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Transcript of Warm-upDialoguesWritingReading Section II. Situational Dialogues Before Moving-out of the Exhibition...

  • Section II. Situational DialoguesBefore Moving-out of the ExhibitionFollowing up the Sales of a Previous OrderFollowing up Potential Customers Right after the Trade Fair Dealing with the Orders from Potential Customers while Products are out of Stock

  • Dialogue 1. Before Moving-out of the Exhibition Miss Black comes to Mr. Wangs booth on the last day of the exhibition. She expresses her appreciation of Mr. Wangs products and gives her own suggestions.B: Hi, Mr. Wang. W: Hi there. Im so happy to see you again, Miss Black. I remember you came to our booth on the first day of the exhibition.

  • B: Yes, Im here again because your cotton textiles are so appealing to me. W: Do you like the products we sold you B: Yes. The silk products are selling well, especially the long-skirts with the traditional Chinese patterns and characters. W: Im glad to hear that. Ill send you a catalogue of our various products when I go back to China. B: Thank you. In this exhibition, your products presentation, and hospitality really impressed me. By the way, may I make a suggestion If your textile products had brighter colors, they would be even more popular.

  • W: Im glad you have a good impression with our products, Miss Black. And Ill tell my general manager about your suggestion. I hope we can keep in touch and continue to cooperate. Our phone numbers and e-mail address are on the booklet I gave you. Please keep us informed about how our products are selling. B: I will keep in touch with you. Have a safe and happy journey home!

  • Dialogue 2. Following up the Sales of a Previous Order Mrs. Jenny Keats ordered 500 embroidered pocket-handkerchiefs from Mr. Huangs company during the exhibition in Guangzhou. Now the exhibition is over and she has gone back to her country. Mr. Huang (H) calls Mrs. Keats(K).H: Hello. May I speak to Mrs. KeatsK: This is Jenny Keats. Whos speaking, pleaseH: This is Huang Ming from the exhibition in Guangzhou. Do you still remember me

  • K: Hi, Mr. Huang. Of course I remember you. I placed an order with you for 500 embroidered pocket- handkerchiefs in Guangzhou. How are youH: Fine. I have just come back to Jiangsu. How were the sales of pocket-handkerchiefsK: Very good. The market responded actively and quickly. The customers were crazy about them.H: Thats good news. I always have confidence in our products.K: Your products turned out to be very saleable. Im considering placing an additional order for the coming Christmas.

  • H: Good idea! They would be a great gift idea. In view of our first successful business dealings, Mrs. Keats, we can offer you a better discount for your future large orders.K: Terrific! Ill send you an order by e-mail later. H: Good. Im looking forward to it. And Ill e-mail you our newly released catalogue. That will be helpful, I think. K: Thank you very much.

  • Dialogue 3. Following up Potential Customers Right after the Trade Fair Mr. Brian White (W) planned to order a large number of printers from ABC Company when he visited the Office Appliance Exhibition in Shanghai, but they didnt clinch the deal because of the price. The following is a call from Ms. Zhang (Z) following up this case after the exhibition.Z: Good morning, may I speak to Mr. WhiteW: This is Brian White, good morning. Whos speaking1

  • Z: Im Zhang Yuan, Sales Representative of ABC Company. We met at the Office Appliance Exhibition in Shanghai. Do you remember our multifunctional printer that you were interested inW: Yes. Nice to hear your voice, Ms. Zhang. I was thinking about the printer lately. Thank you for calling.Z: My pleasure. Im calling you to express my gratitude for your interest in our products, and tell you some good news.W: Yes.Z: Last time you asked us to reduce the price by

  • giving a 10% discount for more than 1,000 sets of multifunctional printers, model AP-542, rightW: Yes. What is the resultZ: I have forwarded it to my manager. He agreed that we could meet each other half way, and offered a 7% discount for 1,000 sets or more. But should your order reach 2,000, the discount would be 10%.W: 10% would be more reasonable. Id like to buy 2,000 sets.Z: Great! Ill e-mail you a firm offer including other terms. We assure you that we will provide high

  • quality and good service. W: I appreciate that.Z: OK. Nice talking with you, Mr. White. Please dont hesitate to contact me again if you have any questions.W Of course I will. Good bye.Z: Good bye.

