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Transcript of UNLOCKING THE MYSTERY OF RHYME Julie Weeks EXC 7390

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UNLOCKING THE MYSTERY OF RHYME Julie Weeks EXC 7390 Slide 2 LESSON PLAN OBJECTIVE: Students will identify rhyming words in context PROCEDURE:Students will listen to the teacher read Is Your Mama a Llama?. The teacher will guide the students in identifying rhyming words throughout the story. The teacher will use the following strategies to explore the concept of rhyming: 1.Auditory discrimination between rhyming and non- rhyming words 2.Substitution of initial sounds to form new rhyming words 3.Selection of words that rhyme as displayed through pictures and print 4.Independent practice: Find the Rhyme worksheet MATERIALS:The book: Is Your Mama a Llama? Computer with presenter box T.V. Power Point presentation: Rhyming Words Worksheets: Find the Rhyme and Matching Pairs EVALUATION:Students will be able to independently complete the worksheet, Matching Pairs, with 80% accuracy. Slide 3 Slide 4 What is rhyme? rhyme When one word shares the same ending sound as another word Poetry or verse Slide 5 Is Your Mama a Llama? Is your mama a llama? I asked my friend Dave. No, she is not, is the answer Dave gave. She hangs by her feet, and she lives in a cave. I do not believe thats how llamas behave. Oh, I said. You are right about that. I think that your mama sounds more like a bat! Is your mama a llama? I asked my friend Fred. No, she is not, is what Freddy said. She has a long neck and white feathers and wings. I dont think a llama has all of those things. Slide 6 Lets Look at the Word Endings: DAVE CAVE THAT WINGS GAVE BEHAVE BAT THINGS Slide 7 Listen carefully: I am going to say two words. Tell me if you think they rhyme or do NOT rhyme. Slide 8 YOU can make words rhyme by changing the first sound and leaving the last sound the same! B + OY = BOY BOY T + OY = TOY TOY J + OY = JOY JOY Can you think of a word that would rhyme with CAT? Slide 9 CAT FAT HAT MAT PAT RAT SAT BAT Slide 10 Look at the following pictures to see if you can find the rhyming words! Slide 11 FROG FROG LOG LOG CAT Slide 12 FR + OG = FROG & L + OG = LOG Slide 13 CAR CAR TRUCK TRUCK JAR Slide 14 C + AR = CAR & J + AR = JAR Slide 15 CHAIR CHAIR BRAIN BRAIN TRAIN Slide 16 B + RAIN = BRAIN & T + RAIN = TRAIN Slide 17 DOLL DOLL MOUSE MOUSE HOUSE Slide 18 M + OUSE = MOUSE & H + OUSE = HOUSE Slide 19 FIND THE RHYME Slide 20 Now, lets check your answers! Slide 21 1. A dog can wag his tail. Slide 22 2. The U.S. flag is red, white, and blue. Slide 23 3. We clean with a rag. Slide 24 4. A fun game to play is tag. Slide 25 5. At Halloween, we get a trick- or-treat bag. Slide 26 Now, lets show what you know! Slide 27 MATCHING PAIRS