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  • Year 8 Teacher Only Day

    Carmel College

    Friday 12th April 2013


    The aims for today Revisit the shared understanding around BYOD at

    Carmel College

    Develop an understanding of Blended e-Learning and the why at Carmel College

    Develop an understanding of using Google Sites in the classroom

    Develop skills around using Google Sites

    Develop an awareness of using Google Docs in Literacy


    Why BYOD?

    What we want for our young peopleto be confident, connected,

    actively involved and lifelong learners

    The New Zealand Curriculum Vision Statement


    Why BYOD at Carmel College?

    Carmel College is committed to educating and empowering young

    women to strive for excellence and to live the values of Jesus Christ, in the

    Catholic and Mercy traditions.

    To see the need and make the difference.


    Why BYOD at Carmel College?

    The Five Pillars of Learning at Carmel College


    Relating to Others

    Using Language, Symbols and Text

    Managing Self

    Participating and Contributing


    Strategic Plan - Why BYOD at Carmel College? In-school professional learning programmes utilizing best

    practice expertise of our own staff as well as outside experts. Particular focus: BYOD at Year 7 and 9

    That appropriate Review of ICT strategic Implementation of new technology is provided, aimed at equitable ICT strategic plan and used to support the distribution of resources curriculum, reporting and administrative functions of the school.

    Continued commitment to the best Learning Support system we can afford for students with special learning needs, including Gifted and Talented Education


    What is Blended e-Learning??

    The smart use of e-Learning tools, resources and Teaching & Learning strategies in face-to-face and virtual spaces, at & outside of school with the aim

    of improving student learning.


    What is e-Learning? Information and Communication Technology (ICT) has a major impact on the world in which young people live. Similarly, e-Learning (learning supported by or facilitated by ICT) has considerable potential to support effective teaching pedagogy by:

    Students making connections

    Students engaging in collaborative shared learning

    Enhancing opportunities for students to learn and take their learning further

    The New Zealand Curriculum Pg 36


    21st Century Teachers and Learners

    Learning anywhere, anytime Accessing new knowledge Encouraging collaboration, creativity,

    communication and critical thinking Encouraging responsible digital citizens and digital

    literacy Strengthening connections with parents, the

    community and experts Encouraging teacher innovation

  • Smart Use of ICT

    Discussion around what does the smart use of ICT tools look like?

  • What students think

  • Sharing of Practice

    Felicitys journey so far Felicitys Google site

    What skills will the Year 7s bring to Year 8?


  • Literacy and e-Learning

    How do you typically give feedback now?

    What can technology add that wasnt possible?

    Google Docs Literacy Task

  • Resources to support you

    The Virtual Learning Network -

    Enabling e-Learning -

    Software for Learning -

  • Support

    Monique Simpson

    Te Toi Tupu Blended e-Learning