Useful Excel Tips for SEO & Website Auditing

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Transcript of Useful Excel Tips for SEO & Website Auditing

2. Why We Need Expertise in Excel Sheetfor SEO? We all know SEO is all about reporting,analysis, data research and a more aboutplanning. Without Spreadsheet SEO Peoplecant imagine life , can they? My These tips can make life easy for seoexpert. Even if you are not an expert in excel ..usingthese few tricks will surely help you inmanaging your day to day seo activities. It is very helpful in preparing Reporting,Analysis and in Site AuditTwitter @ketanraval 3. Main Excel TipsFilteringSortingFreeze PaneRemoving DuplicatesTrimming Domain ( Extract Domain link from long URL) Preparing Duplicate URL Report Domain Name Extraction Conditional Formatting for improving Link Building efforts.I am not going to just tell you that whatthese function can do but I will explain howyou can use it for SEO Purpose in differentCases.Twitter @ketanraval 4. Sorting Sorting is very helpful while you are having records with Page Rank, Backlink Count, Page Authority. Sort Competitor link profile with Page Rank or Page Authority beforestarting link building.Twitter @ketanraval 5. Filtering Filtering will help in site audit & link building It helps in Finding common pagetitles, descriptions, keywords, Errors during website audit. During link prospecting it can help in finding specific type of linkswith your link profile.Twitter @ketanraval 6. Freezing Pane During Site Audit and Link Prospecting we need to traversethrough thousands of rows, Freezing Pane will help in keepingconcentration on.Twitter @ketanraval 7. Removing Duplicates Remove Duplicates helps in 2 things1) it remove duplicates which can help in building final report forcustomer2) if rows are scattered and have blank rows in between , removeduplicates will also remove blanks Twitter @ketanraval 8. Proper()Will make your text first word of your text Capital.Where to Use? Site Audit Page Title Suggestion H1 Suggestions 9. Concatenate() Will merge cell text in to oneWhere you can use it?- Building K/W List - Content Ideas- Anchor Text Variation- Website Audit 10. Text To Column Text To Column -will convert text in to columns according to formula you set Where to Use Very Useful in Category / Subcategory / Product Division Can help in Blog categories.Twitter @ketanraval 11. IfError & Search IfError returns Value if specified formula throws error Search returns no of character from specified string is found Where to use? Checking Huge List and finding required linksEx iferror(search(,A1),Non UK)This will help to identify non uk and uk domainsTwitter @ketanraval 12. Extract Domain NameThis is important for everyone in SEO how to extract domain from long url ?Left(ColumnName,Find(,A1,8))If you want to add http:// on urls which has not http://=IFERROR(SEARCH("http://",ColumnName),"http://"&ColumnName)Twitter @ketanraval 13. Conditional Formatting To Mark duplicate Record RED from link building red. Can mark blog links forum links RED .. Ha? It ll help to find link prospects from huge report right?Twitter @ketanraval 14. End of Function () You can stop going further .. Last few slidesare about me and my stupid team.. You cansave your time by not knowing about us.No I cant spam my twitter url everywhere 15. Who We are? We are bunch of people from India,spending little time on {SEO,SocialMedia , Link Building, WebDesign, Infogrpahics , Android Apps}.. Trust me very little time And after that ?? 16. This is what we do 17. We believe in using brain .. Nothingcan beat it..Image Credit Mercedes Benz .. 18. Need More Ideas ???if you want more ideas or you think you want to give feedback for this shity shit.. You can always contact me [email protected] @ketanravalQuora @ketanravalSkype , , 19. Want to know about letsnurture We are here Facebook LetsNurture Twitter LetsNurture Foursquare LetsNurture Google Plus LetsNurture Pinterest LetsNurtureMy Next Presentation will be on Technical SEOTools stay in touch.. ;)