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Waterfronts Florida Program . Preserving Recreational & Commercial Working Waterfronts. Presentation . Working Waterfronts in Florida- definitions and planning requirements Waterfronts Florida Program Planning Strategies to preserve working waterfronts . Definitions. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Waterfronts Florida Program Preserving Recreational & Commercial Working WaterfrontsPresentation Working Waterfronts in Florida- definitions and planning requirementsWaterfronts Florida Program Planning Strategies to preserve working waterfronts Working Waterfronts in Florida (definitions, challenges facing working waterfronts, planning requirements of working waterfronts) Waterfronts Florida Program Planning Strategies to preserve working waterfronts 2Definitions "recreational and commercial working waterfront parcels of real property that provide access for water-dependent commercial activities, including hotels and motels. . . The term includes water-dependent facilities that are open to the public and offer public access by vessels to the waters of the state or that support facilities for recreational, commercial, research, or governmental vessels. . . Seaports are excluded from the definition.

Planning RequirementsAll coastal local government required to : Include strategies to preserve recreational and commercial working waterfronts in the local comprehensive plan. Include waterways in their comprehensive system of public and private sites for recreation (applies to all local governments)Include criteria for prioritizing water-dependent land uses along the shorelineCoastal Recreation In FY 2007, the Florida system of State Parks provided a direct economic impact of over $936M to local economies throughout the state. For every 1,000 persons attending a State Park, total direct economic impact exceeded $43,200. On average, if a State Park were closed for one year, a loss of nearly $5.9M would impact the state economy. Similarly, if the State Park system increased annual attendance by 10% during the next fiscal year, the states economy would rise by an additional $65M. In 2005, the recreational marine-related industry statewide generated $18.4B in annual economic impact, 220,000 jobs in the areas of boating and marinas, fishing, and marine science research. Almost 100,000 of these jobs were in manufacturing. 1

Fishing Industry Commercial saltwater landings generated $143M in inflation-adjusted dockside sales in 2007, compared to $247.5M in 1990. Annual commercial saltwater landings declined 66% by weight and 56% in constant value between 1990 and 2007. Commercial vessel registrations declined 13.3% from 1990 to 2007, while pleasure craft registrations increased by 11%. Seafood Imports totaled $2.1B in 2007, an annual growth of 5.7% since 1990. Seafood Exports were $89.1B in 2007. In 2006, over 2M saltwater anglers contributed $3B in retail sales with over 180M fish landed, making Florida the number one recreational fishing state in the United States.

4Waterfronts Florida ProgramEstablished in section 342.201 F.S. to provide technical assistance, support, training, and financial assistance to waterfront communities to revitalize the local waterfront through addressing four priority areas:

Hazard MitigationCultural & Natural Resource PreservationPublic AccessEnhancing the traditional economy

Provides technical assistance to Floridas coastal communities to address common challenges: Comply with Government RegulationsRetaining Water-dependent UsesDecline of Traditional Water-Dependent Economy Sea Level Rise and Hazard riskEnvironmental Degradation Retain CharacterEnhance Public AccessLeverage Funds

5Designation Cycle The program works with designated partnership communities to prepare a community-driven vision for waterfront revitalization.21 graduate communities2 new communitiesMillvilleFort Myers

Designation Program First Year:Technical assistance to: Help communities build a local partnership organization Create a vision plan for waterfront redevelopmentImplement small-scale projects to build momentum

Designation Cycle Second Year and BeyondImplement local vision through: Revisions to the comprehensive plan and land development code Project implementation

Best Planning PracticeModel Planning Ordinance to Preserve Working Waterfronts Maritime Infrastructure Planning ProjectPost Disaster Redevelopment Planning InitiativeOngoing project to provide guidance on climate resiliency planning

Work with communities is informed by enhancement projects which are research activities that 10Cortez Village


Didnt want to be the community that USED to be a fishing village!

History, culture

Florida Institute for Saltwater Heritage (FISH)

Overlay district in comprehensive plan

Property acquisition

Museum in old school house

Vilano Beach



Boardwalk, pavillions

Town center design/overlay

Port Salerno


Martin CountyPort Salerno Fishing Dock Authority has developed low-cost docking facilities that are expected to be resilient to storm damage. Commercial Fishing Authority lease agreement for docks; fishermen off-load products at one of four vendor locations

Manatee Pocket Walk (Phase I) rims the waterfront of the harbor; has information kiosks, lighting and parking; Phase II expands boardwalk through docksHome to a waterfront resort, marina, boating support facilities, commercial fishing docks

County no-net-loss policy for marinas

Civic Center

Other Forms of Technical Assistance


Program Managers Meetings

Waterfronts Florida Webpages

Technical assistance informed by work with partnership communities; planning initiatives DCA either participates in or directs (pdrp, rural planning support, Regional Evacuation Studies) and by enhancement projects-- research Waterfronts Program sponsors on best planning practices (SFRPC climate resiliency; UF maritime infrastructure)

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