Week 2, Term 3, 2010 · PDF file Last Monday the primary athletics carnival was held in...

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Transcript of Week 2, Term 3, 2010 · PDF file Last Monday the primary athletics carnival was held in...

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    "Excellence, opportunity and success in a caring learning environment" Avoca Drive Kincumber 2251 Ph: 43691544 Fax: 43692963

    Email: kincumber-p.school@det.nsw.edu.au Website: kincumber-p.schools.nsw.edu.au

    Term 3—Week 2 *** NEW****P & C meet LAST Monday each MONTH, 7.00pm ***

    NEW *** Thursday, 29th July 2010


    • Kincumba Shines/Education Week • Voluntary School Contributions • Congratulations • P & C and AECG Meeting News Kincumba Shines/Education Week Next week is Education Week and we are gearing up for our first

    ever combined performance with our partner schools in the Kincumba Learning Community. Rehearsals on Monday and a

    matinee and evening performance on Wednesday are exciting but very demanding for students and school staff. Performers have a last chance to buy tickets tomorrow as they open for general sale

    on Monday; entry to the matinee is by gold coin at the door. This is a very exciting program and we hope that this festival of the

    performing arts will be so successful that we will hold them regularly.

    On Tuesday morning everyone is welcome to join us at school for an open morning. Meet under the COLA at 10am where Stage 3

    and the violin group will entertain you with a bush dance and then head up to classrooms. When the bell goes at 10:50 am for lunch please join your children for lunch and a game. Tea, coffee and

    cakes will be on sale for parents from the canteen.

    Then on Thursday, Lisa Craddock, Karen Munton and Karen Charlton will be presented with certificates of appreciation at the Central Coast Awards at Lake Munmorah High School.

    Thank you to everyone who has supported the students and the

    school to achieve everything we have.

    Voluntary School Contributions Next week reminders will be going home for outstanding Mathletics and school contribution payments. Please finalise these as soon as possible.

    Congratulations Last Monday the primary athletics carnival was held in magnificent weather. As advised last week this was the last athletics carnival that Jon Elbra would organise. Although we thanked Jon for his

    long and dedicated service to sport at this school, we want to continue to be reminded of his contribution. A new trophy will be

    presented to the Champion House at this year’s presentation and the winning house will be awarded the Jon Elbra Champion House Shield.

    P & C and AECG Meeting News At last Monday’s AECG meeting held at Kincumber High School, Assistant Principal, Mary Liddy, announced that she had been successful in gaining funding under a Community Builders grant to

    further develop quality relationships between our school and the students and families in our Aboriginal Community. Well done Mary

    and we look forward a successful project. At last Monday’s P & C meeting it was decided to put the School

    Council in recess and establish a working party to review the operation of the School Council. Kel Butcher is coordinating this

    group which will consist of parent and teacher representatives. It is likely that in the next few weeks a survey may go home asking for your thoughts too—please consider responding.

    Hope you had a great week at our great school.

    Trish Peters Principal

    Students of Week 1, Term 3, 2010 KL Jacob Thomson 1D/L Layla Robertson 2A Zoe Milton 3E Seb Bowcock KH Sasha Casey 1G Sophie Beveridge 2C Paris Digman 3G Luke Cassidy KM Sienna Barton 1K Kyte Cardy 2D Annabella Jensen 3K Amie Couper 1R Finlay Calder 2J Emma Marshall 3M Dominic Grieve 1S Ethan Long 2N Alex Priest 3T Emma Jackson

    President P&C

    Lisa Waite


    0408 658 187

    AUGUST 2010

    EDUCATION WEEK Monday, 2nd August - Kincumba Shines Matinee and

    Dress Rehearsal— 10:00 am to 2:00 pm

    Tuesday, 3rd August — ICAS English Test Tuesday, 3rd August — Education Week Open Day - 10:00 am to 11.30 am Wednesday, 4th August Kincumba Shines Matinee Perf.

    12:00 pm to 1:30 pm - Kincumba Shines Evening Perf.

