Use Aerial Captures for Events

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Bring something new to your events by using Aerial Captures. We combine both aerial and ground photography and video to create a spectacular promotion video that your event can use to attract new participants, sponsors, vendors and investors. Using our radio-controlled aerial devices (RCADs), we can be more flexible and get angles you could have never of gotten without the use of expensive helicopters or planes.

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  • 1. Taking your business to new heights!

2. Aerial Captures is an emerging technology company specializing in Aerial High Definition photography and video. By utilizing a unique blend of photography and videos, we bring to market a new and exciting perspective to promotional events and projects. Unlike traditional means of aerial photography, we provide full HD video and perspectives unmatched by airplanes and helicopters, along with the flexibility that allows us to move on command and fly in tight places to get the best views. 3. Conception (goal discussion)The Aerial Captures team will meet with you to discuss your event. We want to know your goals for the finished project so we can capture exactly what you want.Project Planning (team visits site)We will visit your event site to draft the best plan for capturing every unique angle with your end goal in mind.Day of EventAerial Captures will send our team of professionals to capture your event utilizing aerial and ground photos and videos. 4. Project EditingDemo/RevisionsFinish Project DeliveredOur production team will create a custom video to use for your business development and marketing programs.We will send you the video and pictures for review, questions and comments. We will revise based on your input.Our team will deliver the completed video and pictures that will assist in putting your business ahead of the competition. 5. 88%The average web user spends 88% more time on a website with video4 YearsVideos have a life span of at least 4 yearsHow Consumers See Videos? Builds Trust Educates Builds Relationships Easy to re-watch and share Builds credibility69%Video traffic will be 69% of all consumer Internet traffic in 2017, up from 59% in 2012Video is Driving Sales and Marketing 43%of people said they would switch to a competitor if the video quality was poor. 2x as likely to engage with high-value conversion activities 5x more likely to click a blog post with a video 88% either forward or share a video 2x likely to click through email View 44% more pages Source: Multi Vision Digital 6. TeamEquipmentMarketing MindsetInnovative Technologies Professional flying team Custom Built Gimbal (keeps our camera steady as we fly) Our team captures images and videos with an end goal in mind Ability to create new and custom technology around aerial video and photography First Person view screen & goggles (allows us to see through the lens of the camera in real time) Every video we produce has a specific marketing purpose Professional photographers Video production team Marketing team 7. Gain exposure for your business in a fast-growing media-driven market. Give your business unique content that can be used in many ways to attract future partcipants. Give potential sponsors and decision makers a real idea of how many people attend events. Get shots from angles that are impossible to capture any other way 8. Events Packages Start at $1,500Includes Aerial Flights Ground Photography/Video Video Production Project ManagementOur pricing is customizable. 9. Contact Aerial Captures to see how we can put the WOW in your next event. (704) 706-9268 [email protected]