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  • 1. PowerPoint Show by Andrew

2. A man and woman swim in flooded Piazza San Marco)in Venice, Italy, on November 11, 2012. 3. People walk on bridges set up in front of Palace of Doges duringacqua alta (high water) on November 1, 2012 in Venice. 4. Tourists walk on raised platforms above flood watersin Piazza San Marco during high water. 5. A man sits in his shop as tourists walk in a flooded street. 6. A view of Piazza San Marco taken during the flooding. 7. A waiter serves coffee to tourists sitting in hisbar flooded during an "acqua alta". 8. A woman walks in high water near the Rialto Bridge. 9. People sit at a table in a flooded Piazza San Marco. 10. A man carries luggage through a flooded streetduring a period of high water in Venice. 11. A man carries a girl as they leave the flooded Piazza San Marco. 12. Shoes and boots float in a flooded shop in Venice. 13. People have coffee in a flooded shop during an "acqua alta" in Venice. 14. A woman stands on a bench above a flooded street in Venice. 15. A man rows a kayak in front of Piazza San Marco duringa period of seasonal high water in Venice. 16. People walk on raised pathways set up near the flooded Piazza San Marco. 17. People walk in flooded Venice streets on November 1, 2012. 18. A tourist crosses flooded Piazza San Marco in Venice, on November 11, 2012. 19. A man walks through the flooded Piazza San Marco in Venice. 20. A man water skis during the high water. 21. Tourists sit in floodwater covering Piazza San Marco in Venice. 22. People wade through high water near the Ponte delle Guglie in Venice. 23. A man enjoys a swim in a submerged Piazza San Marco in Venice.