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A catalog of videoconferencing solutions from Draper including: Videoconferencing Camera Lifts, Videoconferencing Camera Boxes, Videoconferencing Backgrounds, and Light Control Shades

Transcript of Videoconferencing Solutions from Draper

  • Video ConferenCing SolutionSInnovative Products To Make Your Video Conferencing More Effective

    Video Conferencing Camera Lifts

    Video Conferencing Camera Box

    Video Conferencing Screens

    Video Conferencing Backgrounds

    Light Control ShadesTelepresence

    Just like the internet, video conferencing is evolving rapidly. New efficiencies, benefits, and audiences are uncovered seemingly every week. Increase your face-to-face productivity while reducing costs with Drapers Telepresence product range and take your video conferencing from functional to exceptional.

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    Drapers Video Conferenc-

    ing Camera Lift is designed

    to make video conferencing

    more effective. It lowers your

    camera precisely to where

    you need it, when you need

    it there. When not in use the

    camera is retracted into the

    ceiling, out of the way, and

    better protected from

    damage or theft.

    Video ConferenCing Camera liftSDraper offers six different options to conceal your video conferencing camera when not in use.

    Video ConferenCing Camera Lift CeiLingDrapers Video Conferencing Camera Lift - Ceiling is a unique product designed expressly for video conferencing cameras. It conceals

    the camera just above the ceiling and out of the way when not in use, and lowers it into position immediately below the bottom

    edge of a ceiling mounted projection screen surface in down position. Sleek, ceiling-recessed case features motorized door clo-

    sures and installs directly behind screen case.

    Fast, quiet, and unobtrusive, the Video Conferencing Camera Lift - Ceiling is offered in models to accommodate virtually any camera.

    Case dimensions are 107/16h. x 91/2d. x length. Accommodates cameras up to 9 w.

    x 7 h. x 7 d. Several sizes are available with a travel range anywhere from 72 to

    1037/8 and +/- 2 of adjustability. Includes single station wall switch, other

    control options available.

    Shown installed behind Draper Access/Series V

    tab-tensioned screen on front cover.

    Drapers knows that effective video conferencing starts with having the required technology precisely where you need it, when you

    need it there. Our Video Conferencing Camera Lift - Ceiling allows the placement of a video conferencing camera directly behind a

    motorized projection screen, synchronously raising and lowering it with the screen. The Video Conferencing Camera Lift - Credenza

    can be installed in virtually any conference room furnishing for simple remote operation. Tuck your camera securely away in a wall

    space with our Video Conferencing Camera Box. Drapers Video Conferencing Camera Adapter Bracket allows mounting of a video

    conferencing camera into one of three popular Draper ceiling recessed projector lifts, depending on your needed travel range.

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    Video ConferenCing Camera Lift Credenza

    Video ConferenCing Camera Box


    The Video Conferencing Camera Lift - Credenza con-

    ceals your camera in a credenza, cabinet, or table and

    raises it quickly and quietly into position when its time

    for a conference to begin. When concealed your video

    conferencing camera is protected and out of the way.

    The product features 12 vertical travel and a tiny foot-

    print. It is easy to install in virtually any conference

    room furnishings. Comes in two interior sizes (9 w. x

    71/2 h. x 71/2 d. or 12 w. x 9 h. x 9 d. ) to accommodate

    almost any video conferencing camera (weight limit

    150 lbs.). This is a custom product that can be manu-

    factured to meet your specific needs. Includes single

    station wall switch, other control options available.

    Drapers newly redesigned Video Conferencing

    Camera Box recesses a camera in the wall, behind a

    hinged tempered glass door. Makes installing a video-

    conferencing camera quick and easy. Size is 1011/16 h. x

    145/16 w. x 11 d. Includes lock and keys to protect sensi-

    tive equipment.

    The Video Conferencing Camera Box enclosure fea-

    tures five knock out wire management locations for

    numerous cabling options. Unit is finished inside and

    out with durable black powder coat and front of enclo-

    sure features a finishing frame bezel that is


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    Video ConferenCing Camera liftS

    Video ConferenCing Camera adapter BraCketThe Video Conferencing Camera Adapter Bracket enables the simple installation of the video conferencing camera of your choice

    into three of Drapers most popular video projector lifts (shown below). All are designed to safely conceal your camera above the

    ceiling line when not in use and lower it quickly and quietly into position for video conferencing. Its the perfect solution when

    a ceiling recessed camera is needed. Video Conferencing Camera Adapter Brackets are available in 2 standard sizes (custom sizes

    by quotation).

    AeroLift 25

    Draper offers six different options to conceal your videoconferencing camera when not in use.

    Two sizes to accommodate the camera of your choice: 9 w. x 71/2 h. x 71/2 d. or 12 w. x 9 h. x 9 d. Special brackets available for oversize or dual camera installation.

    Maximum Travel 20

    AeroLift 50

    Maximum Travel 32

    Micro Projector Lift

    Maximum Travel 48

    Numerous Lift control options available.

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    Video ConferenCing SCreenS

    Motorized Screens Draper offers numerous ceiling recessed and wall mounted motorized screens

    operable by remote, wall switch, or automation system. Visit our website for more

    information at

    Manual Screens Our ceiling recessed and wall mounted manual screens feature trouble-free spring

    roller operation. Visit our website at

    Permanently Tensioned Screens Drapers permanently tensioned screens are wall mounted and offer a

    truly flat theatrelike appearance. Visit our website for more information at

    Rigid Rear Screens Room lighting should be fairly bright in order for video conferencing cameras

    to perform best. Draper offers a wide range of rear screen options that offer

    superior picture quality even in brightly lit spaces. For more information visit:

    Portable Screens Draper portable screens let you take the video conference with you. Available in

    a range of sizes and viewing surfaces. Visit

    for more information.

    Draper offers a wide range of projection screens perfectly suited for video conferencing.


    make Your teLepresenCe more dYnamiC

    DiamondScreen(Rigid Rear Screen)

    Draper has been manufacturing quality projection screens for decades. Through extensive research in screen surface technol-

    ogy we have developed a number of surfaces well suited for video conferencing that feature controlled viewing cones, excep-

    tional contrast, and ambient light rejection properties. Pair one of our dynamic viewing surfaces with the perfect Draper screen

    model for a truly superior video conferencing experience. Visit for more viewing

    surface information.

    Cineperm(Permanently Tensioned)

    Luma 2(Manual)

    Access/Series V(Motorized)


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    Video ConferenCing BaCkgroundS

    make Your teLepresenCe more immersiVeDraper offers three unique types of backgrounds to bring your video conferencing to life. If video conferencing is important to your

    business, why not choose a background that sets your content apart? Video Conferencing Backgrounds are offered in a range of

    standard sizes (custom sizes by quotation).

    Neutral Backgrounds Eliminate distractions for your camera and your viewers with soothing neutral backgrounds in six muted earth tones (Reef, Glacier,

    Beach, Savannah, Desert and Tundra) shown below. Prevent unwanted interference, control room lighting, and ensure a consistent

    corporate image worldwide with a Draper Neutral Background. They are the perfect way to add the atmosphere of a dedicated

    video conferencing space to existing meeting rooms, offices, or anywhere video conferences could occur.

    Without Background Neutral Background

    Reef Glacier Beach Savannah Desert Tundra

    An array of video conferencing backgrounds for a more immersive communication experience.

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    Without Background Printed Background

    Chroma Key Background Post Production

    Printed Backgrounds Need to convey a brand message, give your telepresence an air of professionalism, or even communicate more clearly between dif-

    ferent branch offices (London, New York, Beijing, etc.) within your company? No matter the message or the artwork Draper Printed