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Website analysis

Website analysis


Artists latest album advertisement Artists name is the largest text and font on the page in order to draw attention to the artist and stress their importanceSocial media links in order to give people a chance to follow the artistMedia linksLinks where people are able to purchase the artists musicMusic continuously plays in the background in order to promote the artists musicMusic videos play in the background


Artist merchandise in order to promote the artist out =side of the media

Selection of music videos from the artists latest album

AnalysisKanos website is simple but quite effective. Some website conventions are demonstrated on this website despite the website being very simple.The is a lack of pages (only 3) on the actual website but there are various links to 3rd party websites where the artists merchandise and music can be purchased. The website promotes the artist and the artists music effectively by their use of font and continuously playing music an its respective music video in the background of the website


Artist merchandiseAlbum purchase linkShow ticketsArtists Label Website developers...Artists latest album in the background

ConclusionBoth website are very simple in terms of design. This seems intentional as there is not a lot of distraction from the artists as they should be the primary focus as well as their music and merchandise.