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Winter 2013 Issue

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  • The WeinbergChatter


    Winter 2013

  • A Message from the Director


    Dear Weinberg Families and Residents,

    Hope everyone had a nice New Year and is trying to stay warm! We have had another busy few months. We had our amazing Maj Jong tournament, which we co-sponsored with the Northbrook Senior Center and had over 75 participants of all ages play. We continued our educational series in November on various educational topics related to health and dementia. We also started our new therapy group in the health club as of December 3rd. The health club is now open Monday-Friday with a variety of professionals such as a personal trainer, occupational therapist, and physical therapists. The resi-dents are taking full advantage of this wonderful new program. Outpatient part B services are available and are being utilized by many of our residents.

    On behalf of all of our staff, I want to thank you for the generous contributions for the holiday collection. Our staff were thankful to be able to receive a personal gift card to go shopping before the holidays. This was also the first year we hosted a resident/staff holiday party. We enjoyed holiday cookies, entertainment and were able to formally introduce staff to the residents. The party was a suc-cess and enjoyed by all!

    As a reminder, we have our resident referral program. If any resident or family member refers a resident to either Gidwitz or Friend Center and the person signs a 1 year lease, you will receive a check for $750.00. Our best referrals come from you, so please think of us!

    Feel free to call me with any suggestions at any time.

    Thank you,

    Jennifer Weininger 847-236-7856



    A few reminders: Please sign in at the front desk, and sign out when leaving-we need to insist on this for the safety of our residents and staff. Please obtain a form at the front desk when going out of town, and indicate an emergency contact for when you are away. You can alternately call front desk to give the above information, and it will be sent to pertinent staff. If you have a private caregiver working for you, please make sure we are aware of this. If your family member is in the hospital and will be going to a rehab facility, please advise us, to guarantee continuity of care.

    Community MitzvahsPlease share with us any recent or upcoming simchas in your

    family so that we may share in your joy!

    DEPARTMENT UPDATEWe are proud to share that Weinbergs Life Enrichment Department won a $1000.00 grant from the Alzheimer's Foundation of America from a creative arts project created by residents that was submitted for a photo contest (SEE FRONT COVER). This will help us to continue to enhance the lives of older adults through their creative arts programming.

  • Happy Birthday!


    Gidwitz January Birthdays

    Leonard Bain 1/25

    Marlene Baum 1/3

    Bernie Becker 1/13

    Sally Brauer 1/27

    Rochelle Chasin 1/9

    Ruth Chudacoff 1/4

    Milt Friedman 1/24

    Jackie Levine 1/12

    Tobey Rapoport 1/7

    Helen Rappaport 1/18

    Bila Rosenberg 1/9

    Milt Stern 1/18

    Carol Weissman 1/31

    Friend Center January Birthdays

    Ida Kamen 1/10

    Mary Krader 1/10

    Marilyn Piest 1/21

    Gidwitz February Birthdays:

    Ruth Berman 2/16

    Bertha Holzman 2/20

    Thelma Lampert 2/22

    Nathan Millner 2/28

    Lester Spielman 2/27

    Natalie Stern 2/13

    Friend Center February Birthdays:

    Ann Mayer 2/24

  • Life Enrichment Highlights


    In addition to our daily programs, here are some highlights for the upcoming months. Friend Center resi-dents join Gidwitz for many of the programs; there are also some programs exclusively at Friend center. You are welcome to enjoy these or any or our entertainment programs with your family member. Feel free to get a copy of our weekly Calendar for either Friend Center or Gidwitz Place, either during one of your visits or at the Weinberg Community Website

    January January 6, 2:00 PM

    Zazz Jazz Ensemble

    January 28, 2:00 PM

    Vocals and Keyboard of Lou Adams

    Friend Center

    January 30, 2:00 PM

    Vocals and Accordion of Mike Basin

    February February 5, 2:00p.m.

    Lyric Opera Educational Program, La Boheme, with Kip Kelly

    February 10, 2:00 PM

    Vocals and Guitar of Tim Burr

    Celebrations for Purim:

    Saturday, Feb. 23, 7:00 PM

    Megillah Reading, with Hazzan Sarah Alexander

  • 5

    Sally Lerner Sally moved to Gidwitz Place a month prior to her 103rd birthday, over a year ago. She had been residing in a condo, independently, prior to becoming a part of our Weinberg Community. Sally was born at home, the eldest of 3 children on the Westside of Chicago. Sallys family moved to the Southside, where she attended Oglesby Grammar School , later attended by her 2 sons, and she became President of the PTA.

