Worker's Compensation - What are your rights?

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An overview of worker's compensation from Malman Law.

Transcript of Worker's Compensation - What are your rights?

  • 1. Workers CompensationKnowing Your Rights to Secure Justice

2. What is Workers Compensation? Its an insurance claim filed after one has been injuredat work or while on the job. Workers Compensation allows a person to collect: 2/3s of his or hers work wage while injured and unable to work; Pays for all medical benefits to take care of the injury. Pays the injured worker a lump sum settlement. 3. Common Workplace Injuries Shoulder & Arm Knee Injuries Spinal Cord Injuries Torn Rotator Cuff Meniscus Carpal Tunnel Fractures Internal Organ Damage Brain Injuries Any other work-related injuries 4. Work Related Illnesses Workers compensation applies to work relatedillnesses, not just injuries. If someone has become ill due to something work-related, then that person may file for workerscompensation in most cases. Nevertheless, proving an illness that was caused bythe workplace can be difficult to prove in a court of law. 5. Types of work-related illnesses Hearing Loss Fungus or Bacterial Infections Mental Illness E.g. trauma from witnessing a an undesirable experience, such as an injury or death. Plus many more 6. Does my injury or illness apply for workers compensation? There are many types of injuries or illnesses that applyfor claiming workers compensation. Some injuries and illnesses may be long-term, traumatic or very noticeable. Others may be short-term, internal or go unrecognizedfor a period of time. If a person is uncertain whether his or her injury/illnessis worthy of a workers comp claim, then that personshould consult an Illinois workers compensationattorney. 7. Who Gets Workers Comp? There are many different types of jobs/workers whoare eligible for workers compensation, such as: Truck and Package DeliveryAirline Employees WorkersRailroad Employees Construction WorkersWaiters Heavy Equipment Operators Actors Public Transportation Employees Cab Drivers Government EmployeesEngineers Office WorkersMechanics ManagementTeachers NursesBus Drivers Healthcare WorkersMaintenance Workers Factory Workers Anyone injured on the job 8. Frequent Workers Comp Clients Some of the most common workers who experienceinjuries eligible for workers compensation are:o Union Memberso Truck Driverso Factory Workerso Railroad Workerso Construction Workers 9. Union Members Chicago Unions, traditionally, are an influential unitwith long-established political roots. No matter how strong a unions political ties maybe, union workers whove been injured at work stillhave adversaries to deal with. If a union member is injured on the job or becomesill, he or she still needs to provide for their family. 10. Union Workers For a union member, the affects of a serious injuryor illness may go deeper than financial problems. An injury or illness may affect a union membersmedical care, substitute housing, transportation orfinancial aid for college tuition.Whether this setback keeps aperson from working for days orends his or hers career, thatperson should seek help from awork accident attorney. 11. Truck Drivers Truck drivers work long hours without sleep. Attimes, a trucker will drive for approximately 13 to 20hour shifts without proper rest in order to meet adeadline. Lack of focus, sleep or strength can lead to fatalaccidents, even if its not the drivers fault. 12. Truck Drivers Unfortunately, accidents do happen and oftentimescause injuries. Truck drivers whove been injured as a result ofsomeone elses negligence or carelessness fromanother driver should seek legal assistance from anIllinois truck accident lawyer. 13. Truck Drivers Following a truck accident, drivers may be permitted toa certain amount of reimbursement to help withmedical bills and loss of work. Truck injury attorneyscan help with problems related to: o Current and forthcoming medical expenses o Pain and suffering o Disfigurement o Physical impairment o Hospital stays o Lost earnings 14. Truck Drivers Consulting an Illinois truckaccident lawyer can helptruckers get the compensationtheyll need to recover from theirinjuries and get back to work. 15. Factory Workers Much like other Illinois employers, factory companiesimplement safety guidelines at theirfactories/warehouses to ensure their workers are outof harms way while on the job. However, most factories witness persistent and severeinjuries every year, due to a lack of practice andmaintenance of proper safety. 16. Factory Workers Countless factory workers experience the followinginjuries: o Slip and Falls o Crushing Accidents o Electrocution o Overuse Accidents o Exposure 17. Factory Workers Factory workers living near the windy city shouldalways seek advice from a Chicago workers complawyer to make sure theyre appropriatelycompensated from a work-related injury. 18. Railroad Workers (FELA) All railroad workers are protected by the FederalEmployee Liability Act (FELA). This law provides safety for workers whove beeninjured on the job. Although this law helps protect railroad workers, itdoesnt offer enough to meet the needs andcompensations an injured railroad worker needs. 19. Railroad Workers The following are some examples of injuries andconditions experienced by even the toughest railroadworkers: o Ligament & soft tissue damage o Complicated breathing and poisoning from industrial chemicals & solvents o Tension-related injuries, such as back strain o Substantial medical expenses o Possible death 20. Railroad Workers (FELA) If flawed equipment or the negligence of fellowworkers/foremen have caused an injury for arailroad worker, then he or she ought to callChicago railroad injury lawyers for accuratelegal assistance. 21. Construction Accidents Working construction is adangerous job. Allsurrounding elements arepotentially unsafe, whetherits the tools a worker usesor the severe weatheraffecting a worksite. Therefore, all types ofaccidents and injuries arecommon for workers in thisprofession. 22. Construction Accidents With the help of a construction accidentattorney, injured workers can do one of two things: File for workers comp lawyers file a claim and work with your employers insurance company to receive suitable benefits/medical expenses. File for personal injury if someone else is found liable for your injury, lawyers seek legal action against the person or entity responsible. 23. Workers Comp. Benefits Workers comp is a form of insurance that can offermonetary compensation when a worker gets injured. Other benefits include: o Medical Care o Permanent Partial Disability (PPD) Benefits o Permanent Total Disability (PTD) Benefits o Temporary Total Disability (TTD) Benefits o Settlement o Survivors Benefits 24. Is Workers Comp for You? The Illinois WorkersCompensation law has a greatdeal of information, guidelinesand instructions. As aresult, dealing with this processcan be difficult. Hiring an experienced workerscompensation attorney servesas the most liable decision whenit comes to taking care ofyourself, family and future. 25. Want More Help? If youve been injured or ill as a direct result fromworking on the job, then you might be eligible forworkers compensation. The personal injury lawyers at Malman Law canoffer you the best legal assistance in the Chicagolandand Illinois area. For more information on workerscomp and additional legal aid, 26. 205 W. Randolph St., Suite 610Chicago, IL 60606 Phone: 1-312-629-0099Fax: 1-312-629-1188 Email: info@malmanlaw.comCall Now! 1-888-625-6265Available 24/7 Serving Chicagoland & All of