What is Internal Communications?

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Internal Communications Consultants

Helping you find solutions to your problems

Remember that last email from your team that you couldnt understand?

Or the last notice sent out by your HR department that was a wall of text

And the instructions given by your boss that was unclear?

Companies spend millions of dollars on communicating with their clients

But spend close to nothing to help employees understand each other

What if we told you, that you could

work less, be happier

and get the

same amount of work done?

Less re-doing up work as expectations become much clearer.Less time wasted

Less second-guessing what your bosses really meanLess frustration and anger

Clearer understanding where your organisation is headedBetter engaged employees

The simple act of

improving internal communications

can help your organisation

Edvantedge has helped us to understand how we really communicate in the company, and gave us concrete suggestions on how we can improve.Kenny LeeGroup PresidentRyder World Transport

We start by understanding the problem.Interviews, FGDs, Surveys, Observations and more

We provide solutions to help you solve the problemsFrameworks, Training, Technology and more

What some clients ask forDesigning of key messages from senior managementBuilding of feedback loops between key-decision makers and staffDesigning team communications protocolQuantification of organisational communication levelsTraining of staff to communicate betterDesigning of visual communications for staffAdvisory in the use of technology solutions (like Slack, Asana and other tools)

Some organisations we have helped

and many more unlisted

We want to help your company communicate better

Invest in your company today

Find out more atwww.edvantedge.com

Contact us atenquiry@edvantedge.com