    At age 21 she married Albert, the brother of her best friend. They were married for 40 years when she was widowed, She married her 2nd husband, Soloman, whose deceased wife was a girlfriend of Sallys. Sally has 6 grandchildren and 11 great-grandchildren from her 1st marriage, and about that many" from her 2nd husbands family. One of her sons resides in FL and the other in Winnetka. Her baby brother, 95 years old, also resides in Florida.

    Sally has been active all her life. She was Sisterhood President at Bnai Jacob Synagogue, President of Skokie Valley Hadassah, and PTA President. Sally has many friends and admirers, and receives a most beautiful bouquet of flowers every other weekend from her family. As active as ever at Gidwitz, Sally works out at the Health Club 3 times a week, attends Ceramics and knitting classes, Womens Group, etc. What a wonderful addition to our Weinberg family.


  • Employee Spotlight


    Janina Ptazsnik Janina has been a Resident Assistant (RA) at the Friend Center of Weinberg Com-munity for 12 years. Her pride in her work is apparent-as she says, I dont do this to get noticed, I do it for myself. Nonetheless, her work ethic has been noted, as exemplified by being chosen as an Employee of the Year for 2011. Residents whose care has been entrusted to Janina are fortunate indeed. Her gentle manner and patience prove successful even with those residents resistant to assistance.

    Janina was born in Poland, in a city near Warsaw, and her formal education con-sisted of the equivalent of our high school. Graduating at 18 years of age, she went to work in a government general store. Residing in a house with her mother and 3 sisters, she grew restive and adventurousand to get a broader view of the world she came to the USA, landing in Chicago. She was met by a friend, soon became a nanny for a family with 2 young sons. Janina taught the boys Polish and they taught her English.

    Before coming to Friend Center Janina was employed at a skilled nursing home, where she experienced working with the infirm and elderly. We are so lucky to have Janina as part of our Weinberg familyshe is loved and admired by resi-dents, their families, and staff.

  • A Fond Farewell

    Ira Wolin, Director of Dining Services at Weinberg Community since 2005, has been offered a career opportunity too good to refuse. He will be the General Manager of Food Service at the Wexner Heritage Community in Columbus Ohio. This is a Continuing Care Community of 170 residents and under Kosher laws.

    We had the opportunity to know Iras mother, of Blessed Memory, who re-sided here at Gidwitz Place. Raised in Skokie and graduating from Evans-ton Township High School, his education was furthered at Kendall Culinary Institute. His internship was at the Hotel Nikko in downtown Chicago, where he met Amanda, his wonderful wife and mother of their 4 children, 12 years of age and under. Amanda was born near Galway Ireland, and to-gether Ira and Amanda are exemplary and funloving parents. Our resi-dents have taken delight in the childrens visits here, seeing them grow into menshes.

    Iras work life began early. At age 12 he was stuffing flyers into doors of houses. He then worked as a stock boy at Jewel and Dominick's, Among other employment were limo driver, house painter, insurance salesman, and selling fur coats at Tibor Furs. Professionally he was 1st cook at Hotel Nikko, Hilton Hotel in Skokie, Executive sous chef at the Art Institute of Chi-cago, chef at Mon Ami Gabi, and personal chef for a North Shore family -creating individual menus for a family of seven.

    Our staff at Weinberg Community and our residents are like one big family. The tributes from residents were glowing and heartfelt. Sad as it is to say goodbye, we are happy for Ira and his family.



    "Glenview Lighthouse Program and Road Show" Come for a panel dis-cussion and a display of new and exciting innovations that can be used for those who are visually impaired.

    Tuesday, 4/16/13 9am Panel. 10am-1pm Open house Road Show. Please RSVP to Tawanna at (847) 236-7842

    CJE SeniorLife and Weinberg Community is proud to be a sponsor for The North Shore Breathe Deep LUNGevity Walk at Deerfield High School on April 28. Please go to LUNGevity.org if you would like more information.

    Our residents were also asked to participate in a Love Story Exhibit which will be on display at the First Bank of Highland Park, located on Central in downtown Highland Park from Feb 2nd through the end of the month. When you are in t