VMware EUC Vision Journey Presentation

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© 2010 VMware Inc. All rights reserved Confidential VMware End User Computing Vision and Journey Le Ngoc Lam Senior Systems Engineer VMware [email protected]
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VMware EUC Vision Journey Presentation

Transcript of VMware EUC Vision Journey Presentation

VMware presentation

VMware End User Computing Vision and JourneyLe Ngoc LamSenior Systems Engineer [email protected] 2010 VMware Inc. All rights reservedConfidential#ConfidentialSLIDE: Title slideThis presentation discusses the VMware vision for End User Computing and a prescriptive IT journey.

October 19, 2012

1People Are Working Differently and Have High Expectations

OSACCESSDEVICESAPPSACCESS:37% use do-it-yourself tech97% carry > 2 devicesDEVICES:2010 Shipments Tablets + Smartphones > PC2015 shipments1.1B cell phones, 300M tabletsAPPS:2015 Mobile App Market $38BSources: Morgan Stanley 2011, Gartner 2011, Forrester 2010, Pew 2011Transition to the Post-PC Era Has Already Begun#ConfidentialSLIDE: The Way We Collaborate and Work is Evolving RapidlyCLICK: All graphics and statistics will auto-animate People want the type of experience they have in their personal life at work. They expect to be able to use any device they want and get their apps and data anywhere and also easily share with their friends. These increasing expectations are making its way into the workplace. The statistics here show how the technology tides are changing to an era of diversity, the Post-PC era.

2IT is Under Pressure from Every Direction

OSAccessDEVICESAPPScompliancebusinessBUDGETUSERSSTUCK IN AVICIOUSSPIRAL#ConfidentialSLIDE: IT is Under Pressure from Every DirectionMeanwhile IT is under pressure with tight budgets, security and compliance, supporting the business and end user requirements. Traditional PC-centric architecture made IT projects difficult and expensive to deploy and manage resulting in a desire to just spend less. Security and compliance requirements often sacrifice productivity and innovation at the sake of risk avoidance. A locked-down environment with no budget for change makes it difficult for IT to enable business or be agile to changing requirements. And finally the consumerization of IT leaves users with higher expectations of their workplace technology.CLICK:These pressures coupled with the rigid and complex PC-centric model leaves IT in a vicious spiral of inefficiency, high risk, poor service delivery and inability to innovate. Eternally stuck in the vicious cycle of the Windows upgrade treadmill. We need to find a way out.

3Transition to the Post-PC Era: A Process, Not an Event19962020100%0%50%25%75%OS NeutralWindows2011Installed base of enterprise applicationsCrossoverPointEvolution, not revolution: Keep users workingSource: Gartner, 2011#ConfidentialSLIDE: Transition to the Post-PC Era: A Process, Not an EventWhy do we need to break out?This data from Gartner shows the change in share between Windows and OS Neutral applications in the enterprise.CLICK2011 is the crossover year where Windows only makes up 50% of the enterprise applications with OS neutral applications making up the other 50%. Windows applications will have a very long tail but the rise of new applications cannot be ignored. And this transition demands a new approach to end user computing to not only bring the legacy forward but also embrace the new world the Post-PC era

4VMware EUC Platform for the Post-PC Era ConnectManageSIMPLIFY

DesktopServiceApp CatalogServiceDataServiceSecure UniversalAccess

Users, Desktops, Apps, Data Policies

End Users

UniversalServices Broker#ConfidentialSLIDE: VMware EUC Platform for the Post-PC EraVMware plans to deliver you on this journey by building the platform for the Post-PC era. On the left you see the traditional Windows PC, Cloud and mobile applications and Enterprise applications in the datacenter. Today these are all separate silos of technology.CLICKFirst we need to SIMPLIFY the environment by forklifting them out of their silos and converting them into centralized services. The Windows PC is now a centralized desktop service.CLICKNext, all those diverse applications are now a centralized application catalog serviceCLICKAnd user data which is traditionally trapped on the device is now a centralized data serviceCLICKNext we need a way to MANAGE all of these services. The universal services broker manages applies and manages the policies around the access and security of these desktop, application and data services. This new focal point of management evolves the management paradigm by bridging across to manage services that reside in both the public and private cloud.CLICKAnd finally we CONNECT end users to the desktop, application and data services through a device of their choice. This new platform delivers secure universal access to services inside and outside the organization to end users located anywhere in the world.

5Where are we headed for the User?

My Apps, My Files, Native Device Experience

#ConfidentialSLIDE: Where Are We Headed For the UserThe EUC platform delivers a universal experience for the end user. An experience that is native to the device that they are using at that time but with access to the same consistent set of services they are entitled.

