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  • 8/9/2019 Vocabulary 1000 words


    1. Abase (v} To lower in position, estimation, or the like; degrade.2. Abdicate (v) To give p (ro!al power or the like).". Aberration (n) #eviation $rom a right, cstomar!, or prescribed corse.%. Abet (v) To aid, promote, or encorage the commission o$ (an o&ense).'. Abhorrent (ad.) er! repgnant; hate$l.*. Abect (ad.} +ink to a ver! low condition.

    . Abre (v) To recant, renonce, repdiate nder oath.-. Abnegate (v) To renonce (a right or privilege).. Abominable (ad.) er! hate$l.1/.Abrasion (n) That which is rbbed o&.11.Abrogate (v) To abolish, repeat12.Absolve (v) To $ree $rom sin o$ its penalties.1".Abstrse (ad.) #i0clt to nderstand.1%.Abt (v) To toch at the end or bondar! line.1'.Ab!ss (n) ottomless gl$.1*.Accede (v) To agree.1.Accomplice (n) An associate in wrongdoing.1-.Accost (v) To speak to.

    1.Accoter (v) To dress,2/.Acerbit! (n) +orness, with bitterness and astringenc!.21.Achromatic (ad.) 3olorless.22.Acostic (ad.) 4ertaining to the act or sense o$ hearing.2".Ac5iescence (n) 4assive consent.2%.Acreage(n) 6and, estate2'.Acrid (ad.) 7arshl! pngent or bitter,2*.Acrimonios (ad.) 8ll o$ bitterness.2.Addle (v) To make ine0cient or worthless; mddle.2-.Addce (v) To bring $orward or name $or consideration,2.Adration (n) A vehement appeal."/.Adtant (ad.) A9iliar!."1.Adroit (ad.) 7aving skill in the se o$ the bodil! or mental powers."2.Admbrate (v) To represent be$orehand in otline or b! emblem."".Advert (v) To re$er incidentall!."%.A&able (ad.) :as! to approach."'.Aence (n) A pro$se or abndant sppl! o$ riches."*.A&ront (n) An open inslt or indignit!.".Agglomerate (v) To pile or heap together."-.Aggrandi

  • 8/9/2019 Vocabulary 1000 words


    %-.Accretion (non) addition to something%.Accre (verb) accmlate'/.Acme (non) height o$ e9cellence'1.A&able (ad) genial, pleasant'2.Ambient (ad) the immediate srronding'".Acmen (non)? abilit! to dge

    '%.A$t ( adv)? close to, back''.Adroit (ad) ? 5ick and skill$l'*.Astte (ad)? shrewd, incisive'.Ameliorate (ad)? make better or improve'-.Apocr!phal (ad)? m!thical, ctional, ntre'.Assidos ( ad) constant, nremitting*/.Apogee(non) the highest or most distant point*1.Assage( verb) to make milder or less severe*2.Aplomb ( non) 4oise, assrance*".Appetence (n) longing, desire*%.Arrogate (v) to attribte nstl! to*'.Atrabilios (ad) illtempered

    **.Atara9! (n) calmness, tran5ilit!*.Ascesis (n) the practice o$ sel$discipline*-.Adipose (ad) characteri

  • 8/9/2019 Vocabulary 1000 words


    %. elie (v) To misrepresent.'. elligerent (ad.) Cani$esting a warlike spirit.*. enevolence (n) An! act o$ kindness or welldoing.. enign (ad.) =ood and Dind at heart.-. enison (n) lessing.. ereave (v) To make desolate with loneliness and grie$.

