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Transcript of Unit 9 task 11 evaluation hgh

My evaluation

My evaluation By Joshua griffin

Part 1Firstly I researched different photo types they were Macro, Abstract, Portrait and Architectural.Then I went out around the school site and took photos of all these related topics then went back to classroom and uploaded all the files then I had to choose one of the following photosI chose Macro photography then went on line to www.nationalgeographic.com and got some inspiration from Katie Orlinsky and Roman Golubenko; these are the two photographers that I liked the most.The equipment I used in this project was a digital zoom camera, a 16GB memory card and a tripod. The only setting I used on the camera was the zoom and focus. In this project I did do some editing; the software I used was Photoshop c55.1 version not Photoshop c55.1(64bit) version because I am more used to using Photoshop c55.1 even though they are the same its just the one I want to use. I have learnt some new skills on Photoshop like the liquefy tool which lets me change some features of the photo. There is one tool that needs a lot of care when using thats the quick selection tool this lets you cut bits of the picture out.

How you can misuse the toolsThis is the quick selection tool at work here. This is the whole face of the picture this is how you do the process correctly.

If you rush this will happen! You dont want this because the features arent there. Also this creates an abstract so if you are doing any abstract I suppose this could but not for any other photo related topic

part 2The strengths of the photos was colourful and creative and it looks like a HD explosion of colour like a firework. The only weakness I can think of they are both similar in design

part 2 continued i feel that I have achieved something in unit 9 photography and also learnt loads of skills in Photoshop I am pleased with what I have produced in this project and would do it again if I could but abstract instead of macro It sort of turned out they way I planned because I wanted to take pictures of flowers but I did not state what I would do with them. and once I explored Photoshop a bit more I learnt what I could do with it and just experimented with it and my final pictures was the outcome of this

Part 2 continued again How I improved as photographer was I learnt to have patience with the camera and learned the different settings so experimenting again with the camera If I did this again I would change the topic and the editing of the photo and instead of flowers maybe animals.

Part 3 before and after

Before After I changed the colour of the photo as an experiment and I found the combination I wanted

After Before

In this photo I decided to change the colour of the flower to make it more colourful