Windows Keyboard Shortcuts

Windows Keyboard Shortcuts
Windows Keyboard Shortcuts
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Cheat sheet for Windows Keyboard Shortcuts you can download, print and use. More tips for learning and memorizing keyboard short cuts at

Transcript of Windows Keyboard Shortcuts

  • 1. Your Guide toKEYBOARD SHORTCUTSfor WindowsWhat you want What to clickCXVZCtrlCtrlCopy an object/textCut an object/textPaste an object/text CtrlCtrlCtrl YUndo an ActionRedo an ActionCtrl BCtrlCtrlUIBold textUnderline textItalicize textAPCtrlCtrlSelect everythingPrint

2. Ctrl ShiftSpaceor+ or -FCreate a New FolderQuickly show DesktopCompare and contrast ina snapZoom in or Zoom outSearch for files andfoldersMove the ActiveWindowTabAltNSwitch between openwindowsStart Windows Help F1Rename object F2Find all files F3F4F5Select "Go to a DifferentFolder"Refresh current windowMore Tips