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  • www.voorheessun.com NOV. 1218, 2014 FREE

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    INSIDE THIS ISSUEElection results

    Voters re-electMignogna and Platt. PAGE 2

    BRIGIT BAUMA/The SunJuliana, 4 months, plays with some toys at the Voorhees Branch Library Babies Play Group onNov. 7. With toys and books provided by the library, the playgroup allows babies to play and interactwith each other.

    Oh, baby!


    One morning last year, thefreshman class at Bishop EustacePreparatory School inPennsauken arrived at school tofind the outside of their lockerscovered with post-it notes. However, this was not an up-

    perclassmen prank. SeniorAmanda DelRossi from Medfordsaid the post-its were actuallypositive.Someone took post-it notes

    and wrote inspirational quotes onthem, she said.Such a gesture may be extraor-

    dinary at some schools. For stu-dents at Bishop Eustace, it wasjust another act of kindnessthanks to the impact of theFriends of Rachel Club.DelRossi, fellow Medford resi-

    dents Caroline Fish and SarahKeane, and Voorhees residentAlexis Mignogna are four BishopEustace students who are leadersin the club, which is dedicated tothe memory of Rachel Scott, thefirst victim who was shot during

    theColumbineHigh Schoolshooting in1999.Scott was a

    strong-willedhigh schooljunior whocared deeplyabout others.She also likedto write, andher writing helped spur RachelsChallenge, a national programpromoting kindness throughoutschool communities.The four student leaders were

    very young when Columbine tookplace. However, they do not needto remember the event to realizethe impact it had on the world.Keane, a junior, said she heard

    of Rachels Challenge prior to at-tending Bishop Eustace, but shereally became touched after see-ing the Rachels Challenge pres-entation her freshman year. The most that I got out of it


    Taking the lead in kindness

    Voorhees resident Alexis Mignogna teamswith classmates to promote unity at BishopEustace as leader of Friends of Rachel Club

    please see RACHELS, page 14

  • 2 THE VOORHEES SUN NOV. 1218, 2014



    !"!"! !"



    Voorhees will continue to seefamiliar faces at the VoorheesTownship Committee meetings.Democrats Mayor MichaelMignogna and Deputy MayorHarry Platt won re-election totheir posts during last weekselections.When I heard the election re-

    sults, I was both pleased andhumbled. I have worked veryhard for the residents ofVoorhees and I welcome the op-portunity to serve the communityfor another three years,Mignogna said. One of the great-est challenges in any election istrying to make personal contactwith as many residents as possi-ble. I spent months knocking ondoors to chat with people aboutour wonderful community andways to make it even better.

    I would just like to thank theresidents of Voorhees for givingme the chance to serve for thenext three years. I am gratefuland humbled for this opportunityand I thank the residents for theirconfidence, Platt said. I lookforward to addressing the chang-ing challenges that Voorhees mayface and will continue to workhard to keep Voorhees the com-munity that we all chose to livein.

    According to unofficial resultsfrom the The Camden CountyBoard of Elections, Mignogna re-ceived 4,185 votes and Platt re-ceived 4,106. Republican candi-dates Rachael Brekke received3,441 votes and David Adamsonreceived 3,246 votes.Of course, I wish the end re-

    sults were different, but I was ex-tremely proud of what was ac-complished in the past sevenmonths, and we have so much tobe thankful for and couldn't do itwithout our many supporters andvolunteers. Hopefully next timeVoorhees will see things differ-ently and favor our way, Adam-son said. I want to say thank youto everyone that supported usthrough our campaign; it hasbeen a great experience in meet-ing with all of you personally andlistening to the issues facing

    Voters re-elect Mignogna, PlattDemocrats defeat Republican challengers Brekke, Adamson

    please see TOTAL page 12



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  • November 13 12-9pm November 14 November 15 & 16

    November 13 November 14 November 15 & 16




    Rebecca Hansenreads a book to

    her children Car-oline, 18 months,and Zachary, 3,at the VoorheesBranch Libraryon Nov. 7. The li-brary offers amultitude of

    books for chil-dren, as well asadults, to read.

    Family story time

  • 6 THE VOORHEES SUN NOV. 1218, 2014

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    The Sun reserves the right to reprint yourletter in any medium including electroni-cally.

    We are fortunate in Voorhees Townshipto have dedicated volunteers who give theirtime with no expectation of recognition orreward. On behalf of the other members oftownship committee, I thank those volun-teers for their service to our community.People such as our volunteer firefight-

    ers, youth sports coaches, Scout leaders,theater board members, animal welfaregroups and environmental groups makeVoorhees a better place in which to raise afamily.Our local government is privileged to

    have devoted volunteers who serve on ourvarious boards, committees and commis-sions to help maintain the quality of life inour community.

    Members of thePlanning Boardand the ZoningBoard of Adjust-ment are guided bythe New JerseyMunicipal LandUse Law and theVoorhees Town-ship Zoning Ordi-nance. Whenever aresident attemptsto modify his orher real estate,change the use ofit, subdivide it orbuild on it, per-

    mission must be obtained from the Plan-ning Board or Zoning Board. The PlanningBoard generally meets the second andfourth Wednesday of the month and theZoning Board generally meets the secondand fourth Thursday of the month. Another volunteer group is the Environ-

    mental Commission, which meets the sec-ond Tuesday of every month. Among otherroles, this commission reviews certain de-velopment applications and provides advi-sory opinions and guidance to the govern-ing body about potential environmental is-sues and concerns. Among other projects,this commission oversaw our Green

    Township thankful for community volunteers



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    t first glance, the early resultsof last weeks midterm elec-tions show a nationwide back-

    lash against President Obama and theDemocratic Party.For the second straight midterm

    election, Republicans earned signifi-cant victories, this time flipping atleast seven seats in the Senate to theirside. Three incumbent Democraticsenators lost their re-election bids, inNorth Carolina, Arkansas and Col-orado. Four other states Iowa, Mon-tana, South Dakota and West Vir-ginia also changed party hands fromDemocrat to Republican. And resultsin Alaska, Virginia and Louisiana arestill out, as of this writing.The Senate victories now give the

    Republicans full control of Congress,with its majority in the House of Rep-resentatives being its largest marginsince World War II. In addition, Repub-lic