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Welcome to my guide to Emails. https://login.live.com /. Logging In. Logging in is simple! You put your email address on Microsoft account Then type in your password You shall be in!. Logging off. Logging of is even more simple! You click on your name(top right!) Then you click sign out! - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

Transcript of Welcome to my guide to Emails

Welcome to my guide to Emails

Welcome to my guide to Emailshttps://login.live.com/Hello and welcome to my guide, its about all the simple email uses in outlook. 1Logging InLogging in is simple!You put your email address on Microsoft accountThen type in your passwordYou shall be in!

Logging in is super duper simple!For this you simply put in your email address and password and press enterMany if not all email sites use this sort of entry format.2Logging offLogging of is even more simple!You click on your name(top right!)Then you click sign out!You shall be logged off!

Logging off is more simple than logging in just so you know. Just click your name and sign out.3Creating a contactThis is also a simple thing to do!To do this, go to the peoples sectionNext press New contactFill out and press save, Done!

Creating contacts is a simple thing to do. Firstly you click the chevron pointing down and then click on people. Next, press new and start filling out your contact you want to add. Dont forget the important details!4Reading EmailsThis is the easiest thing next to logging offYou simply click the thing you want to read.After that itll load up the email!

Now, lets talk about reading those emails along with the cousins, reply and sending a email. For reading email it is super easy! Just click your email and hey presto!5Replying to EmailsNow for the fun part of replying to email!To start, press reply

Replying to emails is pretty simple while reading, press reply and start replying very simple. 6Sending E-mailsThis is one more simple thing, its just like replying!To start a email you press newType in contactAdd subject and write what you want.

Sending emails is exactly like replying. Start by pressing new. The only real difference to this is you got to choose the people you want to send it too instead of it being there automatically.

7Display options.For display options, lets keep it simple!For this, well change the colourJust click the gearNow select your colour!

Display options allow you to choose how to design your page to make it more you, for the picture I am discussing will be the colour of your bar across the top, to get to this you can press the gear. And itll show the display options. One other simple thing to do is changing the way your emails are formatted via reading styles. You can choose between having the email at the bottom, the right or just having it off.8Attaching filesNow to the finale! Attaching files to the document!While in a email click the paperclipSelect file as attachmentFind what you want to addIt will be added!

While on the subject of replying/sending emails. Lets talk about attaching files, start by pressing the paperclip button and then press the files as attachments option9Thank you for listening!10