6Break the Cycle and Move to the Post-PC EraImprove what you have nowEmbrace the CloudEscape to Your Cloud 123#ConfidentialSLIDE: Breaking the Cycle and Move to the Post-PC EraHow do you make things better? This prescriptive journey enables you to systematically break the cycle. CLICKFirst you must improve what you have now. Your existing desktops and applications are there for a reason, rationalize them to improve the ones that are important for your business. Simplify these Windows based components with virtualization and drive operational efficiencies. Leverage key initiatives like OS migrations, desktop refresh, M&A or campus moves to transform desktops into centrally managed services. CLICKNext, start to embrace the cloud. Re-invest the savings from phase 1 to fuel the innovation in into phase 2. Embrace the cloud as a management paradigm across private and public cloud services. This hybrid model provides a bridge to the cloud without abandoning the legacy services and enables organizations to transition at a pace realistic to their business. Throughout the transition, incremental cost savings and efficiencies will deliver increasing marginal returns. CLICKThen finally complete your escape to the cloud. Leverage the increasing marginal returns to accelerate your escape out of the vicious IT cycle. Escape to social application and data services that connect users to each other in new and collaborative ways. Break free from device and platforms and deliver application and data services anywhere you need it. Give end users the personal freedom they desire while actually increasing ITs ability to manage, control and innovate. The workplace is more productive, collaborative and IT more efficient and agile.

7\1Improve what you have nowPrepare to Break OutBetter Desktops,Better ApplicationsView 5ThinAppHorizonProject AppBlastProject OctopusNew AppsViewThinApp#ConfidentialSLIDE: Improve What You Have NowNow lets take a step back and dig deeper into how to apply the platform for the Post-PC era to the adoption journey. In phase 1 you can improve your existing PCs and applications by virtualizing them with VMware View and ThinApp.

8View and ThinApp: Deliver Desktops as a Managed ServiceConnectManageSIMPLIFYDesktopServiceSecure UniversalAccess

App CatalogServiceDataService

Users, Desktops, Apps, Data Policies

End Users



View Broker#ConfidentialSLIDE: Desktop as a Managed ServiceVMware View and ThinApp enable the delivery of desktops as a managed service

CLICKVMware View and ThinApp simplifies the Windows desktop and application and turns them into a centralized service (otherwise known as VDI), that is managed through the View Broker, a central console for virtual desktop service management. Transitioning to a centrally hosted model increases control and eliminates the need to have data or apps sitting on the local device, thus increasing security. By turning Windows apps and desktops into services, IT is able to break between the layers with virtualization, isolate and encapsulate them from each other thus reducing conflict and friction. Provisioning and updates are quick and easy and the Windows support burden is decreased.

CLICKEnd users then connect to their Windows desktop services from device of their choosing, a non-PC device like tablets, and thin clients many that may leverage other platforms like Linux, Android and iOS. This in turn gives end users greater flexibility and freedom to be productive no matter where they are and what they are using. In this phase can dramatically reduce Windows desktop TCO by reducing the time and cost of application and desktop provisioning, patching, updating and support. These operational savings free up IT time and resource to innovate beyond traditional PCs.

9\Embrace The CloudShake offthe LegacyYour Policy, Your CloudHorizonProject AppBlastProject OctopusNew AppsView 5ThinAppHorizon2#ConfidentialSLIDE: Embrace the CloudPhase two is the first step beyond the traditional Windows environment. Enabling IT to Embrace the Cloud at the pace of their business and with their policy control extended into the cloud. This is an opportunity for IT to innovate with cloud technology while maintain control.


Horizon: Your Bridge to the Cloud and MobileConnectManageSIMPLIFYDesktopServiceSecure UniversalAccess

App CatalogServiceDataService

Users, Desktops, Apps, Data Policies

End Users

Horizon#ConfidentialSLIDE: Horizon: Your Bridge to the Cloud and MobileVMware Horizon is the bridge that enables IT to securely embrace the cloud

CLICKFirst it simplifies applications by lifting them all from their disparate silos of the PC, cloud, datacenter and creates a central application catalog service that is managed by the broker, Horizon Manager which applies policies to these applications regardless of if they are Windows, SaaS or enterprise applications.

CLICKIT is able to provision access to these applications by device and policy. VMware Horizon enables a new management paradigm to manage all application services whether internal or external to the organization at a higher level of control than before. End users are able to easily connect to the appropriate set of applications from a wide variety of devices


Unrestricted access to personal data and applications

Make calls, share pictures

Personal (home) phonecannot be altered by IT


Virtual Work Phone - fully-encrypted Runs Locally

Fully Managed by IT

Corporate applications and Infrastructure support

Complete Separation and Isolation

Horizon Mobile: Bridging Personal, Enterprise Mobile Workspaces

#SLIDE: Horizon MobileHorizon Mobile is another great example of how the EUC platform enables IT to appropriately extend the reach of their corporate policy outside of the organizationCLICKThe workforce brings in a mobile device of their choice with their existing personal phone plan

CLICKHorizon Mobile enables IT to provision a separate, isolated work phone to that personal device. This ensures the right amount of policy and security control for corporate mobile services while simultaneously providing end users with device flexibility.