  • Dialogue 4. Dealing with the Orders from Potential Customers while Products are out of Stock Mr. George Taylor (G) visited Miss Jolene Lees (J) stand during last China Import and Export Fair but has not yet done any business with her. He is so interested in her toys that he gives Miss Lee a call today.G: Hello. Id like to speak to Miss Jolene Lee.J: This is Jolene. Whos calling, pleaseG: George Taylor. I visited your stand at China Import and Export Fair last month.

  • Ive received and tested your sample, the newly designed toy, model T18. We all agreed on the point that they would be saleable on our market. Im calling today in the hope of ordering some.J: Im so pleased to receive your phone call, Mr. Taylor. But Im sorry that T18 is completely sold out. The next lot will be on the 20th of this month in 15 days time.G: What a pity! That would be quite late. As Christmas is coming, there will be a hot demand for them on our market.J: If you can tell me how many you want to order now, Mr. Taylor, I will keep them for you.

  • G: Thank you very much. We want to order 1,000 pairs. Could you send me an offerJ: Sure, Ill e-mail an offer to you as soon as possible. If you have no objection about the price, please send us your order. By the way, Mr. Taylor, theres another available model that is very popular this season. The customers like them very much. Could I send you a sampleG: Thank you. Please send it to Miss Barbara Jones, shes my secretary. Besides, Miss Lee, I will go to Guangzhou next week, could we make an appointment

  • J: Thats lovely! When and where will you arriveG: I dont have a firm date yet, but I will call you when I arrive in Guangzhou.J: OK. Im looking forward to meeting you again, Mr. Taylor.

  • I'm sure this delightful book will appeal to children of all ages.This policy will not appeal to the voters. ; 1. appeal toFOR EXAMPLEIMPORTANT WORDS

  • The salesmen usually follow up a letter with a visit. You can follow up to get better information, especially in terms of whether the injury was occupationally related. do something in order to find out more or do more about something 2. follow upFOR EXAMPLEIMPORTANT WORDS

  • Many young people are crazy about the internet.Years ago I was crazy about him, but he didn't feel the same about me so I went on with my life. liking someone very much, or very interested in something3. be crazy aboutIMPORTANT WORDSFOR EXAMPLE

  • To get around your difficulty, Mr. Peter, I'd suggest that you reduce your order by half. You can send in an additional order later. 4. additional orderFOR EXAMPLEIMPORTANT WORDS

  • To clinch the deal, we really think we should both make some concessions. Emma made a good presentation of the product, which paved the way for the sales director to clinch the deal. 5. clinch the dealFOR EXAMPLEIMPORTANT WORDS

  • In order to close the business, we will meet you half way.To meet you half way, we'll give you a commission of 5%.As this means developing a new market, why don't we meet half way to bridge the gap on a fifty-fifty basis? That would mean a 3% reduction on the previous offer. 6. meet half wayFOR EXAMPLEIMPORTANT WORDS

  • We have no objection to the stipulation about the packing and shipping mark. 7. have no objection aboutFOR EXAMPLEIMPORTANT WORDS

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  • Functional SentencesEXERCISESRole PlayListening ComprehensionBuild up Your Vocabulary

  • 1. Im considering placing an additional order for the coming Christmas. A. whether we should do market research first. B. whether we could accept this offer. C. visiting your factory next week. D. inviting Mr. White to China. Functional SentencesSubstitute the italicized parts with the following choices.

  • 2. In view of our first successful business dealings, we can offer you a better discount. A. our long-term business relationship, we agree to make a further concession. B. the increasing demand on our products, we