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Press kit for fashion lable UENO

Transcript of UENO Press Kit

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  • 2Empire Princess Dresswith Pearly Embellishments

  • 3PROFILEFor you life ought to be a silver dancer:

    In moonlight, starlight, dancing through your heart.

    For you the dream of beauty should be burning,

    Trembling with the passion of your yearning,

    Even as your days may come apart;

    Even as you rummage for an answer,

    Not knowing that it lies within your art.

    By Nicholas Gordon

    UENO was founded in 2004 by Hiroko Ueno.

    A graduate from Raff les Design Institute and

    has participated in various fashion awards and

    events, both locally and internationally. Notable

    achievements include, Winner of Mercedes-Benz

    Singapore Fashion Award 2005 and Singapore

    Young Designers Award 2004.

    After designing for SONG+KELLY21 and

    collaborating with The Link, Hiroko Ueno has

    created her own line of designs.

    UENO rst appeared in April 2005 at Small Room,

    a local boutique that houses exclusive pieces of

    UENO and other Designer labels with the intention

    of nurturing ideas and crafting them into objects of

    desire and beauty. Since launching the collection at

    Small Room, UENO has gained a loyal customer base.

    In December 2006, the agship store was launched in

    The Heeren Shops.

  • 4Long has paled that sunny sky

    Echoes fade and memories die

    Autumn frosts have slain July

    Ever drifting down the stream

    Lingering in the golden gleam

    Life, what is it but a dream?

    By Lewis Carroll

    Gold And Cream Crochet Dress

  • 5UENO is a womens wear label that speaks

    of modern romance. The concept whips up a

    collection of childhood memories, fairytales,

    romance, mystery and magic. A dreamscape

    collection that whispers of free-spirited

    beauties, individuality, delicate sensibilities,

    and the bittersweet melody of life that f lows

    within. The intricate details, feminine shapes

    and folkloric fabrics create enchanting designs,

    while bold and contemporary cuts and

    stylelines evoke a certain confidence;

    A desire to Dream, to Aspire, and Inspire.


  • 6THE BOUTIQUEThe UENO store is not just a store, but a special place that stimulates the

    senses, celebrates the freedom of expression and the spirit of individuality.

    Just like the way a girls daydream takes her into her own heart, or silly

    thoughts and ideas inltrate her mind, UENO takes the customer to a girls

    room, a pixie dust trail into her dreamy mind, the source of inspiration to

    those poems hidden safely in her heart. From the colours of cosmetic bottles

    scattered across the dressing table, to the cut out of faded pictures in photo

    albums, the room tells a story of a girl, in a way thats as intimate as her diary.

  • 7The store is to look like a girls room, complete with a day bed, dressing table and

    shelves. The arrangements of the decor is to depict a scene where a girl had just left

    the room in its original state. This includes the scattered English cosmetic glass

    bottles and dresses hung over the couch. The window gives the room an English

    boudoir atmosphere, overlooking a garden. The room is complete with o-white

    decorative wall panels, dome ceiling and chandelier giving it a classic feel.

  • 8Silk Printed Long Dress

  • 9The prole for UENO customers consists of the

    following demographic and behaviour.


    - Age range of 18 to 38 years

    - 60% of the customers are young working


    - 20% are students

    - 20% are housewives


    - Design oriented

    - Looking for things that enables them to

    express themselves in an unique way.

    - An eye for exclusive and unique products

    - Their fashion sense often relates to their

    taste in music, their interests, knowledge, and

    products of other elds of arts and design.

    - Aware of the fashion trends but do not

    necessarily stick to them.

    - Appreciation of quality in sync with design.


  • 10

    UENO is providing the market, the following benets,


    UENO oers one of a kind designs that makes it incomparable to any other mass

    produced pieces or imported labels that tends to have repeated designs. Or else, other

    boutiques that sell exclusive pieces are just out of the price range of most customers.

    UENO design is made special with careful consideration in fabric, trimmings and

    cutting. Individual piece is desirable, enchanting, exclusive and attering.


    UENO delivers exclusive designs in aordable prices, yet never compromising on

    the integrity of the design. The customers can be assured that in UENO, quality

    comes in sync with good design and price. This gives UENO a competitive edge.


    The shop promises to be one of its kind in Singapore. It stands out because of the

    outlook and the selection available. At the end of the day its not just a shop, but

    an exciting place that oers an enjoyable shopping experience. Every collection

    is inspired by a dierent Dreamscape theme that is unique to UENO with a

    recognizable English, mythical and modern vintage air.


    The patrons will be impressed with the degree of care that they will receive,

    that is comparable to the service in Japan


    All products will be priced competitive to the target market.

    $59 - $89 for a top/bottom

    $89 - $140 for a dress


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    Vanilla SkyTh e collection60s Inspired Lace Mini Dress Retro Print Mini Dress

    Victorian Style Vest

    Scoop neck dress in printed knit

    with contrasting trimming.

    Round neck mini dress in lace, with

    metal buttons and boxy sleeves.

    Flowery Silk Chiffon Top With Beaded Peek-A-Boos

    Silk chi on top in owery print with

    a sash to tie at the back. Finished o

    with beads at the neckline.

    Silk Flutter Sleeve Top In Paradise Blue

    V-neck utter sleeve top in silk,

    with a sash that ties at the back.

    Collared vest with

    intricate button designs

  • 12

    Th is is an evening dress made out of pearly knit,

    ruched at the bust and pleated from the empire. Th e

    empire line is embellished with intricate handcrafted

    applique of beads and sequins. Fully lined in tricot.

    It comes in colours of antique pink and silver.

    Th is strappy top is made out of crinkle silk

    chi on, half lined. Th e bust line is delicately

    ruched and the sash that elegantly drapes to the

    back where there is the button and loop closure.

    Th e seams are all french seamed.

    Th is skirt is made out of strips of lace sewn

    on polka dot tulle, with an underlay of esh

    toned jersey. Th e bow is also made out of lace.

    Beaded Empire Dress

    Silk Chiffon Strappy Top

    Multi-Panelled Skirt In Lace

  • 13

    Midriff Cut Out Dress With Abstract NecklineAnd Appliques Of Lace

  • 14

    Th is dress is made of crinkle chi on. Th e neckline is

    cut into an abstract shape with a scoop neckline at the

    back. Th e dress fastens with a zip at the centerback.

    Th e full skirt is made out of printed chi on

    with border prints. Th e waist is gathered

    and a wide sash ties into a big bow.

    Th is boudoir inspired top is made out of delicate

    French metallic lace. Th e bust is made into a corset

    style. Th e hem is adorned with scalloped lace and

    the top fastens at the back with loops and buttons.

    Metallic Lace Corset Top

    Printed Chiffon And Satin Skirt

    Abstract Neckline Dress

  • 15

    Printed Chiffon Top With Metallic Ribbon. Black Linen

    Military Style Skirt

  • 16




    Junko Ueno


    Amanda & Clemence

    Designed By

    Hiroko Ueno

    #03-16 The Heeren Shops,

    Tel: (+65) 6734 4055

    Singapore 238855

    260 Orchard Road,