Wild Turkey - Turkey 10 Social Media Case Study

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Transcript of Wild Turkey - Turkey 10 Social Media Case Study

  • 1. Integrated brand activation and digital campaign.The problem keeping the Marketing Director awake at night: The Core solution:How to be engaging in the digital media space? We created The Turkey 10 - a grass roots sponsorship of 10 local teams, in different codes, with branded kits and equipment, celebrity training sessions and surprise and delight fan events. We partnered with Triple M to promote the campaign and with Facebook to enable simple and active sharing of the 145kbranded content that was generated. Using Facebook to share the content ensured what happened on field was pushed out to the wider supporter community.Digital, andsocial media Core created the concepts and collateral, managed the campaign roll out, digital integration and the social media assets, including an innovative content management platform. With event partner Catapult we developed and delivered the activations.The Turkey 10 activations included a Black Hawk helicopter dropping a celebrity trainer into a team fitness session and a Flashmob of fans, cheerleaders and live commentary by Rugby League star Jonathan Thurston. This activity ignited numerous social media conversations and created unique branded video and photographic content. The results: Sales are strong and growing. In terms of brandBrand activation eventsengagement, just one of our two major activations delivered 188,000 YouTube views of the activation in first four days. Over 140,000 incremental Facebook followers of the brand were added during the campaign.Duncan Wakes-Miller | duncan@coresydney.com.au | T: 02 9211 6373 | M: 0425 209 489 | coresydney.com.au