Derek Welcome To My Presentation. My Timeline My Acrostic

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Transcript of Derek Welcome To My Presentation. My Timeline My Acrostic

  • DerekWelcome To My Presentation

  • My Timeline

  • My Acrostic

  • My Favorite Things Quilt

  • How I Created My QuiltMy Kid Pix quilt represents many things I enjoy. To make this quilt I used several different drawing tools from the presentation program, Kid Pix Deluxe Studio. First I clicked on a tool called the eggbeater. When I selected this tool and clicked in the center of the screen, it created twenty five boxes. Then I took the paint can and created a pattern with two colors. I then selected stamps of my favorite things. These stamps were edited by me and added to the quilt. By using the Control and Shift keys I changed the sizes of the stamps before adding them to my pattern. One thing I really enjoy about Kid Pix Deluxe Studio is the graphics are great and are so funny. I put in a football because I absolutely love football as a sport. Another great thing is all the option of colors . I love that you can edit any stamp you want.

  • Our Field Trip

  • Winter Is Here

  • My Favorite Sport My favorite sport is football. I like football because I have played football for two years. My football number my first year was 72. My number my second year was 10. I am going to play football for a third year this year. My football position for my first year was left outside linebacker. My second year position was second string quarterback and left safety. I will play football for the years to come.

  • My Favorite Animal My favorite animal is a dog. My favorite animal is a dog because they are very smart animals and many more reasons. Dogs help me get my energy out when I need to get exercise. Some dogs are fast and some dogs are slow. I like to play with fast dogs, but not dogs that are too fast. I also like to play with dogs that are not too small, but also not too big. Thats some of the reasons why dogs are my favorite animal.

  • My Favorite Place To Go On Vacation My favorite place to go on vacation is the beach. I like to go to the beach because it is nice and warm and it has water to swim in. At the beach I like to look for snails, crabs, and other animals. One thing that I dont like is sometimes the water is freezing cold and sometimes its warm. I love the beach and it is my favorite vacation place to go.

  • My Favorite Season My favorite season is summer. My favorite season is summer because we get to play outside a lot. Playing outside is one of my ways of getting exercise. I also like summer because you can have warm, sunny vacations and go to the beach. That is why my favorite season is summer.

  • My Favorite Day of the Week My favorite day of the week is Saturday. My favorite day of the week is Saturday because it is the first day of the weekend and we get a day off from school. I also get to stay up late on Friday because there is no school the next day. Another reason I like Saturday is I get to have some time with my family. On Saturday I often have lacrosse practices . That is why Saturday is my favorite day of the week.

  • Welcome Spring

  • Thank you for watching my slide show.