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  1. 1. EPIP CONFERENCE 2016 PREVIEW ELEVATE! EPIP Webinar August 10, 2016 EPIP Hosts: Tamir Novotny & Biz Ghormley Joined by presenters: Megan Milliken, Jessica Monge and Storme Gray
  2. 2. 2 Emerging Practitioners in Philanthropy (EPIP) is a national network of foundation professionals, social entrepreneurs and other change makers who strive for excellence in the practice of philanthropy.
  3. 3. 3 We provide a platform for our community to: Connect with others Learn & practice leadership skills Inspire emerging ideas in the social sector
  4. 4. Get in touch! Please reach out with any questions or to learn more about membership! Biz Ghormley biz@epip.org Director of Operations & Member Services
  5. 5. Whats Next? Next EPIP Webinar! Impact measurement, metrics and data management with EPIP San Diego & Sara Olsen of the SVT Group August 24 at 3pm ET All Events epip.org/events
  6. 6. Conference Registration Still Open! September 13-15, 2016 in Baltimore, MD http://www.epip.org/2016_national_conference
  7. 7. Housekeeping Use the question box for Technical diculties Comments Content questions for Q&A Polls and questions are anonymous Use #EPIPwebinar to join the conversation on social media This webinar will be recorded Complete the post-webinar survey, please!
  8. 8. Speakers Megan Milliken, EPIP DC Jessica Monge, EPIP LA Storme Gray, EPIP DC
  9. 9. Speakers Tamir Novotny, EPIP Executive Director
  10. 10. 1 Conference Preview EPIP | Philanthropy Rising
  11. 11. 2 Connect With Your Peers
  12. 12. 3 Experience Member-Curated Content
  13. 13. 4 Dig Into Critical Issues in Philanthropy Diversity, Equity and Inclusion: Accomplishments and Unfinished Business Place, Power and Politics: Learnings from Baltimore and Beyond Leadership for Equity in the 21st Century
  14. 14. 5 Advocacy Cliffhanger Stories: Foundations seek advice for their next advocacy strategies Authenticity is Key: The 21st century ingredients to the change recipe Baltimore Rising: Reflections on place-based philanthropy in the midst of social movements All Hands on Deck: Building a 'change-making' organizational culture from the bottom-up and top-down Disrupting the Status Quo of Funding with Indie Philanthropy Incorporating Diversity, Equity and Inclusion in Grant Making: From theory to practice Smashing Silos: How funding organizing AND leadership can support real systemic change TRANSformational Impact: Increasing social justice funding for transgender communities Take New Tools and Ideas Home
  15. 15. 6 Help Chart the Future of EPIP World Field Institutions Members
  16. 16. 7 Connect With Established Field Leaders
  17. 17. 8 Re-Energize and Replenish Your Soul
  18. 18. 9 www.epip.org/2016_national_conference Cant make it? Help someone else get there: https://epip.nationbuilder.com/scholarship_fund Low on cash? Sign up for our scholarship lottery! Deadline Friday: http://www.epip.org/epip_2016_scholarship_lottery_signup Register Today!