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story that explain the urgent important matrix prepared by Mary Gamal Roshdy

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  • 1. Prepared by by:Mary Gamal Roshdy

2. stopping in front of his students,Professor ..and with some teaching aids..and when he started the lessonwithout speaking ..Remove the large emptyglass bottle .. 3. taking (golf balls) to fill itand then asked the students .. Is the bottle in his hand filled or empty ?Student were agreed that it is fullof golf ball.. 4. He took a small box of (gravel) ..and pour it inside the bottle ....then shaken so badly shaken in thegravel ..in the empty spaces between the golfballs .. if the bottle is full ? students again was agreed on it as well .. 5. then he took a box ..small (sand) ..and pour over the contents in thebottle ..and of course the sand filled up the rest ofthe blanksthat was the bottle isfull?, they replied with onevoice .. as well as 6. go out Professor after a cup of (coffee) .. students laughedand poured the entire contents inside the bottle .. 7. "" represent the lives of eachThis is the bottle ""and every one of you "" .. Professor began to talk, saying, :I want you to know what are the "" story "".. 8. golf balls 9. The gravel NOT URGENT IMPORTANT 10. The sand 11. If you put sand in the bottle I. .. will not be leaving a place ofstones or golf balls ..This applies to all real life ..Had spent all your time and effort ontrivia things ..will not be leaving the place of thingsthat interest youSo you have to pay attention and above all the thingsnecessary ..for your life 12. .. and always interested in the golf balls first..they are the things that reallydeserve attention ..Set your priorities .. The rest just >>> Sand .. 13. When finished his speech of,Professor ..One of the students raise his hand, sayingthat you did not show us what it represents coffee?((optimistic)) Professor and said,Im glad you asked ..I added a coffee just to show you ..no matter how full your life .......it will remain There is always space ..for a cup of coffee!! NOT URGENT NOT IMPORTANT