12\Escape To Your CloudCompleteYour EscapeCloud Freedom for AllProject AppBlastProject OctopusNew AppsView 5ThinAppHorizonProject AppBlastProject OctopusNew Apps3#ConfidentialSLIDE: Escape to the CloudIn this final phase, IT is able to leverage the increasing marginal returns of the incremental projects from phase one and two to complete the escape from the Windows upgrade treadmill. New data services and new application delivery technology coupled with social, online applications continue provide alternatives to transition to YOUR cloud. Give your workforce the cloud computing experience with IT the control, security and management to accelerate business.


Project AppBlast: Universal Application AccessConnectManageSIMPLIFYSecure UniversalAccessDataService

End Users


DesktopServiceApp CatalogServiceUsers, Desktops, Apps, Data Policies



#ConfidentialSLIDE: Project AppBlast: Universal Application AccessAnnounced at VMworld Las Vegas on Aug 30, 2011, Project AppBlast enables universal application access. Project AppBlast leverages HTML5 to give users access to legacy Windows applications from a web browser and delivers a native application experience on a non-Windows device. This enables you to bring your legacy Windows applications forward to Post-PC devices.

14ConnectManageSIMPLIFYUsers, Desktops, Apps, Data Policies

End UsersProject Octopus: Secure Data Sync and Collaboration Service

DesktopServiceApp CatalogService

DataServiceSecure UniversalAccess


#ConfidentialSLIDE: Project Octopus: Secure Data Sync and Collaboration ServiceNext we need to evolve data from a My Documents folder stuck on a PC hard drive to a dynamic serviceCLICKAnnounced at VMworld Las Vegas on Aug 30, 2011, Project Octopus simplifies and user data, lifts from the desktop silo and turns it into a central service. IT can apply policies around how the data is accessed and shared while end users access the data from many devices, collaborate with their colleagues and sync.


ConnectManageSIMPLIFYDesktopServiceSecure UniversalAccess

App CatalogServiceDataService

End Users

HTML 5 HorizonHorizon: Setting Application, Data, and Device Policies


Usage Tracking& Reporting

File / DataPolicies


UserEntitlements,Settings, & PoliciesDevicePolicies

Users, Apps, Data Policies#ConfidentialSLIDE: Horizon Setting Application, Data and Device PoliciesThe key for IT is the granular levels of policies they are now able to apply across the different desktop, application and data services around access and usage. 16VMware End User Apps: Connect Users via Social ApplicationsConnectManageSIMPLIFYDesktopServiceApp CatalogServiceDataService

Users, Desktops, Apps, Data Policies

End Users


End Users

End UsersSecure UniversalAccess

#Confidential17ConnectManageSIMPLIFYDesktopServiceApp CatalogServiceDataService

Users, Desktops, Apps, Data Policies

End Users


End Users

End UsersSecure UniversalAccess

VMware End User Apps: Connect Users via Social Applications

#ConfidentialSLIDE: VMware End User Apps: Connect Users via Social ApplicationsNot only do end users want to connect with technology services, they also want to connect with each other. The EUC Platform not only breaks down the technology silos but also the walls between people. CLICKNew application services leverage the web and social media paradigm to enhance the experience in creating and sharing content. Applications like Zimbra, Socialcast and SlideRocket are easy to use, lightweight in deployment and management and emphasize getting the workforce to connect, communicate and collaborate with each other through technology. Sliderocket: Online presentation softwareSocialcast: Enterprise social networkingStrides: Social task managementZimbra: Open source email and collaboration18ConnectManageSIMPLIFY

Users, Desktops, Apps, Data Policies

End Users


End Users

End UsersSecure UniversalAccess

Summary: The VMware Platform for the Post-PC Era

DesktopServiceApp CatalogServiceDataService


ProjectAppBlast#ConfidentialSLIDE: Summary: The VMware Platform for the Post-PC EraIn summary, the VMware platform for the post-PC era delivers a new model for end user computing that simplifies technology silos, a management paradigm bridging the public and private cloud and connects people to technology and each other to deliver IT, Business and End User value.In addition to the social applications we just discussed, the platform includes the following products:VMware View: Virtual desktops as a managed serviceVMware ThinApp: virtual applications as a managed serviceVMware Horizon: Granular policy management of public and private cloud servicesProject Octopus* for secure data share and syncProject AppBlast* for HTML5 based delivery of legacy apps via a web browser

19The Power of VMwareCommon Infrastructure, Management, Security PlatformPolicy Based Application, Data Access for any DeviceVMwareAccelerate Your Journey to the Post-PC Era

IT Heroes

Delighted Users#ConfidentialSLIDE: The Power of VMwareThe power of VMware is we understand that it is about addressing the needs of both the end user and IT as we evolve to the post-PC era.

CLICKVMware is focused on delivering a platform for common infrastructure, management and security across ALL of your IT.

CLICKCustomer who started the journey to the cloud with us by virtualizing datacenters can extend that core to the end user computing platform.

CLICKVMware helps you break free from the vicious cycle of the IT today and accelerates your journey to the Post-PC era. A new world with greater workforce productivity, collaboration and mobility and an era where IT heroes enable business.

20Thank You 2010 VMware Inc. All rights reservedConfidential#Confidential