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Christmas, Halloween, Thanksgiving....it doesn't matter what the reason, uppercase your space for the holidays!

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  • 1. Idea Catalog HOLIDAY EditionSEPTEMBER 1 DECEMBER 31, 2011Margie LewisIndependent Demonstratoyoucanexpressitinvinyl@yahoo.cahttp://margielewis.uppercaseliving.net
  • 2. 2 2011 Holiday Edition 2011 Uppercase Living,LLC. 32011 Holiday Edition2011 Uppercase Living,LLC.PHOTO details: Grande Halloween silhouettes (#19176, p. 5) 9008 Sugared Plum :: Knock if you dare (#19188, p. 5), 9005 Whipped Crme :: Halloween Luminary Kit(#80251, p. 5), 9090 Soft Silver | 9093 Antique Bronze : : Spooky Silhouttes (#19195, p. 8), 9090 Soft Silver & 9093 Antique Bronze : : Clear Acrylic Block (soldseparately on page 95, 2011-2012 Idea Catalog).WELCOMEAt Uppercase Living, we love to inspireyour heart, uplift your spirit, and giveyou a reason to smile each day. Helpingyou enjoy lifeand sharing that joy withothersis why were here. With theholidays just around the corner, theresno better way to laugh and love thanwith family and friends. Sharing greattimes and making memories is whatthis season is all about. And you cancelebrate in style with Uppercase Living.Our exclusive selection of hip andheartfelt products will bring good cheerto every gathering. Look through thepages of our mini catalog to find a widevariety for the upcoming holidays. Add atouch of fright with spooky silhouettes,party supplies, and trick-or-treat bags thisHalloween. A gratitude frame and a funfeathered turkey will put the feeling ofthanks in Thanksgiving. And Christmasjust isnt complete without DecorativePrints banners, advent calendars, and ajolly giant interactive snowman.While youre browsing, check out ourfabulous Erasables. With headstones,a letter to Santa, and fun games to choosefrom, kidsand grown-ups toowillhave a terrific time adding their specialtouch to the dcor. Then be sure to stopby our collection of tins, coasters, andvinyl samplers as you think about whatgifts to give this year. Everyone will loveto find something uniquely UppercaseLiving under the treewouldnt you?Happy Holidays!Two-Part ExpressionA classic vinyl expressionor theme pack that comes intwo pieces, which are appliedseparately. You can choosetwo different colors, one foreach part.FEATURED IMAGESee a photograph of a projectthat uses the featured expression,either on the referenced pageor online.DECORATIVE PRINTMulti-colored designs printedon a removable, reusable,and repositionable vinyl thatcan be arranged in a varietyof unique combinations. Withthe exception of the extensionpacks, all Decorative Prints areshown in a suggested layout.Actual product contains multiplepieces on a single sheet ofrepositionable vinyl.Icon LegendGrande FormatAn extra large classic vinylexpression that comes in two or moresections, which are pieced togetherand applied one at a time to create anoversized design.Photo Recipe OnlineSee a dcor project using the featuredexpression and a recipe online to helpyou create the project yourself. Visitwww.uppercaseliving.com/products/recipes/recipes.mIRON-ON + classic VINYLAn expression or embellishmentthat is available in both iron-onand classic vinyl. Expressionspurchased in iron-on vinyl aremade from heat-sensitive materialthat requires the use of an ironto apply. This material is designedto be applied to most commontextiles. See page 11 for our Iron-oncolor pallette.Looking for evenmore inspiration?Get in touchwith yourUppercase LivingDemonstratoror check out the2011-2012 Idea Catalog tosee our full line of exclusiveand inspiring expressions.http://margielewis.uppercaseliving.net
  • 3. 4FOR EVERY SPACE2011 Holiday Edition 2011 Uppercase Living,LLC. 52011 Holiday Edition2011 Uppercase Living,LLC.Halloween Luminary KitItem no. Price80251 $24.95Includes: 6" x 6" Two-Part vinyl expression 7.5" x 7.5" Clear Acrylic Block (also sold separately on page 95,2011-2012 Idea Catalog) LED Light Insert (also sold separately on page 97, 2011-2012Idea Catalog)Halloween Witch Countdown KitItem no. Price80252 $19.95Includes: 13" x 13" Two-Part vinyl expression 16.5"-diameter Vintage Round Embossed Metal Charger in blackKnock if you dareItem no. Width x Height Price19188 22" x 3.75" $13.9519189 28" x 4.75" $17.9519190 36" x 6" $23.95Zomar the greatItem no. Width x Height Price192004.25" x 22" $16.9519201 6.75" x 36" $34.9519202 9" x 48" $41.95Shown with MDF BoardRectangle-White (sold separately on page 96,2011-2012 Idea Catalog) : : Spooky silhouettes (#19195, p. 8), 9090 SoftSilver : : Vinyl Gift Samplers-Halloween (#80281, p. 25), 9083 Terra Cotta& 9008 Sugared PlumGrande Halloween silhouettesItem no. Width x Height Price19175 46" x 19.25" $48.9519176 79" x 33" $99.95Werewolves and witches and zombies,oh, my! From the front door to the fridge,eeriness abounds. Our hip Halloween vinyladds a creepy feeling to even the spookiestparty. Choose from whimsical words thatadd charm and appeal. Or up the fearfactor with creepy images of bats, rats, andmore, guaranteed to make them wonderabout things that go bump in the night.Halloweeninside cover inside coverp. 7PRODUCT COLORs SHOWNPart 19003honeywheatPart 29008sugaredplumHalloweeninside coverhttp://margielewis.uppercaseliving.net
