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  • “October's poplars are flaming torches

    lighting the way to winter."

    Watkins Glen

    Middle School

    October 2011

    School Tool Sign up Today!


    The Watkins Glen School District is pleased to offer “SchoolTool™

    Parent Portal”, a program specifically designed to enhance the involvement

    of parent/guardian’s in their child's education. The Parent Portal provides

    password protected online access in a secure - timely manner allowing you

    the ability to monitor your child's grades and other data. This is made

    available to you in our ongoing efforts to improve communications to you,

    as well as to save the taxpayer money on paper and postage.

    Examples of Available Information:

    Progress Report grades Attendance

    Report Card Student Schedule

    Grades by Assignment/Homework Discipline

    To register, contact Rosanne Doane at the district office at

    535-3219 or by email at rdoane@wgcsd.org.

    Wally, do you have

    homework tonight? Golly Gee Dad, You can

    look that all up on the

    Parent Portal!

  • There Was Something Neat And Clean About September-

    Like Starting All Over Again.

    Even though we are well into our 2nd month of the school year and some of

    the shine has worn off, we still want to tip our hats to our in-house cleaning

    crew! Our building was sparkling and it's all because of a hardworking group

    of people intent on creating a clean and safe environment for the occupants

    of the middle school. The floors were so shiny and mirror polished you could

    almost see your reflection! Evidence of quality work from a staff that is

    invested in their work is everywhere.

    Our cleaning staff worked tirelessly all summer. They are the unsung heros

    that work behind the scenes when teachers and students leave for summer

    break and are the same good folks that keep our building in working order day

    in and day out. It is obvious they take pride in their job and are a true asset

    to the Custodial Services Department.

    Should you see Mrs. Grady, Mr. Smith, Mr. Rumsey, or Mrs. Soper be sure to

    compliment them on the cleanliness and freshness of our school.

    KUDOS to our outstanding maintenance

    and custodial crew!

    Modified Girls Volleyball

    Modified Boys Basketball

    Practice begins


  • Energy-Caffeinated Drinks—Too Risky for Kids The latest dangerous trend affecting children is energy drinks. There are no age restrictions, so

    young children are routinely purchasing energy drinks at grocery and convenience stores.

    What Are Energy Drinks? ⇒ Carbonated beverages claiming to increase alertness and endurance ⇒ Contain up to 3000 mg of stimulants per serving, compared w/34.5 mg in Coca-Cola

    ⇒ Common brands include Red Bull, Monster, and Rockstar

    What Are the Risks? Energy drink companies are marketing these drinks to children through TV shows and sports

    advertisements. Adolescent males are quickly becoming the top consumers of energy drinks in the $10 billion industry. A recent study titled “Epidemic: Teen Perceptions and Consumption” indicates that by age 12, one in three students had tried these drinks. By age 14, 80 percent had tried an

    energy drink and nearly 50 percent consumed the drinks on a routine basis.

    Energy drinks have large amounts of stimulants, including guarana (one of the most potent sources

    of caffeine). While companies are required to state caffeine as an ingredient, they are not required to list other stimulants or to include the amounts. Companies are not required to list

    the potential risks of the beverages. Known side effects of consuming excessive stimulants in energy drinks include:

    * Heart palpitations * Jolt and crash episodes * Severe headaches

    * Caffeine addiction * Jitteriness and nausea * Insomnia

    * Rapid heartbeat * Increased risk for strokes

    The long term effects of children using energy drinks are unknown. Research indicates that childhood energy drink consumption might be linked to future illicit drug use.

    What Can We Do?

    Talk to your kids about the risks of energy drinks to prevent first trial. “Our children don’t need more drugs (or more stimulants) like the caffeine these drinks contain, not to mention the

    empty calories provided by these drinks”, says Denise Koo of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

    Speak to your pediatrician if you suspect that your child may have these symptoms.

    Prevent energy drink consumption at schools. Talk to your child's school about your concerns. Limiting students’ access to unhealthy foods and beverages is important to their health.

    Restricting the use of energy drinks, particularly for elementary and middle schools, can send a strong message about the potential harms of these beverages., The Los Angeles school district took the step to eliminate energy drinks from vending machines and school stores as part of its ban on

    sale of sugar sweetened drinks.

  • We want to wish Colin Pritchard,

    Middle School Library Media Specialist,

    safe passage on his assignment in

    Afganistan for the next nine months.

  • We are asking families to donate bags of

    individually wrapped candies, stickers, or small

    tokens to give away as trick or treats.

    Please send items to the main office.

    Come dressed in a Halloween costume.

    (no violence themed costumes or costumes

    with weapons permitted)

    We will be distributing candy to all students and give

    prizes for the best costumes.

    For more information, please contact the

    main office staff at 535-3230.


    Ghoulish Good Time on Halloween Night at the Middle School!

    The Watkins Glen Faculty Association will sponsor a “trick or treat” night at the Watkins Glen Middle School, Monday, October 31.

    Stop by and get a trick or a treat from the teachers and staff members.

  • Home and Careers Guest Chef Day

    Friday, October 14 Good smells filled the hallways when parents and grandparents of 8th grade students

    came in to the Home and Careers classes, hosted by Mrs. Bristow, and demonstrated

    how they make a family favorite traditional dish.

    What a great way for relatives to share with their loved ones and friends their own

    unique recipes, techniques, and cultural traditions.



    Learning This year the 8th grade team of teachers will again

    offer our students a program of Adventure Based

    Learning (ABL) that is woven into the total 8th

    grade curriculum. This program includes a focus on

    each student treating each other with respect.

    They learn how to work together in a team through problem solving challenges and

    sometimes frustrating situations. The adventures are out of the ordinary classroom

    routine and involve physical challenges that can only be solved when all members of the

    team work cooperatively together. We start at the beginning of the year with simpler

    challenges and gradually increase the difficulty and levels of mutual trust throughout

    the program. We make three visits to the Ropes Course at BOCES in Elmira and by

    the end of the year, students can successfully enjoy a thrilling experience, soaring 50

    feet above the ground supported and encouraged by their team.

    Grade 7 Science—Mr. Pettet Students have been working all month on their cell projects. On Tuesday

    the 11th, the parade of models began entering the building in all kinds of

    different shapes and sizes. Cakes, cookies, jello molds, and literal

    interpretation were presented. WOW!

    The kids really used their imaginations to understand just exactly what a

    “cell” is and what is does. GREAT JOB KIDS!

  • Computer Skills—Mrs. Wood

    Type to Learn

    This course if required for ALL 5th and 6th graders.

    20 lessons are to be completed by 10 weeks (2 a week). This software is

    installed on their netbooks and can also be downloaded from the internet on

    home computers. Practice Makes Perfect!


    5th Grade Now that we are well into the school year, our 5th graders have

    made the huge leap into the middle school environment and have

    transitioned beautifully! They have memorized their locker combi-

    nations, figured out the time schedule passing from class to class,

    become familiar with new teachers and subjects, and adjusted to

    the rules and guidelines specific to middle school.

    Parent Reminder! Always check your child’s planner for homework, and review any or

    all work on netbook. Make sure your child has all their

    school supplies and to keep their netbook charged

    overnight for the next day.

    Grade 7 ELA—Mrs. Bubb

    Mrs. Bubb’s classes visited the racing museum in Watkins Glen this

    month to coincide with their studies of the Grand Prix racing history

    in our community.