Murdoch Mystery Screen Captures

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Transcript of Murdoch Mystery Screen Captures

  • 1. MURDOCH MYSTERIES TV Drama Homework 2

2. SIGNIFICANT OBJECTSDuring the episode, there are a lot of close up shots ofobjects. I assume that the director has chosen these particularobjects to close up on because they are significant to the story.By doing this, it alerts the audience to remember the object inthe shot or it is relative to what the characters are talking about at the time. 3. THE LETTER TO MONIQUE 4. CONTENTS OF MONIQUES PURSE 5. ROOM 212 KEY 6. LETTER TO MONIQUE 7. M Y S T E R I O U S P H O T O G R A P H TA K E N BY MONIQUE 8. PAINTING IN 212 9. T H E PA I N T I N G A N D T H EPHOTOGRAPH These particular two objects are zoomed in on by the camera, makingthese objects even more suspicious andeven a little bit scary. 10. ALSOThere are close up shots of moving objects such as the clock andthe elevator floor counter. The shots of the clock show how lateits getting and shows how impatient Sophie is getting. The shotof the floor counter almost suggests a countdown until Monique goes missing, as the camera tilts from Monique to the floorcounter. Both these shots create tension within the storyline. 11. THE CLOCK 12. E L E VAT O R F L O O R C O U N T E R 13. FACIAL EXPRESSIONSA lot of close ups are of characters faces. This shows the audience their facial expressions, givingthem a hint as to what the character is feeling. There is also a close up of the characters face if they aresaying something significant. 14. SHE NEVER CAME BACK 15. SUSPICIOUS/WORRIED 16. I F O N L Y T H E WA L L S C O U L D T A L K INQUISITIVE 17. SOPHIE ENTERING THEROOMWhen Sophie is on the 4th floor, the camera pans from right toleft, following her as she walks along the corridor to her room, looks round almost to make sure no one is looking, then enters the room.Again, I assume this was done in order for the audience to getthe full picture. 18. SOPHIE GOING INTO THEROOM 19. ROOM 212When Murdoch hears someone in room 212, he opens the door to findInspector Guillaume, who he does not know is also in on the investigation. The camera tilts down from Murdoch listening in to his hand on the doorhandle and opening it. This creates the tension of the typical dont open thedoor otherwise something might happen scene. When both the constables throw Guillaume on the bed, there is a high long shot in order for theaudience to see everything thats just happened, and again, creating a he justcaught a potential bad guy scene. 20. LISTENING 21. DONT OPEN IT! 22. INSPECTOR GUILLAUME