Vocabulary linking words

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Transcript of Vocabulary linking words


    Part 1

  • Contrast = Conjunes adversativas

    HOWEVERno entanto, entretanto, contudo ou todavia

    This trip will be amazing, however, it is very dangerous. It's a risky business, however, I have to try. She needs some new shoes, however, she can't afford

    them right now.

    NOTE: In these examples, the word however is between commas.

  • Contrast = Conjunes adversativas

    HOWEVERno entanto, entretanto, contudo ou todavia

    I cant make it to the party. My husband will be attending, however.

    The union came up with a plan. The government wants to renegotiate, however.

    Camping in the summer is fun. You must remember to use sunscreen, however.


  • PracticeMake sentences using however

    1. New car / no money

    2. Stay longer / appointment

    3. Show / tickets sold out

    4. Work to do / too tired

  • Contrast = Conjunes adversativas

    HOWEVER (Advanced use) I will assist however I can. (do jeito que; da maneira que)

    Decorate it however you like. (do jeito que; da maneira que)

    NOTE: no commas!

    Youre just learning the first steps. Do it however you know.

    Most of construction workers in Brazil have no technical basis. They build and rebuild our houses however they think.

    You cannot be a good cooker making the recipes however you imagine. Youd better follow cooking books instructions.

  • Contrast = Conjunes adversativas

    HOWEVER (Advanced use)If you use however at the beginning of a sentence it means in whatever manner, to whatever extent, or no matter how.

    However beautiful the strategy, you should occasionally look at the results.

    However you decide we will do the job.

    However you like me to dress, Ill do the opposite.

  • Nevertheless(mesmo assim; ainda assim)

    Competition was tough last year. Nevertheless, our sales increased.

    He has a bad disciplinary record and has missed a lot of games. Nevertheless, hes a great player.

    It was very stormy. Nevertheless , we went fishing.

    It is widely accepted that Churchill was a great wartime leader. Nevertheless, he lost the 1945 general election.

    NOTE: Nonetheless is used in the same way, but its quite formal

  • Nevertheless(mesmo assim; ainda assim)

    Many know that too much sugar is bad for health. Nevertheless, many continue to eat a lot of it every day.

    There are several serious problems with the car. Nevertheless, we will have to use it to drive to work this week.

  • Either ... or (ou...ou) Neither ... nor (nem...nem)

    The storm is coming. Either you go right now or stay here.

    She doesn't speak either English or Portuguese.

    She speaks neither English nor Portuguese.

  • 1. This is my offer. You ___ take it ___ leave it.

    2. When I go to the restaurant, I eat ___ fish ___ roast chicken. These are my favorite meals.

    3. His father believed ___ his son ___ his friend. He thought that both were lying.

    4. In this game, you __ win __ lose. It depends on you.

    5. ___ Sue ___ Sara will help you with your homework. They are both busy at the moment.

  • Either (nenhum)Neither (nenhum)

    NOTE: Never negativate the same sentence twice!

    I didn't like either of the choices.

    I liked neither of the choices.

    I don't think much of either of the candidates.

  • 1. She didn't like _____ of them.

    2. Doesn't she like _____ of them?

    3. I'm sorry, but I couldn't contact______ of them.

    4. _____ of them told me about it so I didn't go.

    5. Did you manage to speak to _____ of them by any chance?

    6. If _____ of them can come, I'll be upset- I hope at least one turns up.