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Save at least 20% on every TriVita product – even our patented Physicians Formulas. You also qualify for special Member discounts on assessments, coaching and publications.

Transcript of Trivita Member Benefits Reviews

Becoming A Trivita MemberFacilitated by French S. Montreville Business Opportunity Review:

Contents: 1. Trivita wellness community, 1 2. Member benefits, 4-6 3. Member Benefits and three referral Programs, 6-12 4. Vitapoints, 12-14 5. Frequently asked questions, 14-17

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Supporting WELLNESS AND PURPOSE TriVitas vision and driving force is to help others experience wellness Membership in TriVitas growing community fosters a strong understanding of two concepts, the health-enhancing power of NUTRIENTS and the importance of NURTURING practices for physical, emotional and spiritual health. As more Members discover the rewards of living with greater health, wellness and desire to share their wellness experience, we believe others will follow in the pursuit of a healthier life. Our hope is that this growing wellness community will become an influence for change reversing the devastating trends we see today with obesity and lifestyle-related diseases impacting the lives of millions of people. All it takes is the belief, commitment and the courageous action of millions of community members for trends to be reversed and new trends to be established. As a community of wellness seekers, we are not willing to sit idle while our children and grandchildren are influenced by lifestyle trends that offer a poor quality of life and shorter life span. We will raise our voice to be heard in the media as well as in the halls of government that health and wellness are essential in supporting a productive society. TriVitas Wellness Community is part of our ongoing mission to empower anyone who wants to live a life of joyful, vibrant good health and pursue meaningful purpose. Michael R. Ellison TriVitas Wellness Community started eight years ago with Michael Ellison, whose heart burned with a flame of passion to help others experience greater health. Today that community has grown into an international community of people pursuing health and purpose. The TriVitas community has grown into a large membership base supported by dedicated employees, health professionals, a medical advisory board, leading medical institutions, major universities and research laboratories all working together to support greater wellness for those who desire it. After recovering from his own health crisis over ten years ago, TriVita CEO and Founder Michael Ellison committed himself and his energy to building a company and wellness community that supports the mission and pursuit of a healthy lifestyle. A community where vitality, energy, healthy emotions and a relationship French S. Montreville 1-617-487-4340 2

with God are the foundational stones of the lives of its Members.

COMMUNITY SUPPORT GUIDE MEDICAL ADVISORY BOARD Medical experts have joined with TriVita to give guidance to the health information given to our Members and to share the latest research in medical and nutritional science. MEDICAL INSTITUTIONS TriVita has established relationships with prestigious medical institutions to provide research support to the products and claims of the wellness products offered to its Members. MAJOR UNIVERSITIES Arizona State University manages the research projects ensuring the methodologies used are acceptable for review in the scientific world. ASU enlists researchers in renowned universities and medical institutions to conduct controlled product studies.

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RESEARCH LABORATORIES TriVita tests raw ingredients for their purity as well as finished goods for ingredient and labeling consistency. DEDICATED EMPLOYEES Everyone employed at TriVita has joined in purpose to support the wellness pursuit of our Members, as well as to support the referring opportunities of our part-time or full-time business programs. COMMUNITY NEWS AND PRODUCT LISTINGS VITAJOURNAL This monthly informational magazine is filled with the latest articles about scientific discovery, healthy lifestyle choices, nutrition and much more. It is free of charge to active TriVita Members. CATALOG Offering the latest natural solutions to lifestyle related challenges. Pearls of wisdom and understanding on nutrient supplementation are offered in each catalog. WEB For more extensive coverage of TriVitas products and health information go to Members have the latest information at their fingertips to achieve greater health and wellness. RISING STAR A monthly publication for our Business Affiliates, recognizing their achievements. You will read inspiring stories of the pursuit of wealth and wellness for the important and meaningful purposes in their lives.

Member BenefitsAs a Member, you will receive the finest products, programs, information and inspiration available to help you feel your best today, and live a healthier tomorrow. When you purchase you will automatically become a lifetime TriVita Member and will receive all of these life-changing benefits

Exclusive Member Discount

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Save at least 20% on every TriVita product even our patented Physicians Formulas. You also qualify for special Member discounts on assessments, coaching and publications. VitaPoints Earn points with every product purchase and redeem your points for free TriVita products of your choice. (What are VitaPoints?) TriVita Member Referral Program Help spread the news about the importance of wellness! Share the wellness experience with your friends! Our new program thanks your friends for trying TriVita and you for referring them. Theyll receive 10% off their first order and when they become a member, well send you a $25 TriVita Gift Card good on any TriVita product or service. (Learn more about the Member Referral Program) A Dedicated Support System Our Medical and Professional Advisory Board, Member Services Team, and Wellness Consultants are committed to assisting you in your pursuit of health. The VitaJournal Twelve times a year you will receive our exclusive news journal, featuring the latest health and wellness news, motivational articles and targeted messages from our doctors. E-Mail Health Alerts Bring you up-to-the-minute information, tips, recipes, and stories all about healthy living.

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Members Only Special Offers Members receive special discounts and promotions in every TriVita catalog and journal be looking for special offers arriving in your mail and online every month. Weekly Wellness Reports Dr. Brazos Minshew, TriVitas Chief Science Officer, has created a new Weekly Wellness Report filled with critical health information. Dr. Minshews interesting, easy-to-understand articles are written exclusively for the Weekly Wellness Report and emailed to TriVita Members. Sharing Our Abundance Through the House of Giving, TriVita Members share with those less fortunate. Currently, House of Giving charities include the Red Cross, Life Outreach International, and Faith House.

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RECEIVE A $25 GIFT CARD... You'll receive a $25 Gift Certificate for each new Member who joins because of your referral. No enrollment necessary. So, start referring today and receive credit for product youd like to order tomorrow! Continues on page 3 and start today. French S. Montreville 617-487-4340

$25 Gift Card. Plus, We Pay You 21%... on the life-time purchases of your referred customers. Enrollment is FREE. You must be an active member to join. If you are not a current member and are interested in this program please call 1-800-991-7116 for information. Call 1-800-991-7116 to start today! The Affiliate Member program offers an excellent way to offset the cost of your wellness journey. Referring TriVita products can be a very rewarding way to help others improve their health and wellness while being compensated to supplement the cost of your own products. As an Affiliate Member, you receive the following referral rewards:

BUILD A WELLNESS BUSINESS We pay you 70% on the first sale and 21% on the life-time purchases of your personally referred customers who become Members. Plus, an additional 4% on the life-time purchases of those Members who join as a direct result of the referring done by your own customers. Build your own wellness business with TriVita to supplement your income or grow it into a full-time business. Combine your commitment to health and wellness with TriVitas businessbuilding opportunity! Anyone can be involved in the business of helping people achieve greater wellness. Marketing sales tools and support are provided every step of the way to grow a true wellness business:

$25 referral card for every new Member who makes a product

TriVitas media programs, such 7

French S. Montreville 1-617-487-4340

purchase 21% on every product purchase made by the Members you refer VitaPoints for each product purchase, which can be redeemed for free TriVita products.

Referring new Members to TriVita is easy! All you need to do when referring our products to others is provide your eight-digit Member ID number. Simply click on the button below to become an Affiliate Member and start being rewarded today!

as television, radio, print and Web can help you grow your business. Effective sales and marketing tools to attract new Members interested in energy, healthy aging, optimum performance and healthy weight loss. Your Members are supported with monthly catalogs, VitaJournals, Weekly Wellness Reports and much more! Earn 70% on the first sale and 21% on all ongoing purchases of your personally referred Members. You can expand