Workforce Planning: “Strategic” Job Descriptions Prepared for LS 580 Mike Major, ...

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Workforce Planning: “Strategic” Job Descriptions Prepared for LS 580 Mike Major, SPHR Director Career Services. Cardinal Career Network. Cardinal Career Network Tips. Login at - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

Transcript of Workforce Planning: “Strategic” Job Descriptions Prepared for LS 580 Mike Major, ...

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Workforce Planning:Strategic Job DescriptionsPrepared for LS 580 Mike Major, SPHRDirectorCareer Services Cardinal Career Career Network Activity Summary (17 JUN 12 05 MAY 13)Total Employers3,489 (+33%)New Employers*574Total Contacts5,937 (+15%)New Contacts*1,156Total External Jobs Posted*4,298 (+39%)Unique Student/Alumni Logins*7,035 (+14%)Total External Job Views*256, Jobs by Position TypeFrequencyPercentCareer/Degreed 0-5 yrs experience1,93745.1%Career/Degreed 5+ yrs experience1,12726.2%Co-op1553.6%Full Time2,53358.9%Internship / Externship3568.3%On-Campus Student Employment2485.8%Part Time93221.7%Seasonal / Temporary2365.5%Volunteer360.8%*Jobs posted between 6/17/12-5/6/13#Unique jobs posted = 4, at Job PostingsRecruited / posted exclusively for SVSUNACElink Extended Job SearchNational Association of Colleges & EmployersCreate Job Search AgentsPersonalize resumes/cover letters for positions that accept them in CCN

Cardinal Career Network a job descriptionEEOC / MCRCEvaluating candidatesInterviewingOffering and regrets to candidatesRecent legal decisions/ A JOB DESCRIPTIONWhy is it important?Job functionsPerformance evaluationsGetting the right candidateAnti-discriminationEEOCost of a poor hire is? VII (Civil Rights Act of 1964)The Equal Pay ActThe Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA)The Age Discrimination in Employment Act (ADEA)The Genetic Information Nondiscrimination Act (GINA)KEY LEGISLATION FOR EEOC Department of Civil Rights (MDCR)Enforcement of two state laws:Elliott-Larsen Civil Rights Act (ELCRA)Persons with Disabilities Civil Rights Act (PWDCRA)

KEY LEGISLATION FOR MDCR EMPLOYMENT OPPORTUNITYEmployment decisions may not be based on:

Referred to as protected classesEmployment decisions include: Hiring, work assignments, compensation, promotions, terminations Race / ColorGenderEthnicityReligion

AgeMilitary/veteran statusDisability statusGenetic information FEDERAL LEGISLATIONUniform Guidelines on Employee Selection ProcedureInternet applicationsExecutive Order 11246 (EO 11246)Affirmative Action plans for Federal ContractorsVietnam Era Veterans Readjustment Assistance Act (VEVRAA)Uniformed Services Employment and Reemployment Rights Act (USERRA) & ACCOMMODATIONSADA passed in 1990First introduced by Tom HarkinRehabilitation Act of 1973Prohibits discrimination based on physical or mental disabilitiesEmployers required to provide reasonable accommodations15 or more employeesEmployees must file a charge (180 days/300 in MI) ACCOMODATIONCase-by-case basis Step 1: Individual asks for accommodationStep 2: Identify the barriers to performance of essential job functions for each individualStep 3: Identify possible accommodations that might be helpful in overcoming the barriersStep 4: Assess the reasonableness of the accommodations, including whether they are the employers responsibility and whether they pose an undue hardshipStep 5: Choose the appropriate accommodation for each ACCOMMODATIONS?Assigning a reader to help an applicant who is visually impairedConstructing ramps or providing a wheelchair-accessible deskLowering counters or drinking fountainsDesigning alternative formats for employee trainingProviding a telephone device for a person who is OF DISCRIMINATIONDisparate TreatmentProtected classes are intentionally handled differently from other employees or are evaluated by different standardsDisparate Impact (aka Adverse Impact)Occurs when rules applied to all employees (candidates) have a different or larger effect on a protected TREATMENTDISPARATE IMPACTDirect discriminationUnequal treatmentIntentionalPrejudiced actionsDifferent standardsIndirect discriminationUnequal consequences or resultsUsually unintentionalNeutral actionsSame standards; different consequencesRECOGNIZING EXAMPLESAll candidates must have a bachelors degree.Disparate Impact (discussion)I prefer hire males because they are less likely to take time off for family.Disparate TreatmentWhite males under the age of 40 wont get this position.??? Qualification ElementsKSAs key elements to determine job qualificationsKnowledge: body of information necessary for task performanceSkills: level of proficiency needed for task performanceAbilities: capabilities necessary to perform the

