. map our led partners Kivas Field Partners (MFIs) Text 11. 1 80+ MFIs from 40+ countries Map of our Field Partners Mexico Guatemala Honduras Nicaragua Haiti Dominican Republic Samoa Ecuador Peru Bolivia Paraguay Senegal Sierra Leone Cote dIvoire Ghana Togo Nigeria Cameroon DRC Mozambique Tanzania Kenya Uganda South Sudan Indonesia Vietnam Cambodia NepalPakistan Afghanistan Tajikistan Lebanon Gaza Iraq Azerbaijan Ukraine MoldovaBosnia Bulgaria map our led partners Kivas Field Partners (MFIs) Text 12. Kiva Tries to Make the Experience Addictive Addictive = Easy + Fun 13. Kiva Makes it Easy I can see the person Im lending to Low cost to entry Quick and easy checkout Business relationship based on mutual dignity, not pity 14. Kiva Makes it Fun Loans are fully funded in hours (MFI staff love this) Transactions happen every 37 seconds Randomized 1 minute of fame for Lenders Popular entrepreneurs rapidly rise to the top Real time un- edited progress updates from around the world 15. My Prole My Page encourages self expression, evangelism and loyalty My Portfolio concept encourages further lending, risk diversification and inter-lender competition Results: +270,000 lenders from +70 countries in 2.5 years 16. Kivas Transparency Results: 3% delinquency rate. 3% refund rate.