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VDOT PowerPoint Template

Locally Administered Projects Manual Updates & Materials Quality Assurance Plan RequirementsMarch 19, 2015W. R. Bailey PE Assistant State Materials Engineer

LAP Manual UpdatesBackgroundJoint effort between Materials and Local Assistance DivisionGroup of District Materials Engineers, QA Managers, Materials Program Engineers and LAD Program Specialists PurposeLook for opportunities to improve and strengthen LAP programDevelop Quality Assurance Plan Coordinate Off-site inspectionsTable 1 in LAP ManualExplore ways to improve communicationsRequest to manage testing similar to VDOTAllow Localities to follow VDOT guidelines for Materials TestingProvide Training on LAP Manual through webinars



LAP Manual Updates

Outcome of Presentation What are the major changes being made to the LAP Manual?What is the localities role in executing an effective Quality Assurance Plan?Why is the Acceptance/Verification Process important?What documentation is needed for Material Acceptance? What are some benefits to changes in the LAP Manual?


Quality Assurance Plan4

For federal-aid or VDOT-maintained projects, the LPA shall submit a materials quality assurance plan (QAP) for review and approval, prior to implementation. LAP Manual Updates

Either the LPA has to perform QA or ask VDOT to perform this QA function. To aid the localities the LAP Manual has added Quality Assurance Plan Guidelines and a Quality Assurance Plan Commentary to help the Locality develop a QA Plan4

Materials Acceptance/VerificationDefinitionsQuality Assurance (QA) All those planned and systematic actions necessary to provide confidence that a product will perform satisfactorily in service.

Acceptance Testing (AT) - to determine if the quality of produced material meets specification.

Quality Control (QC) to assess production and construction processes to control the level of quality of the end product.

5LAP Manual Updates

6Quality Assurance PlanIndependent Assurance (IA)Quality Control(QC)Verification Sampling and Testing (VST)

Acceptance Test(AT)+Inspection+LAP Manual Updates

Trained/Certified personnel, Accredited Laboratory, Disputed Resolution, Root Cause analysis, Audit + Recovery Plan6

Independent Assurance (IA) - to evaluate the accuracy of acceptance sampling and testing, operations and equipment by an independent party not responsible for QC or acceptance testing.

Verification Sampling and Testing (VST) to validate the quality of the product by comparing results to specification.7

Materials Acceptance/VerificationDefinitionsLAP Manual Updates



Quality Assurance Plan

Independent Assurance and VST is similar to balancing your checkbook. Bank statement is an independent check of your quality control. Bank uses computerized system. Individual uses calculator and or simple pencil and paper addition. The IA checks equipment (calculators vs computer) and personnel and procedures (bank IT vs individual addition and math skills). Agreement with monthly bank statement provides confidence to individual that Bank is performing their testing/managing of your money correctly. Agreement equals verification of process. 8

The plan is developed by the Locality using a templateprovided in the LAP Manual.

The LAP Manual contains a QAP commentary providingdirection for developing the QAP.

The plan outlines how the Locality will assure that allmaterials used on an LAP adhere to the sampling/testing andacceptance processes defined in the LAP Manual. Deviationsfrom the LAP must be clearly documented.

The QAP must be accepted by the District Project Coordinatorbefore any material is accepted on an LAP.

9LAP Manual UpdatesQuality Assurance Plan

Main Components of the QAPCover Sheet - (Responsible Charge Person, Contact Person, Organizational Chart, etc.)Mission Statement - predefinedPersonnel CertificationsLab AccreditationCommunication channels establishedResolution Procedure definedProgress Reports

10Quality Assurance PlanLAP Manual Updates

Main Components of the QAPMaterials Acceptance and Test Data recordsAll materials testing, testing methods and frequencies shall follow LAP Manual. Any deviations for the sampling/testing and inspection frequencies are predefined.A right to inspect clause that documents events to be witnessed and hold points.Non-Compliance Report and Recovery Plan11LAP Manual UpdatesQuality Assurance Plan

Materials QAP Requirements Acceptance MethodsTestingInspectionCertificationQuality Assurance PlansApproved ListsPre-Qualified ListsLT Process


How to Use the LAP Manual to Develop a Quality Assurance Plan

Appendix 13.2 G: Frequency TablesMaterial TypeSpecification and Test ReferenceAcceptance TestVerification TestIndependent Assurance TestNumber of Tests to run on each material and how often

