Voucher Codes: Promotional Marketing

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Search Innovation Seminar Presentation by Gareth Simmons, Digital Marketing Manager at SiteVisibility

Transcript of Voucher Codes: Promotional Marketing

  • 1. Voucher Codes: Promotional Marketing
  • 2. Who Here Has....
    Downloaded a Restaurant Coupon?
    Bought a Groupon voucher?
    Seen a voucher code field in the checkout then searched for a voucher code?
  • 3. Is 2011 the Year of Voucher Codes?
  • 4. Voucher code searches globally & locally a month
  • 5. What are they?
    Voucher code sites have really taken off in the last few years they offer consumers a great way to find discounts on their favourite brands and offer businesses an effective platform to increase traffic and conversions.
    And weve found them a great way to build links.
  • 6. Arent Vouchers Just For Affiliates?
    Traditionally Voucher Codes have been used by merchants and their affiliates.
    This arrangement works well for each party, it encourages merchants to push certain merchants and affiliates experience better conversion rates.
    So popular were voucher codes that affiliate websites dedicated to them sprung up
  • 7. The Bulk Buy Phenomena AKA Groupon
    At the same time as the affiliate marketing voucher code another connected type of voucher has grown in popularity The Group Coupon made famous by Groupon
  • 8. Groupon stats
    83.1 Subscribers million at March 31 2011, up from 152,203 at June 30, 2009
    56,781 Merchants in the first quarter of 2011
    92% of businesses say Groupon brought quality customers
    86% more effective than print media.
    Due a $20B IPO (compared to $4.3B for LinkedIn)
  • 9. Using Voucher codes for links & traffic
    Youve probably heard of our THEME approach which relies on Engaging Content
    A voucher code can be a great piece of content.
    Weve had huge success offering voucher codes in return for links.
    Theyve delivered traffic and revenue as well as quality links.
  • 10. Some stats from voucher code campaigns we have ran
    From the top 10 voucher sites we distributed to alone we receive a monthly average of:
    1300 monthly visitors
    1200 revenue
  • 11. And Quality Links
  • 12. What is needed to run a successful voucher campaign
    An understanding of your TRIBES
    Affiliate scheme can help
    The ability to add a unique code at checkout
    An offer with a specified end date as per the new ASA standards for online marketing.
  • 13. Voucher Codes not for you?
    Chances are you are already listed on them but your competitors may be getting your traffic
  • 14. Thank You!
    Any Questions?