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The Metropolitan is a weekly, student-run newspaper serving the Auraria Campus in downtown Denver since 1979.

Transcript of Volume 10, Issue 4 - Sept. 11, 1987

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    September I I, 1987 Issue 4

    Board censures center director Jim Manuel Robert Ritter

    A board composed of members re-presenting Auraria's three institutions voted unanimously Sept. 8 to censure the Auraria Student Center's efforts to schedule a monthly ~ture--01Pries. .

    The Student Facilities Policy Committee (SFPC) action came after members of the board gained possession of a flyer announcing a lecture by Don Bain as the first in the series.

    Board member and MSC student govern-ment President Martin Norton said the censure "puts us on record as saying that we are scrutinizing what they are doing and if it is improper, then we can stop it. We can get an injunction."

    Several board mem hers said they believe the lecture series conflicts directly with the programs of the MSC, CCD and UCD student activities offices.

    Yolanda Ericksen, director of MSC

    McManus said he thought he was operating in good faith in creating the lecture series.

    "All of this would have been out in the open in a couple of weeks. There is a calendar being made with the whole schedule on it that was supposed to have been done by now, but got hung up in the iuaphics department," McMan is sa:

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    The Metropolitah Sep~~rnber 11, 1987 3

    ------NEWS----Financial Linda Cuyler Reporter

    The lines grow shorter every day. Fewer profanities spew forth from the

    perky blonde coeds, whose hands are clenched in fisted rage.

    And for the first time in about three weeks, mass hysteria and hatred have abated from the hallowed halls of Central Classroom 105.

    Could these signals spell the end of "financial aid from hell"?

    Maybe for a little while at least. According to Cheryl Judson, MSC's

    director of financial aid, the delayed implementation of a new computer sys-tem, which allows financial aid calcula-tions to be done in about one-thirtieth of a second, set off a chain reaction of problems for students.

    "If the computers had been up May l when they were supposed to be, we'd all be sitting around this office now in ham-mocks, munching on candy and reading novels, just waiting for students to come in so we could help them," Judson said.

    But the computers were not up May 1, and the first financial aid award letters did not begin rolling off the printers until July 29 - a full two months after the June 1 target date.

    For two days Judson, her staff of 13 state employees and about a dozen part-time work study students stuffed the award

    ~ 1F


    aid on road to recovery

    Financial aid line first week of school letters into envelopes.

    They were mailed July 31- only three weeks before the beginning of the fall semester.

    In contrast, Regis College, with a student population of about 1,000, completed its award letters mailings within the second week of April for all students who had applied by March 15.

    "And all the students who we[e ,9!,!_the financial aid wait list at that time were given a priority number and knew exactly

    where they stood," said Karen Hvizda, assistant to the director of financial aid at Regis.

    Of Metro's 17,000 students, about 4,700 have already applied for financial aid. Only about 1,700 of those who applied received grants before the grant money ran out.

    According to Judson, a typical financial aid packag~sts of. one-third .grant money and two-thirds loan money.

    Mass hysteria and hatred have abated from the hallowed hall_s o,f Central ClassroOm 105. Could these signals spell the end of ufinancial aid from helt'?

    "But this year students don't want loans, they want gran ts," she said. "Metro students are very debt-conscious, very afraid of debt. They don't want to have to worry about paying back the loans. I think it has a lot to do with the economy in Colorado."

    Consequently, about 800 students have appealed their award letters, hoping to reduce their loan eligibilities and increase

    !:! their grant money. E -; "But we ran out of grant money ;?; ;

    E 2 u


    ~ >-

    .J:J .E 0

    ..c: Cl.

    instantly. There just isn't any grant money," Judson said.

    Judson sees the students' biggest problem as receiving the award letters two months late.

    "If students had received their award letters when they should have, about June 1, they would have had time to get their game plans in order. But it was a week before classes and everybody was upset," she explained.

    Judson added that money is an emotional subject, "but students have all these other emotions too: grades, spouses, kids, relationships. It's not easy on anybody. And it's not easy on the staff either."

    DuringAugust,Judson'sofficesometimes hosted between 500 and 600 students daily who wanted to discuss their award letters. Phone calls poured in at the rate of about 53 per hour.

    The campus phone bank, which was set up to answer general questions about MSC from Denver-area residents, pitched in for two weeks to help out with the flood of phone calls.

    During one 24-hour period, the phone bank logged more than 750 calls pertaining to financial aid, Judson said.

    She also warned that although the original eight-foot-high stack of financial aid applications now measures only eight inches, both students and staff should be prepared to face more funding challenges in the near future.

    "We already have 1,800 Guaranteed Student Loan applications on file, and right now we are still only working on those submitted by July 8," she said.

    To those students who submitted CSL applications after receiving their award letters in August, Judson cautioned that processing can often take up to eight weeks, and that students should begin looking for their CSL checks sometime around Thanksgiving. D

    0 >-

    .J:J NOTICE B 0 if

    Financial Aid line third week of school


  • I ~ t September I I, I 987 -The Metropolitan

    System efficient after one year

    Software aids budget process Constitution scrutinized Shirley Roberts Reporter

    A new software package will streamline the budget management process at \1etro-politan State College, according to Tim Greene, vice-president of Business Affairs.

    Installed in 1986, the Financial Reporting System is employed on several campuses throughout the country.

    Greene said the FRS is very different from the old budget system, which had been in use since 1965. I le anticipates most problems will arise in the interpretation of the new printouts by FRS.

    Greene explained that in the new system each of Metro's three schools (School of Letters, Arts and Sciences, School of Bus