Vinyl Fence The CertainTeed Living Spaces suite includes fence, porch, deck and railing products,...

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Transcript of Vinyl Fence The CertainTeed Living Spaces suite includes fence, porch, deck and railing products,...

  • Defining your Great Outdoors


    Vinyl Fence Products

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    For over 100 years, CertainTeed has provided

    homeowners with building products designed

    for the ultimate in performance and style. Our

    founding commitment to Quality made certain,

    Satisfaction guaranteed is as strong today as

    it was a century ago. That’s why CertainTeed

    Exterior Building Products have been rated the

    number one brand year after year.

    Design Innovation Widest Array of styles, colors and textures

    CertaGrain® and Select Cedar authentic woodgrain textures recreate the look of natural wood fence while CertaStucco™ fence offers a complemetary texture to traditional stucco walls.

    Bufftech® vinyl fence comes in a variety of colors designed to match CertainTeed’s vinyl siding and trim products, so you can coordinate the color of your fence with your home’s exterior.

    A Tradition of Trust

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    Outstanding Warranty When it comes to quality, no one is ever “on the fence” about CertainTeed!

    Bufftech is backed by a lifetime limited transferable warranty with exclusive SureStart™ protection. SureSart covers warranted repair and replacement costs – including labor – for the first five years after installation.

    The Bufftech® acrylic formulation provides superior protection from the harsh rays of the sun, resulting in richer color that retains its vibrant hue for years to come. ColorLast® is offered in Brazilian Blend, Frontier Blend, Honey Blend , Natural Clay, Autumn Brown, Sierra Blend, Arctic Blend, Arbor Blend and Weathered Blend.

    Designed to withstand the harsh effects of extreme weather, Bufftech fence is Miami-Dade County approved (NOA) #11- 1028.05* for exceptional performance in high-wind conditions.

    * Expires 3-13-2013

    Setting the Standard Strength and durability with exceptional engineering made in the USA

    Routed fence posts offer superior aesthetics to unsightly brackets and screws with a more secure connection that allows for thermal expansion.

    Routed rails allow fence sections to be racked easily to follow the slope of the terrain. This also ensures a safe, secure picket attachment that is precision routed for a clean and professional finish.

    Offered in profile and tongue and groove designs, heavyweight pickets provide superior impact strength and resist warping and oil canning found in flat panel fence.

    Full lenth fence posts eliminate the post heave due to frost. Heavyweight structural fence posts do not need to be reinforced by a wood post and provide enhanced wind load performance.

    A Tradition of Trust

  • Open Air


  • The CertainTeed Living Spaces suite

    includes fence, porch, deck and railing

    products, siding, soffit, accessories, and

    roofing. Each is designed to accentuate your

    enjoyment of open air room, while offering

    the freedom of easy care, long-lasting

    beauty and outstanding durability.

    Room to breathe. Room to roam. Room to enjoy fresh air and sunshine.

    It’s all yours as you step across your threshold and into your outdoor living spaces. CertainTeed

    is there with you, with the Living Spaces exterior products suite -- offering everything you need

    to transform porches, yards, gardens and more into beautiful open-air rooms.


  • Do flowers bloom more beautifully against a white picket fence?

    Does a pond appear more refreshing behind a rustic post and rail?

    Is the green grass of home cozier wrapped in beautiful privacy? Yes!

    Beautifully Accentuated

    With the endless style possibilities of Bufftech®, fence becomes

    so much more than a perimeter, a safeguard, or a dividing line.

    It’s also becomes a design element, one that accentuates and

    beautifies outdoor expanses and special areas. With Bufftech,

    your creative possibilities are always wide open.

    Your Surroundings


  • Post & Rail






    Beautifully Accentuated


  • In the Details… Finish is

    Sometimes it’s the little things that make a difference. A touch of color. A stylish flourish.

    A subtle statement of sophistication. Your home’s personality is defined by the details.

    So, why not extend that expression of style to your beautiful outdoors?

