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Transcript of Understanding Mda

  • 1. Understanding MDA Alberto Lagna Alberto.Lagna@whiteBOX.it 10 october 2008 Understanding MDA n. 1
  • 2. >apropos alberto.lagna Computer Science graduate, Telco master Independent consultant, working as software architect / team leader Consulting on design and development of enterprise systems mainly based on JavaEE. 15 years of working experience (2 big MDA projects): IT asset repository in a big bank MDA tool for software vendor JUGTorino member Promoting the use of free software and supporting the open source movement 10 october 2008 Understanding MDA n. 2
  • 3. The Problem Business is more demanding Market mutates constantly New kinds of products needed fast! Many new products require new (and innovative) IT solutions But: IT platforms also mutate constantly Legacy systems are tied to legacy platforms IT has no universal integrating paradigm So, IT culture is constantly tied up in maintenance and therefore slow to respond to change Result: Business-IT relationship under strain Individual projects have high costs and high risk of failure Projects not well-coordinated; no reuse 10 october 2008 Understanding MDA n. 3
  • 4. Contributing Factors Business does not describe its needs and opportunities in a consistent way Business and IT speak very different solutioning languages IT does not follow consistent processes for creating, acquiring, integrating and customizing software IT solutions are standalone; little reuse Existing layers of legacy software, hardware and muddleware compound all of the above. 10 october 2008 Understanding MDA n. 4
  • 5. Is There a Better Way? Much more rapid time-to- market Significantly improved solutions quality Significantly lower solutions lifecycle costs End-to-end traceability requirements to deployment Improved overall business-IT alignment 10 october 2008 Understanding MDA n. 5
  • 6. A Different Way of Solutioning.. Business Requirements Enterprise Reuse Repository New Business Reusable Business Models Model Patterns Reusable New Service Service Model Models Patterns New Implementation Reusable Models Design Model Patterns Deployed Reusable Software Deployed Components Components 10 october 2008 Understanding MDA n. 6
  • 7. .and, a Different Development Process Business Models Business Analyst Solution Models Solutions Designer Implementation Models Software Designer Deployable Software Software Implementer 10 october 2008 Understanding MDA n. 7
  • 8. What about MDA? Computationally Separation of concerns Independent Multiple viewpoints Model (CIM) Business Analyst Multi-level reuse Precise information flows Platform Full traceability Independent Model (PIM) Solutions Designer Platform Specific Model (PSM) Software Designer Deployable Software Software Implementer 10 october 2008 Understanding MDA n. 8
  • 9. Why MDA? Based on proven best practices and open standards Supported by 900+ OMG members Widely implemented in commercial and open source tools Applicable to a wide range of business and computing problems Highly adaptable to different organizations, project types, toolsets, technologies, etc. Supports all forms of development and deployment, including outsourcing and off- shoring 10 october 2008 Understanding MDA n. 9
  • 10. Who is Using MDA? Government Financial Services Aerospace, Defense E-commerce Telecomm Manufacturing Biomed . (see www.omg.org/mda) 10 october 2008 Understanding MDA n. 10
  • 11. MDA committed companies 10 october 2008 Understanding MDA n. 11
  • 12. MDA tool makers Adaptive, Inc. Interactive Objects Software; ArcStyler company providing tools Aonix's Ameos Kabira Technologies, Inc and consulting ARTiSAN's Real-Time Studio KnowGravity's CASSANDRA b+m ArchitectureWare Kennedy Carter Ltd: iUML and iCCG BITPlan GmbH smartGenerator LIANTIS XCoder The Borland Approach to MDA M2VP's MDA Consulting Services CalKey Technologies' Caboom MASTER Project Calytrix Technologies' SIMplicity Mentor Graphics' EDGE UML Suite Codagen Technologies MetaMatrix Commitment Codeless Technology's Codeless Metamaxim's modelscope Consortium for Business Object Promotion MID's Innovator Consyst's REP ++ Studio The MOD Group's MDA Services Compuware OptimalJ Neosight Technologies' BoldExpress Studio Data Access Technologies OCI's MDA Services David Frankel Consulting ObjectFrontier's FrontierSuite Domain Solutions' CodeGenie Outline Systems Inc.'s PowerRAD Dot Net Builders' Constructor Pathfinder Solutions PathMATE EDCubed's TET Plastic Software's Agora Plastic 2005 E2E Bridge realMethods Framework Gentastic's e-GEN Select Business Solutions' Select Component Factory M1 Global Solutions' MDE Mia-Software's Model-In-Action Hendryx & Associates Softaris Pty. Ltd.: MetaBoss Herzum Software SoftMetaWare's Generative Model Transformer project IBM's Rational Software Architect Softeam and Objecteering/UML IKV++ GmbH; m2c(tm) CARE Technologies S.A. / SOSY Inc's OlivaNova Model Execution System I-Logix' Rhapsody (Telelogic) Tata Consultancy Services: MasterCraft innoQ's iQgen Telelogic's TAU Generation2 TechOne's ACE 10 october 2008 Understanding MDA n. 12