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Transcript of Vanuatu Cyclone Disaster VANUATU CYCLONE DISASTER

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  • Vanuatu Cyclone Disaster VANUATU CYCLONE DISASTER
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  • Thousands of people are homeless after tropical cyclone Pam slammed into the South Pacific nation of Vanuatu
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  • Vanuatu is one of the worlds poorest countries President Baldwin Lonsdale of Vanuatu says the disaster has wiped out all of the countrys development 80 per cent of the 277,000 population rely on subsistence farming to make a living
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  • Besides destroying homes, roads and bridges, the storm hit crops and there are now fears of food shortages
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  • Our partner TEAR Fund New Zealand has staff on the ground helping survivors
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  • Please pray for those mourning the loss of loved ones and for the swift recovery of people who are injured
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  • PRAYER POINTS Pray that people who have lost homes and are staying in evacuation centres will be able to start rebuilding soon Pray that aid workers will be able to reach communities that have been cut- off by the cyclone
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  • PRAYER POINTS Ask the Lord to bless Tearfund partners with energy and resilience as they respond to the needs of so many in difficult circumstances Pray that the church around the globe will take action on climate change to help protect the world's poorest people from more disasters like this
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  • Emergency appeal You can also help the people of Vanuatu by making a donation to our emergency appeal:
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