    1/.eseech (v) To implore.11.lasE (ad.) +ated with pleasre.12.rowbeat (v) To overwhelm, or attempt to do so, b! stern, haght!, or rde

    address or manner.1".lwark (n) An!thing that gives secrit! or de$ense.1%.mptios (ad.) 8ll o$ o&ensive and aggressive sel$conceit.1'.A collection o$ some togh =>: words1*.all!hooed ver! mch e9cited1.alm! $airl! warm and pleasant1-.aronial large old $ashioned and impressive1.eatic e9pression o$ great happiness and calmness2/.arnstorming F energetic, ver! e9citing21.ash part! or celebration22.egiling charming and attractive2".enign kind, gentle and harmless2%.landl! calml! and 5ietl!2'.latant open or ver! obvios2*.lithe cheer$l2.oisteros nois!, livel! and energetic2-.onn! attractive and nice2.ra

  • 8/9/2019 Vocabulary 1000 words


    '".lear!dll, tired'%.leat to speak in a weak and high voice''.lightspoil'*.lime! srprise'.liss$l totall! naware'-.olsh! ver! angr!

    '.rawl to ght in a ver! rogh wild wa!*/.rickbat ver! inslting remark*1.rittle hard bt easil! broken*2.rised nhapp! or pset*".rs5e G crt and o&hand in manner*%.ccaneering nscrplos*'.colic related to contr!side**.lbos $at and blging*.mbling con$sed, disorgani

  • 8/9/2019 Vocabulary 1000 words


    1/". aro5e complicated and elaborate1/%. anasic ncltivated, materialistic1/'. armecide F illsor!, imaginar!1/*. ight a crve or recess in a coastline. river etc.1/. isse9tile leap !ear1/-. robdingnagian hge, immense, gigantic


    1. 3abalism (n) +perstitios devotion to oneHs religion2. 3acophon! (n) A disagreeable, harsh, or discordant sond or combination o$

    sonds or tones". 3aiti& (ad.)3owardl!%. 3aole (v) To impose on or dpe b! Iattering speech'. 3allosit! (n) The state o$ being hard and insensible*. 3allow (ad.) Jithot e9perience o$ the world. 3almn! (n) +lander-. 3andid (ad.) +traight$orward

    . 3andor (n) The 5alit! o$ $rankness or otspokenness1/.3anon (n) An! rle or law11.3aprice (n) A whim12.3aptios (ad.) 7!percritical1".3arnage (n) Cassacre1%.3astigate (v) To pnish1'.3atastrophe (n) An! great and sdden mis$ortne or calamit!1*.3astic (ad.) +arcastic and sever1.3hagrin (n) Deen ve9ation, anno!ance, or mortication, as at oneHs $ailres

    or errors1-.3holeric (ad.) :asil! provoked to anger1.3lairvo!ance (n) Kntitive sagacit! or perception2/.3lamoros (ad.) Lrgent in complaint or demand21.3landestine (ad) +rreptitios22.3lement (ad.) 3ompassionate2".3ogni

  • 8/9/2019 Vocabulary 1000 words


    ".3ontrite (ad.) roken in spirit becase o$ a sense o$ sin%/.3ontmacios (ad.) >ebellios%1.3onvalesce (v) To recover a$ter a sickness.%2.3onvivial (ad.) #evoted to $easting, or to good$ellowship in eating or

    drinking%".3opios (ad.) 4lenteos%%.3orrigible (ad.) 3apable o$ re$ormation%'.3lpable (ad.) =ilt!%*.3!nical (ad.) :9hibiting moral skepticism.%.%. 3andor honest! or openness%-.3avort Mmp or rn abot pla!$ll!%.3hipper cheer$l and livel!'/.3h&ed ver! pleased'1.3lement pleasantl! mild an dr!'2.3oltish energetic and ot o$ control'".3onsecrate o0ciall! declared hol!'%.3onvivial pleasant $riendl! and rela9ed''.3hrn $eel sick'*.3hrning moving abot violentl!'.3ircitos complicated'-.3lamm! npleasantl! stick!'.3landestine kept secret*/.3lastrophobic ncom$ortable and nhapp!*1.3lo!ing npleasant; too sentimental*2.3lnk! heav! and rather awkward*".3oarsen to become less polite*%.3oncssed loose consciosness or become sick*'.3onsternation $eeling o$ an9iet! or $ear**.3rabb!bad tempered and npleasant*.3rank!strange and eccentric*-.3rmm! o$ poor 5alit!*.3alamitos ver! n$ortnate or serios/.3allos ver! crel1.3arose behave ver! noisil!2.3atacl!smic npleasant".3atastrophic disasters%.3atatonic nable to move or respond'.3astic e9tremel! critical or crel*.3haotic disorderl! and con$singl!.3happed dr! cracked and sore-.3havinistic pompos, sel$ satised.3heek! slightl! rde or disrespect$l-/.3hbb! rather $at-1.3hic $ashionable and sophisticated-2.3hivalros polite, kind and nselsh-".3horeographed natral bt arranged-%.3lstered $riendl!, close, dissatis$action-'.3ocooned isolated and protected-*.3ogent 3onvincing-.3ognitive able to know or perceive

