Introduction to Working Waterfronts

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Here is a brief visual introduction to working waterfronts.

Transcript of Introduction to Working Waterfronts

  • 1. Working Waterfronts and Waterways A Na%onal Network and Na%onal Symposium
  • 2. Take a look at the face of our Working Waterfronts across America
  • 3. Fishing Industry
  • 4. SeaCle, WA Fishermans Terminal
  • 5. West Coast Trawlers
  • 6. Maine Fishing
  • 7. Fishing Piers
  • 8. Fishing Industry, Ala
  • 9. Fishing Industry, ME
  • 10. Fishing Industry, ME
  • 11. Half Moon Bay, CA
  • 12. Michigan Fishing
  • 13. Urban Waterfronts, WA
  • 14. Tour Boat Operators
  • 15. Tour Boat Operators
  • 16. Tour Boat Operators
  • 17. Tug Boat Opera%ons
  • 18. Portland, OR Harbor
  • 19. Cargo, Astoria, OR
  • 20. SeaCle, WA Cargo
  • 21. Tacoma, WA
  • 22. Dry Stack Storage
  • 23. Aquaculture Harves%ng
  • 24. Aquaculture in WA
  • 25. Aquaculture in OR
  • 26. Yaquina, OR Floats
  • 27. Historic Mari%me Culture
  • 28. Historic Mari%me Culture
  • 29. Historic Mari%me Culture
  • 30. Historic Net Sheds, WA
  • 31. Working Waterfronts: The Balancing Act Three Compe*ng Interests of Shorelines: Public Access Water Oriented Uses Environment
  • 32. The Issues Na%onally Overcrowding due to popula*on growth Displacement of tradi*onal water- dependent uses by high-value residen*al and commercial uses. Costs of maintaining water access User conicts Loss of commercial and recrea*onal access Loss of mari*me heritage
  • 33. Dening Working Waterfront Key elements of a working waterfront: Water dependency, commercial enterprise, and a balanced diversity of successful businesses.
  • 34. Working Waterfront Key Components Key Components Aquaculture Ship and boat manufacturing Historic Mari*me Community Boat yards and shipyards Public Access Interests Boat and ship suppliers Shellsh Industry Ship boat repair and Sustainable Fisheries maintenance Community Marinas Boat charter Boat storage Non-marina boat storage facili*es
  • 35. Crea%ng a Network A na*onwide community of prac*ce Individuals and organiza*ons, public and private government, industry, academia In its forma*ve stage as an organiza*on Steering commiQee, working groups, membership, etc. Its presence will be web- based Work is well underway.
  • 36. The Original Partners NOAA Sea Grant Virginia Sea Grant Maine Sea Grant Boat US Island Ins*tute Maine Coastal Program Coastal Enterprises Inc. States Organiza*on for Boa*ng Access Coastal States Organiza*on Na*onal Sea Grant Law Center Maine Working Waterfront Coali*on
  • 37. Founding Members of Network Nick BaVsta, Island Ins*tute Stephanie Showalter OQs, Na*onal Mark Breederland, Michigan Sea Sea Grant Law Center Grant Natalie Springuel, Maine Sea Grant Hugh Cowperthwaite, Coastal Suzanna Stoike, West Coast Enterprises, Inc. Governors Alliance on Ocean Health Jamie Doyle, Oregon Sea Grant Sea Grant Fellow Nicole Faghin, Washington Sea Grant Bob SweQ,