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Waiting for Anya by Michael Morpurgo. Hiding Jews Occupation Rescue Prisoner of War Resistance Auschwitz Bibliography. Setting Rising Action Climax Falling Action Resolution. HOME. Hiding. Picture of an underground bunker. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

Transcript of Waiting for Anya by Michael Morpurgo

  • Waiting for Anya by Michael MorpurgoHiding JewsOccupationRescuePrisoner of WarResistanceAuschwitzBibliographySettingRising ActionClimaxFalling Action Resolution

  • HidingJo knows that the Nazi soldiers are coming to check their house for Jews so he hides them with Ben. The soldiers come and dont find them then Jo goes and finds them in a cave. Picture of an underground bunker.HOMEMany Jewish civilians surrendered to the Nazis because they were afraid they would get caught. Still, many were afraid they would get caught, but chose to resist by hiding anyways.

  • OccupationThe Nazis come take over Jos village and tell them they cant cross the border which Ben is taking Jews across the border.

    When the Nazis occupied an area during the holocaust, they changed a lot of rules and set a curfew. Picture of Nazis getting ready to invading a village.HOME

  • RescueBen is rescuing Jews by moving them across Spains border so they can be safe.Picture of Jews going over the Alps to Italy.HOMEDuring the holocaust it is illegal to take Jews acrossed a border to safety.

  • Prisoner of WarThe father was a prisoner of war for four years and he gets out and his daughter doesnt even recognize him.Soviet prisoners of war are building a road.HOMEPrisoner of War = A soldier or partisan fighting against the Nazis who gets caught and thrown into jail, ghetto, concentration camp etc

  • Resistance Ben and Widow are finding ways to hide the Jews within their land so they will be more safer than out in the open.Priest is hiding a Jewish boy in his barn.HOMEThere are a couple ways to resist the Nazis, the way that Ben and the widow did was nonphysical, but was the nazis.

  • AuschwitzBen and Leah get sent to a concentration camp after getting caught and soon later get killed at Auschwitz death center.HOMEAuschwitz is a large killing center in Poland.Auschwitz is a death camp where 4.1 million Jews were murdered.

  • Setting This story takes place in a village near the Pyrenees mountains, the same mountains that Ben takes the Jews over to Spain.

    The Pyrenees mountains.HOME

  • Rising Action When the Nazis come and take over their village and Jo doesnt tell the others.Nazis raising the nazi flag.


  • ClimaxBen dresses Jews as shepherds and send them across the border to be safe.HOME Jewish shepherds with their sheep.

  • Falling ActionJo finds out that the Jews Ben and papa sent as Shepherds got over the border safely.HOMEJews celebrating.

  • Resolution The war ends and Jo, Widow, and Papa return to their regular life it was before the war.HOMEJews being normal.

  • BibliographyHiding bunkerNazis in tanksSoviet prisoners Priest hiding Jew AuschwitzBook Cover Pyrenees mts. Nazis raising flag Jewish shepherd Jews cheering Regular life as a Jews

    HOMEGot most from pictures from USHMM rest from google.