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Count on us for a wide selection of wall coverings from a variety of top-quality suppliers. Looking for stripes, checks, flowers or sailboats? Searching for pink and yellow, gold and white, or periwinkle and mustard? We can help with our wide selection of wall coverings from a variety of top-quality designers and suppliers.

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Pioneer Glass and Window Treatmentswww.pioneerwindowfashion.comNow these days the wallpapers are very popular for beautifying the walls of home. Wallpapers are the most easy, convenient and trendy way to transform or change the appearance of the walls of room. The main function of wallpaper is to add beauty and style to the room. It combines functionality with aesthetic value. The use of wallpaper reflects personal taste, creativity, style and preference. Wallpaper is one of the easiest, most effective and cost efficient ways to make a room look more stylish and attractive.

Pioneer Window Fashions business hours are:Monday through Friday, 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.Saturday, 8 a.m. to 1 p.m.or by appointment_______________________________Address: 240 Church St. Whitinsville, MA 01588Telephone: (508) 234-7063 Fax: (508) 234-5502_______________________________

Pioneer Glass and Window Treatmentswww.pioneerwindowfashion.comWallpapers are available in several different types, styles, colors, patterns and textures. There are different types of wallpaper are available which works best like common wallpaper, vinyl wallpaper, foil wallpaper, folk wallpaper, fabric wallpaper and so on. The home owner or designer has different options to choose for the wall fashion.

Different Types of Wallpapers Which Complement Your Home

Pioneer Glass and Window Treatmentswww.pioneerwindowfashion.com

Pioneer Glass and Window Treatmentswww.pioneerwindowfashion.comCommon wallpaper: Common wallpaper is the original wallpaper. It is classic wallpaper that adds grace and elegance to homes. This wallpaper comes in an unpasted form. But it is difficult to install and remove this wallpaper. These wallpapers are generally used in the areas which are less damaged such as bedroom, dining room and living room.

Pioneer Glass and Window Treatmentswww.pioneerwindowfashion.comVinyl wallpaper: the common wallpapers are replaced by the vinyl wallpaper. These wallpapers are suitable for any type of room walls which include the bathrooms, kitchen and any moist or humid place. Vinyl wallpaper is moisture resistant paper. This wallpaper is preferred by most of the home owners due to the balance of cost effectiveness and durability. Another benefit is that they are easy to clean and peel off from the walls. These wallpapers come in different varieties, styles and colors.

Pioneer Glass and Window Treatmentswww.pioneerwindowfashion.comFoil wallpaper: foil wallpapers are very popular among the designers. This type of wallpaper brings the interesting design with details on wall. This wallpaper requires lot of efforts to attach them on walls because once they are folded or wrinkled then it doesnt makes the wall looks great. It also does not hide any defect or flaws of the wall. These wallpapers are available in different patterns in the market.

Pioneer Glass and Window Treatmentswww.pioneerwindowfashion.comFolk wallpaper: folk wallpapers are most suited to walls of formal rooms like dining areas which needs some decorative highlights. These wallpapers are available in different color, design, pattern and textures. The folk wallpapers are washable but still they got damaged when rubbed or scrubbed. These wallpapers appear as highlighting elements on the walls and give a graceful to walls dcor.

Pioneer Glass and Window Treatmentswww.pioneerwindowfashion.comFabric wallpaper: fabric wallpapers are another very popular choice for the walls dcor. They are not laminated like the normal or regular wallpapers. The fabric wallpapers are made of cloth and textiles. It is difficult to work with fabric wallpaper and staining can also be problem in it. Wallpaper Douglas is best known to get the rich and classic look. Fabric wallpapers works very well with contemporary designs and bring warmth to big rooms.

Pioneer Glass and Window Treatmentswww.pioneerwindowfashion.comGrass cloth wallpaper: grass cloth is made from woven grass. Grass cloth wallpaper is available in different interesting texture and it gives natural, earthy feel to room.

These are the several of wallpapers Blackstone which can be purchased from market or online. In Blackstone numerous wallpaper companies also provides the good quality wallpapers for the decoration of walls.

Pioneer Glass and Window Treatmentswww.pioneerwindowfashion.comPioneer Window Fashions business hours are:Monday through Friday, 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.Saturday, 8 a.m. to 1 p.m.or by appointment

Address: 240 Church St. Whitinsville, MA 01588Telephone: (508) 234-7063 Fax: (508) 234-5502