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How to manage in-stream advertising and benefit from measurement when running video service website

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2. Introduction Client TVN is Polish commercial television and part of TVN Group, established in 1997. With their websites, and, they are the biggest group among local video services in Poland.2 3. Introduction - ServicesTVN stands out with the widest video content, with more than 10 own-brand or locally adopted series and tv shows, including X factor and Polands next top model.3 4. Business challenge The sales of particular ad spot has to be linked with the program/material. So the planning of ad distribution needs to be done accordingly. TVN needed to have multiple ads per a break, similarly to the way they are doing it on TV. An adserver had to deal with fitting more ads into one.Separate web, mobile and smartTV ad materials had to be launched from one adserving platform.4 5. Solution - AdOcean5 6. Solution Title Episode Premiere AudienceSimilarly to TV, where adspots are planned with GRPs of particular show, TVN implemented keywords for this matter. URL example: prawo_agaty,prawo_agaty_online,prawo_agaty_odcinki,seriale_online,prawo_agaty_se zon_3/asset_trailer=1/midcnt=0/asset_serie=prawo_agaty/asset_season=3/asset_episo de=12/asset_prepremiere=0/asset_id=13_400_17193_0012/tvn_vod_category=100,101 /tvn_vod_traffic_category=kobieta/tvn_vod_trailer=1/tvn_vod_serie=prawo_agaty/tvn_ vod_season=3/tvn_vod_episode=12/tvn_vod_prepremiere=0/tvn_vod_wonid=13_400_1 7193_0012/id=qEMLaG6AS.5Qs0Mh.df8F.ZWfSS1bAc1RvzVRcjWMuj.T7/tvn_page=serial e_online_prawo_agaty_odcinki_562_odcinek_12_s03e12_20051_html/tvn_player_type= zwykly/tvn_content_category=serialeSeasonCategoryAdOcean targets campaigns by such keywords and fills up the left out adbreak with campaigns of no particular content.6 7. Solution Maximum time and number of ad rolls per each adbreak can be defined in AdOcean. Majority of long videos, e.g. movies, have such scenarios of ad breaks:PRE-ROLL ad break, max 240 seconds, max 3 rolls 1st 90sec ad2nd 90sec ad3rd 90sec ad1st MID-ROLL ad break, max 240 seconds, max 3 rolls1st 90sec ad2nd 90sec ad3rd 90sec ad2nd MID-ROLL ad break, max 240 seconds, max 3 rolls1st 90sec ad2nd 90sec ad3rd 90sec adPOST-ROLL Sponsor titles7 8. Solution TVN materials vary in length. Longer ones contain more breaks and more ads within each break, while short clips have only a pre roll and one ad max 46 seconds long.TVN solved it by using two different kinds of players:AdOcean can adopt automatically by using the material properties value. It limits particular placement settings of maximum number of ads and the total time of ad break.FLASH, for serving short materials SILVER LIGHT, for serving long materials8 9. Solution To make it more coherent AdOcean can position ads within a certain ad break. The Almette campaign was following first after the cooking show scene:When ads are made from several parts, AdOcean lines them in the right order during video playback.AdOcean supports exclusion of competing brands and it is extensively used between TVN campaigns.9 10. SolutionPlayer branding is a TVNs advertising format that can be connected to the video material or video ad played at the time. AdOcean supports it with the companion template:TVN uses overlay in-between of mid-rolls during long videos:10 11. Solution TVNs in-house video player allows additional forms of advertisement, such as player branding and play ads that were skipped due to seeking over the mid-roll. TVN offers user interaction possibilities linked to social media and microsites. In such case texts, URLs and logos of creatives are delivered by AdOcean and displayed by TVN video player:11 12. Solution To be able to launch the campaigns on all devices from AdOcean at once, TVN created dedicated placements for web, mobile and smartTV. Such orders are grouped under one campaign. In result, the statistics for all devices are gathered together.12 13. SolutionWhen it comes to pricing, the TVN rate card for video rolls is on average 4 times higher than standard display CPMs. For this price, advertisers get maximum of 30sec video spot and longer advertisements are charged extra, similar to the practice on TV.13 14. SolutionTVN online offers several additional options that differentiates them from traditional TV advertising. For a little extra, advertisers can get targeting on selected content/audience, set capping or interaction link possibilities mentioned earlier.14 15. SolutionTo back the higher price of video advertisement, TVN is providing full VAST 2.0 video statistics for advertisers to evaluate the effectiveness of their video campaigns second by second.15 16. Results The total number on TVN inventory has increased over ten times. This increase was achieved by additional amount of available video materials online and the introduction of several advertisements per ad break. Launching mobile and smartTV applications in 2012 made greatly positive effect to increase the available inventory further. Even more importantly, the TVNs fill up ratio also went up significantly together with the potential increase.16 17. Results TVNs video inventory is about 80m impressions a month and it generates twice more revenue than their display inventory of 250m monthly The total number of theimpressions. In order to broaden their product portfolio, TVN offers a premium package of both: online and TV ads in a bundle. However, television is still generating higher revenues for TVN and is more profitable than online business. TVNs embedded video program offers other publishers to partner in distributing TVNs video content and earning a fair share from ad revenues in return. This has increased the reach and strengthened the position of TVN in Poland.17 18. Recommendations Create different strategies towards TV and web sales of advertisements - TV for greater reach and the online for more interaction. Same advertisers can be attracted with greater budgets. Online opens the door for new advertisers. Make users used to multiple ads within adbreaks right from the beginning. Fill them up with bulk campaigns and use the TV rolls to increase the amount of campaigns. Take the practice from TV and enhance it with online possibilities. Categorize content and display ads accordingly. Online requires far less HR resources and allows more profitability.18 19. Synergy with gemiusStream Schedule ad breaks before significant drop-outs or right where the peak with popular video moment appears (see graph). For the sake of TV planning, some shows on the internet are launched an hour or a day earlier.19 20. Synergy with gemiusStream Time spent on watching materials on particular days helps to find the right moment for new video premier. Also campaigns accompanying those shows can be planned in a more knowledgeable way when they should be run and at what capacity.20 21. Synergy with gemiusAudience The social-demographic audience data of video categories can help to sell advertisement on particular series and programs.It is also essential for the editorial purposes.21 22. 22