Understanding Auras

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Reading the body's Auric field

Transcript of Understanding Auras

UNDERSTANDING AURAS AND BIOENERGIES A BASIC INTRODUCTION TO THE AURA For many millennia of human history, it has been a widespread belief that all objects, especially human and animal bodies, have an Aura (or electromagnetic (EM) field), and that this Aura can be visible to the trained eye.Late 19th century metaphysical science expanded on this concept with the theory that all things possess a body of etheric substance, commonly called the Ethereal Body, whichiscomposedofthehigherfrequenciesofsubtleenergyandfinerpre-matter quantum particles which are intimately bound up with the physical body, as a product of creation of matter by electrofield manifestation through the quantum particles onto the physical plane. Considering the mechanics of subtle energy fields and energy-matter interactions developed in the late 20th century academic sciences of Bioenergyinformatics and torsion field physics, and given the advanced state of modern scientific instrumentation, it seems both reasonable and logical to conclude that the Aura can be quantified and tangibly studied in an experimental manner.Indeed, since colors of light are defined by frequency, subtle energies and the bioenergy that emanates from all living things can be quantified as electromagnetic field energy that resonates with different frequencies of light. In fact, much has been learned this century about the light properties of subtle energy fields and AurasfromtheworksofsuchprominentscientistsasthePolishdoctorIodko-Narkovitz,who workedwithphoto-electricityandelectricalfieldmeasurement,theRussianinventorSemyon Davidovich Kirlian, who experimented with the qualities and meanings of Auras using photography and electrofield imaging, and the British doctor WalterJ. Kilner, who eventually invented a series of goggles and filters through which anyone can see Auras in detail.Many people are also aware ofHarryOldfieldsinvention,PolycontrastInterferencePhotography(PIP),whichvisualizes patternsoflightradiating from biological organisms and inanimate objects.In fact, currently the list of inventions using subtle energies as treatments and subtle energy detectors is so long that we could not possibly discuss them all here in this Manual.In this Manual we focus on RFI, which isaprocessthatwillintroduceyoutosubtleenergydetectionandtheexcitingnewfieldof bioenergy science, also commonly called bioelectromagnetics. Forthepurposesofuniversitylevelscientificresearch,thepresumptionofthe existence of the Auracanbebasedupontheprinciplethatallmentalactivityinvolveselectrostaticor electromagnetic energy-information exchange.While medical theorists tend to argue that mental activityismerelychemical,becauseofthechemical neurotransmitters involved, the fact is that neurotransmittersarecreatedonlywhenelectricalimpulsesinduceavoltageinaneuronthat exceeds the firing threshold of that nerve.In addition, EEG (electroencephalogram) technology showsthatmentalactivity can be effectively analyzed and monitored entirely by electromagnetic principles. In electrical engineering, it is an established principle that all electrical currents moving through a wireproducesurroundingelectromagneticfields.Accordingly,whenourpsychologicaland emotionalenergiesaresentthroughoutthebodyaselectricalimpulsesalongthebiological (neural)andenergy(meridian)pathways,thesetransmissionscauseelectromagneticfieldsto radiateoutsidethebody.Bythisprocess, the tangible features (frequency, waveform, etc.) of theseradiatingelectricalfieldenergiesarecharacteristicofthementalactivitythatgenerated them, as much research in this field has revealed. Indeed, even the mere movement of atoms will produce a quantifiable electromagnetic field.This ismostclearlyobservedinthecaseofchargedradioisotopes,butevenneutralatomsand moleculeswillemitafieldthroughvalencemotionofthechargedsubstructureparticles.As provenbyRussianTeslatechnologyexperimentsinthe1950s,thisphenomenoncauses prokaryoticorganismstoproduceanexternalelectromagneticfield,whichconsistsofthe combined radiations from millions of molecules in the biological body. Manyresearchersinthisfieldbelievethatcomplexbiologicalorganismssuchashumansalso produce electrofield frequencies in much the same way, except that in addition to the atomic and molecularcontribution,thenervoussystemandenergymeridiansplayasignificantrole.The RFI Technical Manual 2002 ITEM nervesandnervesynapsescarryelectricalcurrentsaslargeas55millivolts(mV)forneuron firings, and sometimes as large as 3 volts for motor impulses (to move the muscles), which radiate much larger electrical fields in accordance with electrofield physics.All of these radiating fields, classified as bioenergy, are the very tangible essence and definition of the human Aura. Many scientists and doctors have been particularly intrigued by metaphysical scientists claims that theAurasenergy-informationcanbeusedtoaccuratelyanalyzeapatientspsychologicaland emotional states.This claim is better understood and fairly well supported by discussing some moretangiblecausalrelations.TheconsultingscientistsandresearchersatITEM,while processing nine years of electrical engineering-based research, have found that emotion itself is essentiallyanenergyreactiontoaperception.First,onehasapsychologicalperceptionof oneself and ones environment.This perception, being a mental process, induces characteristic electricalimpulsesinthebrain,whicharetransmittedtorelatedparasympatheticnervesor endocrine glands.For example, a perception of fear creates specific electrical impulses in the brain that transmits electrical neural impulses to stimulate the adrenal glands.Since the brain is neurologicallyconnectedtotheentirehumanbody,theseelectricalimpulsesmaytravel throughout the central, sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous system, creating characteristic electrical fields. Current research further suggests that certain levels of bioelectrical Aura fields are characteristic of the physical status of the biological organism.Biological activity such as autonomic responses initiate cellular and electrochemical changes, thereby creating an environment thermodynamically favorabletotheconversionofmetabolickineticenergyintoelectromagneticenergy.Inthis process, localized bioenergy complexes to form a dynamic field that differentiates according to the neurological information that stimulated it.Since the skin is no barrier for such electromagnetic energy, the bioenergy field can and does radiate outside of the organism to become what we call the Aura. According to the above biophysics, information about the health status of a complex organism is availablefromthecoordinationofsub-cellularenergies,muchthesameasinaprokaryotic organism.Any decrease in homeostasis, including parasitic infection, genetic mutation, arterial RFI Technical Manual 2002 ITEM constriction,etc.,willproduceacorrespondingmodificationinthebioelectricalfield.RFI is an initial attempt to quantify and objectively interpret such modifications. Thus, the objective scientific analysis of mental, emotional and health states requires a technical understanding of the electromagnetic characteristics of various psychological and biological states, through case study.By mapping the electromagnetic fields surrounding the human body, we have a tangible objective starting point to such clinical analysis.