    6.30 pm to 8:00 pm

    Friday, 6th August — Last day for Book Club orders Monday & Tuesday, 9th and 10th August—bring in your

    clothing bag donations for Stewart House Monday, 30th August … 7:00 pm P&C Meeting (note these

    meetings are now being held on the last Monday of each month from the new time of 7:00 pm)


    *********School Newsletter—Back Page Advertising*********

    Only 1 space left for your business to advertise.

    Contact the school on 4369 1544 if interested in this great offer!

    $275.00 secures last space for the financial year ending 30th June 2011.


    LAST CHANCE for performers to purchase tickets to


    “Kincumba Shines”Concert at Kincumber High School

    On Wednesday, 4th August (evening performance at 6:30 pm)

    $5.00 per ticket - Limit of 2 per performer

  • 1DL Class Item—last week’s Opera Concert

    At the concert I saw purple leaves and singing people. There was one

    boy and two girls. They were actors. There were musicians and they

    were playing beautiful music. I loved it. By Mia Grenfell

    Today we went to a concert. At the opera concert I liked the part

    when they danced. First they sang. After that the boy danced. Next

    the two boys played the instruments. After that a girl turned the lights

    on. Later the mean girl turned the boy and girl into statues. Finally

    they were friends. I felt super because the show was brilliant. By Tara Booth

    We had a concert . I liked the instruments and I liked the people. It

    was fantastic. I liked everything and I liked the drums. My favourite

    music was the scary one. It was awesome. By Anthony Sweet

    Before lunch we had an opera concert. First we went to the hall. I

    liked the high singers. The people’s names were Catherine and

    Ricardo and Cassandra. They were the actors. I liked when they were

    singing. It was fantastic. By Liam Harvey

    The Sound Garden had very good performers. They were called

    Catherine, Cassandra and Ricardo. It was the best ever when

    Cassandra clapped and the lights came on. There were two men

    hiding playing instruments. I liked the sounds. It was very good. I

    loved the soft music. I really enjoyed it. It was brilliant. By Megan Haigh

    We went to the school hall for a show. Two girls and one boy sang.

    They did really good singing. It was fun because they did some

    actions. By Amity Bright

    At the Opera I saw some actors. Their names were Catherine and

    Cassandra and Ricardo. First the girl wrote a letter to the boy. After,

    the other girl was evil. It was a beautiful concert. By Zayla Staben– Angelo

    At the school hall I saw an opera concert before lunch. First a girl

    came and she sang. It was good. There were good actions. It was

    awesome because of the singing. By Dray Wilkinson

    Before lunch we had an opera concert. First there was a boy and two

    girls and they were playing tip. After that they were acting out. When

    the evil lady clapped the lights came on. I liked the spooky drum. It

    was a fantastic concert. By Ezekiel Masters I enjoyed the concert and it was fantastic. I liked the singing and

    dancing. By Coady O’Hagan

    Today I went to the school hall. I liked the spooky music. It was super

    in the concert. By Flynn Kiely

    Today I went to the Opera Concert in the school hall. First we saw the

    garden and it was beautiful. It was brilliant. I liked the musical

    instruments. By Lauchlan Chapman

    Our class went to a concert and the names of the actors were

    Catherine and Cassandra and Ricardo. When Cassandra clapped her

    hands the lights came on. I liked the singing. It was cool. By Tristin Edwards

    I saw instruments. By Blair Watson

    In the morning our class went into the school hall and we watched the

    Opera Concert. First there were two girls and one boy. Next there was

    music. It was spooky. After that it was nearly finished. The boy and

    one of the girls were holding hands. It was fantastic because the

    music was good. By Jack Quinlan

    I enjoyed the singing in the concert. It was fantastic. It was great. I liked

    the spooky lights coming on really fast when the girl clapped. By Mia Zanze

    Today I went to the concert . There was dancing and the spooky music

    was spooky. I liked it. By Jackson Matterson

    We had an Opera Concert in the school hall. First we saw the good girl.

    Next we saw the bad girl. After that we saw Ricardo. The concert was

    super because they were good singers. By Samuel Mortimer

    Before lunch we went to a concert. I liked all the people. Their names

    were Catherine, Cassandra and Ricardo. I liked