WCA eCommerce activate workshop 2017

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Transcript of WCA eCommerce activate workshop 2017




WCA eCommerce



has some very BIG Numbers!

the Online economyGlobal eCommerce Sales Forecast to surpass 4Trillion US by 2020 growing average of 30% CAGR

Online Sales are 10% of total Worldwide Retail Sales & will double to 15% by 2020

China (38%), USA & UK accounted 68% of 2016 Global eCommerce Trade


the Global Leaders

ASOSTescoJD.comAmazonFlipkartSnapDealGoogleAppleWalmartFacebookSocial NetworksAmazonAlibabaTmallTaobaoeBay2016Singles Day US17.8Billion

Thanksgiving, Black Friday & Cyber Monday US12.8Billion Omni-channel retailing, Global eTailers, Marketplaces, SME Networks

Note: Amazon & Alibaba represent a large percentage of 2016 resultsWeChatAmazonOttoZalando


eCommerce Jan 2017


Economic Growth Engine

Digital economy eCommerce Shipment Process involves 5 Critical links:-

Merchant/Individual (Seller) = ProductMarketplace Platform = Amazon, Ali, eBay, SMEs, othersPurchase (Buyer) = Customer (Anywhere/Anytime)Payment = mCommerce, Trusted Secure online optionsCross Border & Delivery = Logistics ProvidersFirst MileMiddle MileLast Mile

Press reported Maceys announced it will close 100 stores, Walmart 269 and Sears 230 due to drop in Store retail 2015-2016.

Amazon reported an increase of 97% & Alibaba doubled online sales same period in comparison.


eCommerce Growth KEY Countries

Chinese Cross Border online purchases grew by 30% in 2016, US182Bn74% of Indians have shopped online from overseas in last 6mths60-78% people purchased online in last month. Top 10 Countries, not incl China & India


The Global Shop

2016 Leading B2C Online Shopping Countries:China (38%) & USA (30%)UK, Japan, India, Germany, France & rest of World (32%)

Most popular overseas online shopping destinations


Hyper-connected, Buy anything from anyone, anywhere

End-to-end information with costs accuracy and transparency

Speed of Fulfillment and consolidated ordering and delivery

Delivered when I want, where I want

Friendly and responsive Customer Service & Communication!

Same day delivery and on-demand delivery services rising

Real-time tracking, transparency of end-to-end process, 50% of Customers actively track delivery progress.

Preference Delivery service/options

Returns/ Reverse Logistics, handled with care!

Trusted Transactions, secure & speed of payments.New Economy is Consumer driven


Cross Border Trade

30%2016 Global

Online Saleswere Cross Border ShipmentsForecast

202040%1Billion2020Cross Border Shoppers2020US 1TrillionCross Border B2C Sales8-10%Number of Global Paymentsexpected to

increase byeach year


Cross Border Trade

2017 will see the rise of SMEs eTailers (online shopping platforms), Social-Commerce and B2B eCommerce Marketplaces.

Stats are showing almost 60% of online potential cross border purchases are abandoned due to the following:

Barriers:Complicated purchasing processPotential for unknown additional costsDuties & Taxes (No visibility)Long delivery times quotedCyber Fraud, unknown parties & payment methodsBrand and product not trusted Poor Shipping Delivery/Logistics Network/LMD CoverageVisibility of process and communication links


eShippers are looking for:Hyper-local, uberized partners with strong local presence Optimized Consolidations, Fullfillment, Distribution & VisibilityClosest to Market shared & strategic placement of inventories.Accurate Customs process, D&T visibility, Door to Door convinience, speed of delivery, 360 visibility and Reverse LogisticsTrusted & simplifed PaymentsTransparency, uncomplicated and pro-active Communication

Cross Border shipping partners:Harmonization of processes Unification of agreed standardsSeamless Integration

Technology, Networks, People & Processes are key enablers!Logistics Industry FOCUS



the Headliners

IoT, fastest growing Technology category. Smart (embedded intelligence) & internet connected, estimated IoT spending to top US1.29 Trillion by 2020, with 50B devices (IDC).

Blockchain, Drones, Self-driving, 3D Printing, AR & AI, Robotics, Chat-Bots & more

Crypto Payments

Fake News, Fake Products, FraudOmni-channel Retailing, eTailing, online/ offline world, Shareconomy, Marketplaces, Virtual Shopping.

Major eCommerce Shopping Events- Singles & Cyber November, Xmas & NY.

eB2B only just getting started

India, ramping up fast!

Big Data knows all... AI Marketing...


WCA eCommerce Logistics Network


WCA eCommerce Logistics Network

Membership Types:

WCA eCommerce Certification Program



First Network of its type, facilitating global trade between merchants, vendors and LSPs; connecting buyers with sellers and logistics providers.

Members will be able to take advantage of acting as closest-to-Customer hubs and access points for cross-border trade.

Will operate as a certified, integrated, shared-economy network and specialty platform; focussing on eCom trans border Services for B2B, B2C,C2B,C2C.

Open to ALL existing WCA Network Members Companies and NEW Logistics and non-Logistics related entities.


Contact your WCA Manager for more informationor W: www.WCAeCommerce.com

E: [email protected]

Sources: The Voice, We are Social SG, Transport Intelligence, eMarketer, ACMG, Nielsen, McKinsey, BCG, Internet Retailer, Forbes, Business Wire, Focus Economics.