BFOQsBona fide occupational qualificationTitle VII BFOQ if reasonably necessary to the normal operations of the business or enterprise.Carefully scrutinized by the courtsExample: Undergarment

Practical ExamplesEEOC v. Abercrombie and FitchApril 2013Applicant wore a hijab to an interviewHijabs inconsistent with Abercrombie look. EEOC v. Hollister (hypothetical)Not filed, but could it?Hollister all about the appearance DESCRIPTION COMPONENTSJob TitleEmployment StatusSalary, hourlyFLSA Exempt, etc.Summary (description)QualificationsWith or without reasonable accommodations

Make sure your Qualifications fit the job description and summary! the Purple SquirrelUrban dictionary definiton:metaphor used by recruiters to identify the unrealistic expectations of a company. Job Title: Graphic DesignerScreening: -3.0 GPA-Graphic Design Majors-SeniorsEliminated: BFA, PTW, Marketing, Art,Communication & Digital Design,Graduate students,

EDUCATIONBachelor of Arts in Communication Second Major: SpanishSaginaw Valley State University, University Center, MIGPA: 3.7

RELEVANT EXPERIENCE Marketing/Graphic Design InternCharlotte Checkers, Charlotte, NCCreated flyers and mailers to advertise upcoming events using Adobe Photoshop and QuarkWrote the Checkers Kids Club Summer Newsletter and designed a new templateCut out and edited photos in Adobe Photoshop for new version of Charlotte Checkers website

COMPUTER SKILLSGraphic Design: Adobe Creative Suite (Photoshop Illustrator, InDesign, Fireworks)Multimedia / Video Applicantions: Adobe Premier; Final Cut Express; Macromedia FlashOperating Systems: Windows 1995-XP; Macintosh OS X you think this person would qualify to do Graphic Designer work?

Key word?ConsistencyResumes / cover letters going to the next round have similar qualificationsHire my cousin hardest worker youll have!Use RubricsAll applicants asked same questions & conducted in the same mannerTelephone vs. Skype vs. in-person interviewsDiscussion item E-portfolios / LinkedIn / Facebook / are there EOE issues?

Overall Search 1: Introductory StateFirst impressions are madeBuilding a rapportStep 2: Review qualifications30 Second Pitch Focus on strengths & skills (candidates goal)Use research and establishing a good fit in their culture (candidates goal)Give concise and thorough responsesInterview 3: MatchingDoes candidate fit in the corporate culture?Is candidate coach-able?Does candidate have the passion and drive to be successful in the position?Interviewer should explain job in detailStep 4: ConclusionCandidate asks questions and discuss selection timelineCollect business cards for writing thank you notes (good idea for candidates)

Interview of Interview

Common interview questionsTell us a little bit about yourself.Where do you see yourself in five years?If you were a type of salad dressing, what one would you be?Describe yourself with 30 second pitchClear, concise and thoroughDescribe thought process when necessaryTraditional about something that happenedPast actions are predictors of future behaviorDescribe a time when you had to work in a team environment.Tell me about a time you had to deal with a co-worker who didnt complete their fair share of the workloadBe specific: A time is one eventBehavioral circumstancesPredictor about how you would handle an event if it actually happenedWhat would you do if you had a dispute with a co-worker?How would you handle a client who is upset with the organization?Tell a story of anecdote if one is availableSituational InterviewingExperience with a certain taskHave you ever completed tax audits?What type of experience do you have managing clients?Have you ever completed a marketing plan?Be thorough and specificElaborate upon the depth of your provide a broad description of the background where your example is taking placeTaskShare more details about the problem, challenge, or task that you needed to addressActionDescribe several possible courses of action and explain why the one you chose was best. Give details that illustrate what you were like in actionResultAnalyze the outcome of your action and the resolution of the situation. Indicate whether or not you would follow the same course in the future

S.T.A.R Approach with the entire panelMake direct eye contact with the individual asking the questionBegin by direct