The Aura is highly characterized and affected by the emotional and physical condition of a person, thebiologicalhomeostasisorimbalanceofplantlife,orthemolecularenergiesinherentinand surroundinganobject.ThismakesthereadingofAurasavery useful and powerful tool for the metaphysical and clinical analysis of humans, animals, plants and objects. Metaphysical energies consist of ambient electrofield subtle energies that carry information.Since the frequency of electromagnetic fields and subtle energy information reveals the type and function of such energies, all metaphysical energies can be identified by their frequency.Since color is defined as frequency, and the Aura is merely an electromagnetic radiation of diverse frequencies, the Aura can be effectively analyzed by identifying which colors are in what part of the Aura. The color frequencies of light of which the Aura consists are too high to be perceived by the naked eyeinmostcases.However,thetrainedpractitionercanlearn to perceive these frequencies naturally, by activating the Pineal Body and adjusting their brain waves to the higher frequencies of which the Aura consists.Most psychics and metaphysical practitioners tend to see the Aura in six basic colors: red, orange, yellow, green, blue, and purple.Although the Aura itself consists of frequencieshigherthanthoseinthevisiblelightspectrum,theelectromagneticenergiesinthe Aura have lower, subharmonic frequencies that resonate with the frequencies of each of the colors of the visible light spectrum.Therefore, although Auras are not visible to the naked eye, the brain may perceive the energies in resonance with certain colors, and thereby construct a quasi-visual (mental) image of seeing those colors.Itis precisely in this way that humans sometimes see the Aura, and can analyze its different colors.Those subharmonic frequencies of the Aura is what RFI is designed to measure.These frequencies are usually in the range of 100 to 800 MHz (although RFI Technical Manual 2002 ITEM theymay sometimes be higher or lower than this general range), and generally exist in a range betweenandwithinTVandFMwavesandmoderatetostrongmicrowaves.Section5.0 discusses why we are able to measure Aura frequencies to the exclusion of other waves, in all but the most unusual of circumstances. Foralloftheabovereasons,seeingtheAuraandinterpretingitscolorshasbeenthefocusof popularmetaphysicsforcenturies,and"WhatcolorismyAura?"isaverypopulargamein metaphysicalandspiritualcircles.However,mostpeople"see"colorsthatdonotmatchthe objectivefrequencycoloroftheactualAura.Thisisbecausetheymakeapsychological associationbetweenthe"fee