WarHorse by Michael Morpurgo. PPT1.1 PPT3.1 PPT5.1

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Transcript of WarHorse by Michael Morpurgo. PPT1.1 PPT3.1 PPT5.1

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WarHorse by Michael Morpurgo Slide 2 PPT1.1 Slide 3 PPT3.1 Slide 4 PPT5.1 Slide 5 PPT6.1 Slide 6 PPT8.1 Slide 7 PPT9.1 Slide 8 PPT11.1 Slide 9 PPT13.1 Slide 10 ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS PPT1.1 9th Lancers of the British cavalry in action at a German battery near Mons, in France. Date 1914. Source Illustrated London News Special War Number Illustrated London News Ltd/Mary Evans Picture Library. PPT3.1 Horatio Herbert Kitchener WWI Poster by Alfred Leete (18821933) courtesy of Wikimedia Commons. PPT5.1 British cavalry in action on 24th August 1914 during the retreat from Mons, in France. The 9th Lancers make a mounted attack on the German flank, but are thwarted by barbed wire. Source Illustration by Dudley Tennant, reproduced in Nelson's Portfolio of War Pictures (1914 - 1918) Mary Evans Picture Library. PPT6.1 German horse artillery in World War One moving guns to new positions, supported by infantry. Date c. 1915 Artist Oscar Merte (1872 - 1938); the picture was painted in 1928 Mary Evans Picture Library. PPT8.1 A postcard produced by the Blue Cross Fund (the animal welfare charity) showing the painting 'Goodbye, Old Man' by Fortunino Matania (1881 - 1963) in which a British soldier gives his dying horse a parting kiss. Matania was special artist to The Sphere magazine (part of the Illustrated London News group of magazine titles).Date c.1916 Mary Evans Picture Library. PPT9.1 A light of peace in the trenches on Christmas Eve as a German soldier approaches the British lines with a Christmas tree and small paper lantern. Source Drawing by Frederic Villiers (1851 - 1922) in the Illustrated London News, 9th January 1915 Illustrated London News Ltd/Mary Evans Picture Library. PPT11.1 An ambulance for wounded horses on the battlefield : the Canadian Mounted Veterinary Corps at work with field artillery. Illustration by R Caton Woodville in the Illustrated London News, 4th November 1916, pages 544 545 Illustrated London News Ltd/Mary Evans Picture Library. PPT13.1 left: Warhorse, based on the novel by Michael Morpurgo, adapted by Nick Stafford. Directed by Marianne Elliot and Tom Morris 16th October 2007 Geraint Lewis/Alamy. right: War Horse DM-AC-00047 Albert (Jeremy Irvine) and his horse Joey are featured in this scene from DreamWorks Pictures War Horse, director Steven Spielberg. Photo: Andrew Cooper, SMPSP DreamWorks II Distribution Co, LLC.