  • 4. 6 2011 Holiday Edition 2011 Uppercase Living,LLC. 72011 Holiday Edition2011 Uppercase Living,LLC.6Mr. FrankensteinItem no. Width x Height Price19123 48" x 24" $54.95Decorative PrintsYou can count on this giantFrankenstein to guard the doorand the goodies. Like Frankie, allour Decorative Prints are madefrom extra durable vinyl that canbe removed and repositioned tolast year after year. Look for moreDecorative Prints featured in thiscatalog for a holiday experiencethats larger than life.Happy Halloween Spooky BannerItem no. Width x Height Price19141 24" x 12" $21.9519142 36" x 18" $39.951914348" x 24" $54.95HalloweenHalloweenGraveyard Dcor SetItem no. Width x Height Price1914424" x 24" $34.9519145 36" x 36" $59.9519146 48" x 48" $79.95Halloween jar labelsItem no.range of sizes Price+192753.25" 5" $15.95+19276 4.75" 7" $20.95+19277 6" 9" $26.95 Product Color Shown9070 Matte BlackZombie crossingItem no. Width x Height Price19203 5" x 6" $12.9519204 8.25" x 10" $16.9519205 15" x 18" $34.95http://margielewis.uppercaseliving.net
  • 5. 8 2011 Holiday Edition 2011 Uppercase Living,LLC. 92011 Holiday Edition2011 Uppercase Living,LLC.HalloweenTrick or treatItem no. Width x Height Price19197 6" x 5.5" $12.9519198 10" x 9.25" $16.9519199 18" x 16.75" $37.95HalloweenItem no. Width x Height Price+19177 18" x 7" $15.95+1917836" x 14" $31.9519179 46" x 18" $44.95 Product Color Shown9070 Matte BlackI heart my mummyItem no. Width x Height Price19185 6" x 3.5" $12.951918610" x 5.75" $13.9519187 18" x 10.25" $29.95Product Colors Shown 9025 Lilac Bouquet | 9067 Stone CottageShown with Simple EaselBlack (sold separately on page 97,2011-2012 Idea Catalog) Spooky silhouettesItem no. Width x Height Price+19193 24" x 13" $30.95+19194 33" x 17.75" $37.951919540" x 21.5" $48.95 Product Colors Shown9070 Matte Black & 9093 Antique BronzeBoneyardItem no. Width x Height Price+19171 18" x 3.25" $11.95+19172 22" x 4" $13.95+19173 36" x 6.25" $26.95HalloweenHappy HalloweenItem no. Width x Height Price19181 18" x 6.25" $19.9519182 36" x 12.75" $39.9519183 48" x 17" $59.95Mr. Bones Dcor SetItem no. Width x Height Price17680 24" x 48" $54.95Mr. Bones Extension PackItem no. Width x Height Price19124 12" x 24" $21.95http://margielewis.uppercaseliving.net
  • 6. 10 2011 Holiday Edition 2011 Uppercase Living,LLC. 112011 Holiday Edition2011 Uppercase Living,LLC.Tombstone SetItem no. WIDTH X HEIGHT Price+19281 10" x 13.75" $17.95+1928213" x 17.75" $26.95+19283 21" x 28.75" $37.95Product Color Shown 6003 White (Iron-on)Halloween Mix n MatchItem no. Width x Height Price1913824" x 12" $21.9519139 36" x 18" $39.9519140 48" x 24" $54.95Halloween Halloween6003White6011vanilla6001orange6006cherry6009fuchsia6008sky6010cofee6005black6004gold6012indigo6007clover6002silverIRON-ON VINYL COLOR PALLETTEHalloween Treat Bowl KitItem no. Price80253 $14.95Includes: Two 4.25" x 3.75" vinyl expressions Black melamine bowlProduct Color Shown 9036 Valencia OrangeLook for this icon (shown at left) throughout the catalog to locate expres-sions that are available for purchase in both iron-on vinyl, as well as all of ourmany colors of classic vinyl. Individual sizes that are available in Iron-on aredenoted by a (+) sign that directly proceeds their item number.Halloween Boo SetItem no. WIDTH X HEIGHT Price+19278 18.75" x 9" $21.95+19279 24" x 11.5" $26.95+19280 36" x 17.5" $37.95Black Canvas Trick-or-Treat BagItem no. Width x Height Price300264 12" x 15" $3.95p. 6http://margielewis.uppercaseliving.net
  • 7. 12FOR EVERY SPACE2011 Holiday Edition 2011 Uppercase Living,LLC. 132011 Holiday Edition2011 Uppercase Living,LLC.ThanksgivingHarvest timeItem no. Width x Height Price19263 22" x 3.75" $16.9519264 28" x 4.75" $23.9519265 36" x 6.25" $34.95Welcome to our homeItem no. Width x Height Price19267 10" x 10" $21.9519268 13" x 13" $26.9519269 18" x 18" $37.95Give thanksItem no. Width x Height Price+19256 10" x 10" $15.95+19257 16" x 15.75" $26.95+1925822" x 21.75" $31.95p. 15Need a recipe for a perfect Thanksgiving?Take one interactive turkey, throw in a fewpilgrims, and then add a dash of autumnleaves. Or create your own special blendof holiday fun with our assortment of vinyldcor and activities. Tabletops and walltrimmings will be the talk of the day.ThanksgivingAutumn leavesItem no. Width x Height Price19