13Materials QAP Requirements

The frequency tables are one aspect of a Quality Assurance program that focuses on project testing and meeting the minimum testing guidelines. These tables should be used for planning QA activities and staffing needs. There are other aspects to consider for a complete QA plan.13

14BRIDGE DECK POUR 405 cubic yard (45 loads)

AIR CONTENTInspector AT 1st 3 trucks (3) then every 3rd load thereafter (14): 3+14 = 17 testsVST NONEIA 5 tests from the same batch as when cylinders cast

Materials QAP Requirements

This is assuming Locality Inspector or consultant inspector hired by Locality is performing Acceptance test. IA on inspector running the test must be another consultant designated as IA person or VDOT could perform this function if requested. If locality is using design build practice or allowing Contractor or Ready Mix supplier to perform QC testing to be used as part of acceptance decision then follow design build manual frequency table. There is Mix design approvals, trial batches, plant reviews and trouble shooting that takes place behind the scenes that are all part of QA.14

15How will Acceptance be determined?LPA or unaffiliated third party hired by LPA - ATVDOT - ATContractor - QCWho will perform Verification Testing and Independent Assurance?LPA or unaffiliated third party hired by LPAVDOTWho will perform Independent Assurance?Who will perform Independent Assurance?

Different LPA personnel or unaffiliated third party hired by LPA

VDOTVDOTAsphalt PavingConcrete, Aggregate and SoilQuality Assurance Planning Flow Chart for Design-Bid-Build Project Site TestingAlways an Available OptionMaterials QAP Requirements

Decision process is based on material type for planning purposes.15

How to Use the LAP Manual to Develop a Quality Assurance PlanAppendix 13.2 C: C-25 (Source of Materials) ExampleComplete C-25 by filling in INSP/Test By Column List Acceptance methodDetermine Source Qualifications for fabricated itemsConsider ability to perform Source Inspection and testing for manufactured materials at locations other than job siteDecide to perform inspection or request that VDOT perform inspectionSend completed C-25 to VDOT for ReviewAfter approval communicate to Contractor, Inspection staff and VDOT Materials if requesting their services

16Materials QAP Requirements



PROJECT NUMBEREN97-080-115, C502 (UPC 103495)CONTRACT ID. NO.Hanging Rock Trail


PRIME CONTRACTOR with ADDRESSSUBCONTRACTOR with ADDRESSNAME and TELEPHONE NO.Joe Smithof CONTACT PERSON4321 Expansion DriveJoe SmithRichmond, VA 231219804-555-9999

ITEM NO.SPEC. NO.ITEM DESCRIPTIONMANUFACTURER and/or SUPPLIERCOMPLETE ADDRESSVDOT USE INSP/TEST BY:16242308 & 309Aggregate Base Material 21BLuck Stone CorporationPo Box 687 Keswick VA 22902Culpeper Materials will perform plant testing when requested by LPA.6501360404404Class A3, A4 Concrete Boxley Concrete15580 Lynchburg Turnpike Roanoke VA 24064Approved Mix DesignSalem MaterialsCylinders to be made by locality or their representative.401615208,12,16 DI Water Main12 sanitary Sewer PipeConsolidated Pipe and Supply225 11th St Roanoke VA 24013LT Number Required1061210636315Asphalt Concrete TY BM-25.OA, SM-9.5DL. H. Sawyer Paving Company 2101 Salem Industrial Drive Salem VA 24153Approved Mix DesignSalem Materials will perform plant testing when requested by LPA.51347700Signal Poles and Mast ArmsAtlantic Technical Sales14555 Lee Road Chantilly VA 20151Request Inspection from C.O. Structures section.00596302 Precast EW-12 and Precast ItemsPermatile Concrete260 Shanks Road Blountville TN 37617VDOT Precast QA Program Approved List 3468125407Structural Steel Plate GirdersHirschfeld Industries BridgePo Box 20888 Greensboro NC 27420Request Inspection from C.O. Structures section


Contractor columnsLAP with assistance from VDOT Materials uses last column to denote method of acceptanceReturn completed form to Project Inspector, Contractor, District Materials and CO Materials etc.LAP coordinator/project manager will communicate to responsible parties their Materials functions


Opportunity for Improvement in Communication

18LAP Manual revisions give communication responsibilities to Locality.

**NOTE: When coordinating a project, the Locality and Local Assistance District Project Coordinator are responsible for proper coordination as follows.

LAP Manual Updates

Addition of Table 1


The LPA must identify if they are requesting that VDOT perform source inspections for Structural Steel, Signal poles or Pre- stressed Concrete elements when submitting C-25.