    The finer points of superior fence are evident in every

    Bufftech® product. The highest quality materials,

    meticulously crafted hardware and delightful design

    elements, combine to create a collection of fence, gates,

    arbors and accents unparalleled in style and performance.

    Matching Gates A beautiful complement to Bufftech fence

    with aluminum frame construction, self-

    closing hinges and lockable latches provide

    superior durability and performance.


    Stylish Gates Create an open and closed case for style with a

    personalized Bufftech gate design. Convex and concave

    styles offer elegance and functionality, with a lower

    “peek-through” area for a clear view outside or in. Convex

    aluminum post insert


    High-Performance Hardware Bufftech locks in quality in every

    element. Choose gate hardware

    constructed of premium,

    virtually maintenance free nylon.

    Or, upgrade to rugged, rust-free,

    stainless steel for the old-world

    look of wrought iron, in a black

    or bronze finish. Coordinate

    hardware with matching post

    caps for a distinctive design.

  • Arbors Create a welcoming pathway

    to gardens with Bufftech classic

    arbors. Or, coordinate these

    beautiful designs with Bufftech

    fence to define and highlight

    special outdoor areas.

    Decorative Post Caps Post caps take on a stylish new dimension with Bufftech®

    decorative designs. Create your own look with unique

    shapes and colors, or use solar post caps to create a soft

    glow throughout outdoor areas.

    Picture Perfect


  • Naturally Beautiful

    Colors and Textures

    Select Cedar

    A sky of blue. Leaves of green. A garden rainbow. Sunset’s glow.

    Nature creates a spectacular backdrop for your outdoor world.

    It’s a look that’s beautiful, inspiring and well worth preserving.



    White Smooth

    Almond Smooth

    Natural Clay Smooth

    White CertaGrain

    Almond CertaGrain

    Natural Clay CertaGrain

    Autumn Brown CertaGrain

    Arbor Blend CertaG rain

    Arctic Blend C ertaG

    rain Brazilian Blend C

    ertaG rain

    Frontier Blend C ertaG


  • Smooth



    Perfect Together

    Realistic Textures Bufftech® Select Cedar and CertaGrain® textures are created through an

    exclusive, proprietary process that pulls the grain deeper into the fence panel,

    creating a grain that better emulates the contours of natural cedar. Other

    embossed fence products can’t compare! Bufftech is also offered in a smooth

    finish for the classically clean appearance of freshly painted wood, and

    CertaStucco™ providing the beautifully rugged look of fresh stucco. Bufftech

    offers the greatest selection of textured fence anywhere.

    Natural Colors The beauty of Bufftech® extends far beyond classic white. Choose from a range

    of solid shades offering the look of stained wood or painted stucco. For a true

    wood look, Bufftech offers seven multi-chromatic color blends, the most in the

    industry. These blends are created by dark and light areas that replicate the

    subtle color variations of natural or stained cedar. Designed to match, contrast

    or coordinate with your home’s other exterior elements, Bufftech colors are a

    beautiful extension of CertainTeed’s best-in-the industry line of colorful vinyl

    siding and accessories

    CertainTeed, Bufftech and EverNew® CertainTeed offers the industry’s widest choice of colors in siding, accessories,

    deck and railing. And, every product in every line is designed to match, contrast

    or coordinate! That gives you a palette of possibilities for designing with

    color, and unlimited options for creating a beautifully harmonized, perfectly

    personalized exterior design.


    Frontier Blend C ertaG


    H oney B

    lend C ertaG

    rain Si er

    ra B

    le nd

    C er

    ta G

    ra in

    W ea

    th er

    ed B

    le nd

    C er

    ta G

    ra in

    M is

    si on

    Iv or

    y C

    er ta

    St uc

    co Al

    m on

    d C

    er ta

    St uc

    co W

    hi te

    S ele

    ct C

    ed ar

    Al mo

    nd Se

    lec t C

    ed ar

    Na tur

    al Cl

    ay Se

    lec t C

    ed ar

    Arb or

    Ble nd

    Sel ect

    Ce dar

    Arb or B

    lend Sel

    ect C eda


    Sierra Blen

    d Sele ct Ced


    Weathered Ble