What's My Soundtrack? Room 207 Theme Songs

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What’s Your Soundtrack? Room 207 Sets Music To Our Lives by Mrs. Ilko

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Whats Your Soundtrack?

Whats Your Soundtrack?Room 207 Sets Music To Our LivesbyMrs. IlkoEvery Leader Needs a Theme Song!Inspired by men likeour Classroom Champion Josh Sweeney

We are creating a Leadership soundtrack! Music makes us awesome!

Kid President inspires us all to dance, but we need a soundtrack!Select a SoundtrackHave you ever noticed in movies or TV shows there is rarely silence? There are usually sound effects, or songs playing in the background. Music helps to tell the story.

In this project, you are going to create a soundtrack of 5 songs that define different events from your life. One of which will become your theme song!

Tell Your StoryWe will begin by thinking about our favorite songs.Make a list of the top three songs you are listening to at the moment.

Why do you like them? What speaks to you? What do the lyrics really mean?

When an artist puts out a song, they are telling a story. They have a message they want to convey to their audience.

But as with every story, people take away different messages from the same song. We have events in our own lives that we bring to the table when we listen to songs.

Here are three versions of the first song in my own soundtrack. Lets check it out.Songs Have MeaningHere is Saras original video.

After you watch it,what message is she trying to share?

Brave by Sara Bareilles The Artist VersionHere is the lyric version created by some young ladiesto tell a different story using the same lyrics.What is this message?Brave by Sara Bareilles: A Youth Lyric Mix\Brave at University of Minnesota Masonic Children's HospitalThis mix of music and imagestells a different story.What is this message?

Brave by Sara Bareilles: Another MixBrave by Sara Bareilles Mrs. Ilkos versionI picked this song and lyrics because I want to inspire my students to be BRAVE.

Say what you want to say, and let the words FALL OUT! Honestly, I want to see you be brave!If you leave my classroom knowing that written and spoken words have power, and you can use them with confidence, then my work is done.

Next to each event, write a short description about what happened and why it was important to you.

Then, think about songs that connect you to that event. For example, a special song that you played at a birthday party

Bring it to class tomorrow.

Your Turn!Make a list of 8-10 important events in your life.

First day of school (e.g., preschool, kindergarten, first grade, middle school, high school)

A special family trip or vacation

A family event or milestone

A personal achievement (e.g., first place in a competition)

A personal loss

Choose 5 songs that define major events in your life.

Listen to each of these songs and study the lyrics. What is the message? How does it speak to you? Why is it important?

Write a description about each song in your journal.This is your soundtrack!Choose The Top 5

We are going to create a class soundtrack. After reviewing your song lists, choose one you want to share with our class. (Your theme song)

Download the lyrics, a video or mp3 and two images that enhance the song.Write a letter to the class telling what the song means and why it is important to you.Choose Your Theme Song!

Create a slide that includes:

Your song title and artistTwo imagesQuote part of the lyrics and why they are important to you.Provide a link to the song on your page (school appropriate)

I will put the slideshow and create a room 207 playlist.

Final Project




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