  • 8/9/2019 Vocabulary 1000 words


    --.3ommiserate to show s!mpath! o$ pit!-.3orscating livel! intelligent and impressive/.3osset pamper and protect o$ strong.1.3apricios changeable2.3astigate to speak angril!, critici

  • 8/9/2019 Vocabulary 1000 words


    1"-. 3ollo5im an academic con$erence or seminar1". 3on5istador a con5eror


    1. #arkling (adv.) lindl!

    2. #astard (n) A base coward.". #ebonair (ad.) 7aving gentle or corteos bearing or manner%. #ecipher (v) To nd ot the tre words or meaning o$, as something hardl!

    legible'. #eco! (n) An!thing that allres, or is intended to allre into danger or

    temptation*. #e$ra! (v) To make pa!ment $or. #ei$! (v) To regard or worship as a =od-. #eign (v) To deem worth! o$ notice or accont. #eist (n) Bne who believes in =od, bt denies spernatral revelation1/.#electable (ad.) #elight$l to the taste or to the senses11.#eli5esce (v) To dissolve gradall!, and become li5id b! absorption o$

    moistre $rom the air12.#elirios (ad.) >aving1".#elde (v) To mislead the mind or dgment o$1%.#emeanor (n) #eportment1'.#eni

  • 8/9/2019 Vocabulary 1000 words


    ".#iligence (n) 3are$l and persevering e&ort to accomplish what isndertaken

    "-.#isavowal (n) #enial".#iscernible (ad.) 4erceivable%/.discreet (ad.) Mdicios%1.#iscrsive (ad.) 4assing $rom one sbect to another%2.#isparage (v) To regard or speak slightingl!%".#issentient (n) Bne who disagrees%%.#issentios (ad.) 3ontentios%'.#istraght (ad.) ewildered%*.#irnal (ad.) #ail!%.#ocile (ad.) :as! to manage%-.#ogmatic (ad.) Caking statements withot argment or evidence%.#olor (n) 6amentation'/.#ilettante (n) A spercial amater'1.#apper neat and clean appearance'2.#roll witt! and amsing'".#awdle spend more time than necessar!'%.#ebilitate to case weakness''.#ecadent o$ low moral standards'*.#ecrepit the old and bad condition'.#eleterios have a harm$l e&ect'-.#esecrate G damaging something hol! or'.special*/.#espicable e9tremel! nast!, crel or evil*1.#esltor! nplanned and disorganised*2.#etrimental have a harm$l or damaging*".e&ect*%.#ipp! cold and nsal*'.#odder! old and nstead!**.#ripp! stpid and weak*.#dG nsccess$l*-.#ress $orced to do*.#weeb stpid and vage/.#elve discover new in$ormation1.#ink! well designed and attractive2.#isport eno! happil! and livel!".#ote to love or care%.#lcetgentle and pleasant to listen'.#isparage ridicle*.#it

  • 8/9/2019 Vocabulary 1000 words


    -*.#iddle take mone! n$airl!-.#i0dent sh! and not liking to be noticed--.#abble take part seriosl!-.#iaphanos thin and transparent/.#owseto search


    1. :bllient (ad.) +howing enthsiasm or e9hilaration o$ $e